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  1. 05 reg BMW E61 525ise

    Tried to upload pics and forum keeps saying only allowed to upload 432kgb or something so if anyone wants pics i can e-mail or whats-app them to you, Car is metallic grey with black leather.
  2. 05 reg BMW E61 525ise

    Only bought this at Christmas for the wife to use mainly as the e39 we had was getting a bit long in the tooth, Anyway she doesn,t like it and has taken my 325Ci as her daily now, MOT until Dec 18 Stamped service book upto 106,000mls,most recent service was done before my purchasing it but book not stamped, New Battery and Cam Cover gasket done 3 weeks ago, Two new rear tyres last week,Fronts still have around 4mm, Headlights polished,results are better but not perfect, Alloys could do with a refurb on close up inspection, Rear Wiper sticking,checked wiring through tailgate hinges and all is ok,gave wiper arm a little assistance and it moves so guessing it could do with a new wiper motor, Disconnected auto tailgate as the water ingress in wheel well fried the control box,cleaned and dried everything and had no water ingress since,fitted standard struts but the O/S needs replacing. Top Tailgate glass opens and closes as it should. The car is clean and damage free inside. This car is no show pony but is straight and clean. I,ve not advertised it anywhere else,i,ve seen an X5 i may take a punt on but if it doesn,t sell i,ll maybe just keep it as it is only used to get me to and from work which is a commute of 30miles twice a week, The car is in Trentham,Stoke on Trent at weekends which is the best time to have a look as it sits in the works car park all week in Burton while i,m away. Price is £2200 ovno. Pics to follow.
  3. M5 M6/M5 split Southbound

    Black M5 with no front bumper past me teatime on M6/M5 split,looked to have aftermarket wheels with a big lip and private plate on E39 - - -
  4. Bye Bye E39.... Hello E60!!!!

    Nice pics,looks well that,good luck with it.
  5. 1994 BMW E34 540I - GF22093

    Great work Carl,i love to see these older BMW,s rescued,Top Marks to you.
  6. Hello!

    Welcome to the forum,lovely collection you,ve had and still got.
  7. BMWs in Modern Classics mag

    I bought the wife a K155 plate with her initials and she loves it,had it about 10yrs now on various cars she has had,E38 740;E39 530i Sport,E46 325Ci.
  8. BMWs in Modern Classics mag

    Me too,best mag on classics on sale at the minute imo.
  9. Considering a 'vert

    How much MOT Ray? Whats the story with the bodywork flaws you mention, We,ve got a Saab devotee at work who seemed interested when i showed him the pics.
  10. Hello!

    Welcome Frankalope,lots of E34 interest on here and plenty of helpful members to help you along the way, You could start a thread in the projects section of your progress.
  11. Slate Green e39

    Just delivered a load to a site at Meadowfields,Durham,spotted a nice looking Slate Green Sport Touring on a driveway just by my delivery point.
  12. What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Took mine to our works yard so i could get in the garage,cam cover gasket done,headlights polished and non-working rear wiper investigated,wiring all ok through hinges,i think the motor is seized as it moves when given light assistance with my finger.
  13. Greatest Movie Scene.

    Shoot out scene in Heat between the bank heist gang and the cops. Car chase through Paris in Ronin. Dam jump at the start of Goldeneye. Salma Hayek dancing with the snake around her neck in Dusk till Dawn:):)
  14. 2 years of 535d ownership

    Looks well in both pics,i love a nice touring.
  15. Hi everyone, new E60 520d owner

    Welcome to the forum Morgan,plenty of knowlegable folks on here to answer any questions you may have, Get some pics up when you can,we love pics on here.