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  1. nobody333

    Where to buy an Intravee II

    Hello, i've been using 2 Intravees on 2 E39 and just bought a third one. First thing after getting the car was surfing to http://www.toysinyourcar.com/acatalog/intravee.html to get the intravee for it, only to see that they are out of stock. Is there a new batch brewing out there somewhere or do I have to go on the hunt for a used one? Regards, Marco
  2. nobody333

    Intravee without BMW-radio

    I've done exactly as you said and it worked like a charm. The comfort functions alone are worth much more than you are asking for the intravee. Thank you very much Richard.
  3. nobody333

    Intravee without BMW-radio

    Thank you Richard. You're not only extremly helpful, you're also extremly fast. I'll give it a try. Ho do I initiate a proper powerdown?
  4. nobody333

    Intravee without BMW-radio

    Hello, I've been using an Intravee with kca420 and ipod in my '97 E39 for several years. The car has been upgraded with gm3 high, lcm4, mk4, bm54, 16:9 bm and dsp2 from a 2004 X5. So it is basically identical to a late E39. I just bought another E39 made in 2003. The second one only has an aftermarket radio installed, which is fine for the intended use of the car. But I'm desperately missing all the comfort function, that the intravee is providing in the other car (comming/leaving home lights, automated folding-mirror, automated unlock, automated turnlights, ....) I bought a second intravee and hooked it up in the car. I testet the ibus communication with the downloader software - everything is working. Than I detached the intravee, put it in the '97 and configured everything to my liking. I detached it and put it back in the '03, but none of the configured functions were working. Putting it back into the '97, I realized that every setting has been reset to default. How can I get the intravee to do the extra-functionality in the car without the bmw-radio? Can I use commands via the downloader-software to configure it? If so, is there a command-list or cli or something? Or can I somehow force it to not reset the settings, when beeing attached to another car? Thanks in advance Marco
  5. nobody333

    extra features also in old E39?

    I have a 16:9 bord monitor with a bm54-back and a mk4 so I can control the intravee with the bm. To get an idea on how to control the intravee withou a bm you could check out the photos in the intravee user guide, which can be found here: http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/86582-firmware-v602-7058-and-user-guide/ new lcm: i put in xenon lights and disabled the warning in my old lcm. i got a lcm 3 with alwr on ebay and want to that in. coding: is there some sort of generator or calculating tool to get a new zcs that includes the xenons? do i code the zcs with ncs expert or nfs?
  6. nobody333

    extra features also in old E39?

    Hi SpeedUp, got an e39 made in 50/1997 with an lcm 1 and all the light functions of the intravee work. But I am too plan on switching the lcm to an lcm - III a lwr with i got for 30 bucks on ebay. Since coding is not a problem for you, can you tell me, what i have to change on the new lcm? I am familiar with coding modules using ncs expert. I am just not sure what i have to change on the new lcm.