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  1. 740mick

    E39 540 Sport on a Murky Morning

    Looks stunning,lovely.
  2. 740mick

    E38 750i

    Thats a beautiful looking car.
  3. 740mick

    Imola e39 535i sport

    Looks like both rear quarters and sills have been painted or the doors have,as for the boot badge its too high and is missing its i, Gotta love an imola e39 though,bloody lovely colour even if it is in many shades,looking at some of the ridiculous prices for so called top spec low mileage e39s in se form this car may be worth a look as a starter project.
  4. 740mick

    Animal lovers, what would you do?

    I really don,t want to comment on an open forum the utter contempt i feel for people like this,they disgust me, Its making my blood boil just reading the opening post, Southport holds happy memories for me as its where we took our Harty for his last walk on the beach before we lost him to cancer.
  5. 740mick


    White E28 by Asda Wolstanton,Stoke on Trent,tidy looking car,not sure which model only saw it from the front and side,gave driver the thumbs up,nice to see cars like this being used as a daily.
  6. 740mick

    A6 south of Garstang

    Nice looking 52reg e39 sport tourer in Titan Silver in the Q this morning for the M55 Jct.
  7. 740mick

    52 reg silver e39 se tourer

    M40 southbound this morning around Jct 12 about 7am. WAKE UP you muppet,its pissing with rain,so concentrate,don,t know what you were doing but coming by my fully laden truck almost sideways in the 3rd lane normally ends in tears,also rear fogs are not needed in the dark when its raining, Saw you again in the Q for the A34 and gave you a toot on the horn.
  8. 740mick

    Two Spots

    Slate Green e39 sport tourer northbound M74 at Beattock around 1800hrs, E34 520i tourer in what looked like Boston Green at M8/M9 split just before Newbridge around 1900hrs. Both very tidy clean looking cars.
  9. 740mick

    To all the newbies :-)

    Welcome to the forum Ricey,E60 looks well,really like those wheels,very smart.
  10. 740mick

    Burt Reynolds has died ...a legend I think!!

    Great shame,10-4 Bandit from a fellow trucker,nothing but the open road for you now, RIP.
  11. 740mick

    E61 M5

    07 reg E61 M5 spotted outside Ornua Foods at Ledbury,in need of a good wash and polish.
  12. 740mick

    Motormania 2019, Grantown on Spey

    Fine array of machinery on show there Mark, I really like the look of the two Granada Ghias and the green Opel, Thanks for sharing the pics once again.
  13. For me it was last Christmas,bought an E61 and sold my beloved E39 530i Sport Tourer, Que loads of swearing for the next 5mths until i sold it,still pining for my E39 Tourer:(
  14. 740mick

    E39 touring newbie.

    That looks nice and fresh,can,t beat a nice touring.
  15. Welcome to the forum,Scooby looks really clean as does the 540i,lovely in Sterling Grey too,Enjoy.