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  1. That Z looks really well Richard,hope everything goes to plan for you,nice trip down the A702/A701 over the Devils Beeftub from Edinburgh to Moffat before hitting the M74/M6 should get you accustomed with the Z nicely.
  2. I live Trentham and work out of Burton for Coleman International.
  3. Looks really well Matty,i,ll have to keep my eyes peeled for you around the Potteries,weekends i,m either in the Touring or 325Ci
  4. Welcome to the forum Wakey,pics always appreciated on here.
  5. He should of gone to Big Boys Prison not Young Offenders,that would wipe the smugness away pretty quickly.
  6. Got a nice shine on her now Simon, Have you put that fence up to stop it going missing without your permission
  7. Welcome Craig, any pics of the F10?
  8. As Andrew says John,nice looking straight e39 you,ve got there.
  9. Lovely looking car in my opinion,still miss my early 740i.
  10. Lovely colour combo Dan,GLWTS.
  11. Looking good that Remy,would put a lot of younger e39,s to shame.
  12. Mine are a bit dull on the tailgate,i normally spray them with silicone dash cleaner between washes,just brightens them up a bit
  13. X---SAS Black M5 just passed me A1 northbound around Ferrybridge around 1930hrs.
  14. Welcome John,any pics,we love pics on here esp a nice touring.
  15. Glad you had a good meet fellas,hope to be at the next one.