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  1. Go on then.....how do you know? Ideally I want to keep it for another 50k so up to 3 years
  2. As per my previous thread, the other garage has told me the same thing. Inlet manifold had come off, it's all coked up, as are the ports. The head is gonna come off so that the whole lot can be properly checked. What else is worth doing whilst it's off? Timing chain maybe? 59 reg 530d 101k
  3. Not a fan tbh, but it's individual which is good It'll look a lot better with a bit of tyre dress i reckon
  4. To be fair, I've used this garage before and their reputation is pretty Good!! That being said.....2nd opinion is booked for tomorrow!
  5. Update for you. I'm not sure what the actual fault codes are but apparently the inlet manifold is probably coked up so iy needs to come off and it'll probably need to be replaced. Also if the ports are the same, the head will need to come off as well! Here we go!! £££££££££££
  6. Get it checked first. To be honest, the best bet is to have it gutted and mapped out all together but I understand why people don't want to
  7. So it's the original? Might be at the end of it a useful life, 150k is fairly good!
  8. Cheers chaps
  9. According to the service book, 12k ago, just before I got it
  10. Developed a fault yesterday. The car feels hesitant when accelerating and a bit jerky when cruising. For the 1st 20-30 seconds of driving from cold it feels normal, bit after that it starts to be a problem. When putting your foot down, initially nothing happens, or it's very slow. Eventually it goes but your foot is so far down on the throttle that it takes off like a rocket. Seems to boost fine once this happens and it pulls well, bit as soon as you come off the throttle, the whole thing starts again. Any ideas? Dpf seems to regent fine and I tend to do long enough journeys for it. 101k - auto. I do tend to use crap fuel tbh I haven't got a code reader and it's going into DM works in Aylesbury on wednesday
  11. Exactly what grizzly said. Mines an auto, it holds the gears longer and the engine doesn't feel quite a smooth. You can also feel the heat from under the car if you get out just after it's finished
  12. This morning mine started after I'd been driving for about 2 minutes, from cold in a town, with 50 miles of fuel left. It's done it like that a few times and regens absolutely fine. Don't worry about it too much. As long as the car gets up to temp so that it can finish, it will do them
  13. Good linky, cheers!!
  14. When I use the rear washer, nothing comes out.... Apart from down the side of the bootlid and onto the floor. Might do the rear heated screen whilst im there