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  1. sorry e39 saloon
  2. still looking now and then for full extended leather, door cards lower dash centre console etc, any colour considered as they will be redyed
  3. I got quoted 600 for wheels to be done At the moment I've sent some head light inserts off to a company to have done in black chrome waiting to see the result of them From what I've seen it should be exactly like a mirror finish going by the videos I've seen. I've also looked into buying the equipment myself as it's mainly water based and as you can paint anything with it could be potential got future business for myself as there's also a variety of colours My polished wheels are to hard to keep maintaining and I have to polish them each year. But still never got that mirror look i want and being in a black car it needs that mirror lol
  4. All Chinese made I had mine polished but it's so hard to maintain. And even the polishers said it's crap alloy and hard to shine having mine chrome painted with the new spray systems that's have came out next and still.have inserts silver
  5. slow is usually worn gears
  6. anyone got one lying about i need a working motor off one bought some mirrors but drivers never worked as gears munched and the circlip was missing holding the insides together, already bought replacement parts but they are poor quality and still dont work so looking for a genuine one as far as i know motors are the same as e39 e38 x5 and e46
  7. i was told contours arent heated or very rare being heated well these are 100% heated contours, but its sticthed intot he leather so cant be changed
  8. ok was just a bit concerned, so its just a case of using 2 stage tensioners then ive stripped one seat down anyhow as another concern was heating pads, as my car uses a 3 digit display im sure the early ones use a rotary switch will the heating pads be ok on my cars set up? im going to find an e38 thats being broke so i can ue the car loom seat plug and wire it up next to my standard ones as then the car can run both types of seat as well unless i can find some scrap comfort seats off a late e39 then i should be able to fit the seat loom into my contours should i not?
  9. but the stage 2 tensioners have 2 plugs and the single only has one doesnt it
  10. as i cannot find the full extended leather, i want to get the blinds in etc and dye the new contours so i need a extended leather console so i can dye everything at once as close to champagne as possible as dark colour will be hard to cover
  11. just managed to get some contours today in a close colour to champagne which is what i was after but i was told they are heated and after a quick search on here it showed a picture of a connector that if there wasno wire attached they are non heated and if it has a loom attached they are heated this has that connector and has wiring going to it but how can i fully check, ive removed the back to see if i can see anything but nothing put pipe work and a plastic bag? im guesssing the heated element is on the other side of teh foam but where do i need to look for wiring going there? also these are black plug versions and mines a facel;ift e39 so im guessing im gonna need some yellow plugs and o some wiring?> is it a simple process? and is there anything i shold search for to make the contours better like any extra add ons i can do?
  12. Still looking Money here for correct trim 3 times been messed around trying to find this lot Don't need seats but depending on price will make an exception depending on what seats
  13. I asked you but you never got back to me at all as you said it was damaged and I wanted pics I only want the extended leather items seats no good to me
  14. xenon pics as well new lghts testing to make sure they work and before and after a polish now to oder some white angel lights and led number plate bulbs