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  1. richyx

    E39 19'' Staggered Parallel Wheels

    thats how mine ra ebut very hard ti mainatin except my spokes are polishe dnot diamond cut im having the inner spokes and inner dish repainted at the mo then going to re polish the wheels, but so tempted for the inner face to be silver too, just unsure how it will look
  2. richyx

    E39 19'' Staggered Parallel Wheels

    what do you mean by no more?
  3. richyx

    BMW E39 530i facelift breaking.

    ill get new thanks
  4. richyx

    E39 19'' Staggered Parallel Wheels

    knew dennis would of snapped these up lol if he didnt i would of for spares
  5. richyx

    couple e39 parts

    ok mate thanks, mines got a crease in it so dont want to repair it lol and soon asi have these parts means my car can go in for paint
  6. richyx

    couple e39 parts

    im after passenger wing with no dents or rust in black, any black as its being painted anyhow but must be black front bumper bump strip for sport bumper must have pdc holes and not damage front door outer bump strips with m badge and are very straight as need to be colour coded, mine have gone wavey spare wheel stud plastic bung thanks
  7. richyx

    BMW E39 530i facelift breaking.

    passenger front bump strip?
  8. richyx

    19" M Parallel Replica's - Polished lip

    i can get it to mirror thats not an issue, i have the tools to do that its the faces this time, as i need to have the inner spokes repainted and inside wheel, im thinking of having the whole face painted this time ive spoke to a diamond cutter and they can never be diamind cut again due tot he polishing process, so trying to get a flat surface could end up taking way to much off the spokes anyhow and id lose the emblem and centre cap fitment so im either going to keep the faces polished or have them in silver with polished lips ive had the chrome spray done on a pair of headlights, its just flaked off but was very poor luckily was just a tester, so wouldnt be durable for dished wheels chrome again, i dont want the entire wheel chromed, i want the inside spokes painted and i cant have this done if they are chromed
  9. richyx

    19" M Parallel Replica's - Polished lip

    gonna bring this back up as its another year i need to re polish my wheels again lol but im thinking of just the lips and having the faces painted this time, i wouldnt mind them being diamond cut but just the spokes but i am unsure iof the company can just do the spokes whats peoples thoughts, this is how they look when on the car
  10. richyx

    auto boot saloon

    can you fit the auto opena dnc lose hydraulic system on an e39 off the e38? im sure ive seen it somewhere but cant find it, i know its a lot of work also im just curious in whats involved
  11. richyx

    E38 sport contours... (If you don't ask...)

    you just swap the pre tensioners
  12. richyx

    full extended leather

    sorry e39 saloon
  13. richyx

    full extended leather

    still looking now and then for full extended leather, door cards lower dash centre console etc, any colour considered as they will be redyed
  14. richyx

    19" M Parallel Replica's - Polished lip

    I got quoted 600 for wheels to be done At the moment I've sent some head light inserts off to a company to have done in black chrome waiting to see the result of them From what I've seen it should be exactly like a mirror finish going by the videos I've seen. I've also looked into buying the equipment myself as it's mainly water based and as you can paint anything with it could be potential got future business for myself as there's also a variety of colours My polished wheels are to hard to keep maintaining and I have to polish them each year. But still never got that mirror look i want and being in a black car it needs that mirror lol
  15. richyx

    19" M Parallel Replica's - Polished lip

    All Chinese made I had mine polished but it's so hard to maintain. And even the polishers said it's crap alloy and hard to shine Ill.be having mine chrome painted with the new spray systems that's have came out next and still.have inserts silver