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  1. Any good tuner will tell you that you shouldn't keep a dpf if you are removing the egr. It will cause it to fill too quickly and it's regen parameters will be out. Asking for trouble
  2. DM works in Aylesbury bucks did mine, and no, they sort the lot
  3. 2nd one I've had done since I had the car, 60k since the first. Personally i love a bit of preventative maintenance and I'm sure that it feels different after. Slightly smoother and less dim-witted
  4. 2 thermostats, oil service, gearbox service and a new ac condenser yesterday
  5. Oh Yeah!! My bad sorry
  6. True, until you come up against a mapped one!
  7. 535 badge tho!? Reckon that needs to come off asap!
  8. Very vice, good spec too!
  9. I'm not 100% sure. we use f11's at work and when I was speaking to one of the mechanics (or fitters......) we had one with a similar noise that reacted to the clutch being dipped like yours does. it was the clutch release bearing which he said was lucky because dmfs are far more expensive. with reference to replacing other parts, maybe get them to look at the dmf, clutch etc to see if there's an issue (might save on labour costs) but if they're good, depending on mileage etc. I'd leave them be
  10. sounds like a release bearing to me. cheaper than a flywheel!!!
  11. hi

    thanks vlady, yeah she's a good one I think!
  12. hi

    hi everyone. I've been browsing for a year or two but have never really posted much. I've got an e61 530d Msport which I bought last year using the various threads on here. it's time to tinker!!
  13. You say you had a map, then had the dpf removed. If you haven't had the dpf mappped out and have just removed it, surely there is your problem!? If your car is trying to regen it will massively overfuel, hence the smoke. Also check you arent getting rising oil levels due to fuel getting into the oil. Get the map changed to compensate properly for the lack of dpf
  14. With that annual mileage, its pointless gettinh a diesel, I have read a few things that suggest with the increased cost of fuel plus other diesel specific issues, you may as well get a petrol unless you do a minimum of 15k a year With regards to services, what mileage had the 525 done?