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  1. They've only got 14 days from the date of the offence to have the 1st letter delivered
  2. Did they not update the Idrive at the end of 2008? I thought it was done with the lci which yours should be?
  3. Not if the map is a good one and the egr is blanked off properly. There's a negligible amount over normal. Plus, if power is your thing, it certainly free it up a bit. Nothing to do with value These are essentially old cars now anyway so value probably isnt an issue
  4. Update, mine were a h8 bulb. I was all ready to go LED but having noticed 2 e60/1's using them recently I'm really not sure Standard bulb back in for now
  5. I dont know what you are likely to have available to you, but If you can find a transmission specialist then get them to have a look. They're fragile things and you Cant tell until its properly looked at.
  6. Really not for me im afraid, but its different, and thats cool
  7. are you in India now? Or in the UK? Might help people recommend a transmission specialist for you!
  8. Exactly this. Where are you from?
  9. I've had the bulb out today and it looks like a h8 instead of what I bought for it Will these fit and are they plug and play as it we're!?
  10. Guys, one of mine has gone. Do I go for an LED upgrade or just stick to yellow? Where did you get your bulbs from, LED or orherwise? (Lci with xenons) Thanks in advance
  11. That's about what mine cost. Welcome to owning a money pit!!!
  12. The car had fault code 3ffo which seems to indicate what they said. To be Fair, there was a 09 plate 3.0d X5 there with the same symptoms and that fault code. He showed me the head and manifold and it was really coked up. Ended up costing me 540 with a major service done as well as having the swirl flaps removed
  13. Fixed!!! Took the manifold off and it was clean as a whistle. The little spring that controls the swirl flaps had disapearred and the the egr actuator didn't work. Basically 2 things that no car needs to begin with!!
  14. Nicely done!!!
  15. Could be worse!! Could be timing chain, gearbox, turbo, dpf, swirl flaps, manifold, Idrive etc etc........