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  1. Alright fellas,our Bullmastiff Harty has been diagnosed with high protein and possible kidney failure which understandably has left us heartbroken, He,s currently in the vets on a drip for 36hrs to flush any toxins out of his system before he has another blood test to determine for sure the next step in his treatment. One thing for sure is that his diet is going have to change drastically with low to nil protein foods,his vet has already advised us on renal biscuits and mixers he can have along with pasta and vegetables, Can anyone advise us with ideas on suitable foods or meals with a bit of variety please.
  2. M74

    You mustn,t be looking hard enough Andrew,road manners are sadly on the decline in the HGV world, I was up your neck of the woods yesterday with a site tip at Inchinnin then reloaded at Alva,i do keep my eyes open but hardly saw a 5er all day except for a Swedish reg immaculate looking e39 on the M74 south around Lockerbie.
  3. Called into our local Timpsons on Sunday,he says their bigger branch across town can supply the key,cut it and sort the inner electrics all in for around £50, Is it just a case of swapping the innards over or will it need coding to the car? Sorry if this is a silly question.
  4. Banana Man would have sorted that in no time Jay.
  5. I looked at various other stuff before the 3 series and all were described as excellent and mint only to find on viewing they were anything but, My budget was £3000 as its main duty will be to sit in the yard at work all week until i return on a Friday, I had actually gone to look at an Audi at the same place until i saw and drove the 3,it drove well,low mileage,good condition and well under my budget so a win all round for me. As i,ve already said i,ve still got the 530i Sport Tourer for my e39 fix,thats if i can pry the keys off the wife.
  6. Its Auto,not too small a car,i,m 6ft odd and 20stone and have plenty of room,its really surprised me,never considered a 3series before but i love it.
  7. The casing on my e39 key is cracked,can anyone recommend best place for replacement? I,ve seen the replacements on E-bay that come with the blank flat blade,can a high street key cutter sort me the blade and how hard is it to change the internals?
  8. Replaced my 530i Individual with this,2003 325Ci Sport,genuine 72000mls,good history,really nice straight car.Still got the 530i Sport Touring for my e39 fix,excuse the blue barriers,electricity board have got our road dug up.
  9. Cheers for that Ray:)
  10. I,ll probably bring our Harty along if thats ok with everyone,he,s getting on for 7yrs old now and has a tendency to just plod along, This is him at the last Rother meet up.
  11. Car now sold,chopped in for my next purchase.
  12. Put me down Ray,good spot Rother Valley, Hope all is well for you now.
  13. Thanks for your comments fellas.
  14. Decided to sell my 530i Individual. It,s on a 52 reg and is MOT,d until Dec 17, Just recently had 4 new tyres,new discs and pads front and back,aux fan and thermostat, There,s a folder with receipts for work done in previous years and MOT,s The bodywork isn,t immaculate but looks ok from 20ft away and polishes up nicely, All the electrics work,doors,windows,seats and steering column, It does run nicely but has an intermittent EML lighting up,could be sensor or split intake pipe,car runs the same whether the light is lit or not, Pics are from the ad when i bought it looks no different now other than Black Gloss Kidney Grills instead of the matte ones that were fitted, £995 ono, i think this is a bargain for someone,just want it moved on quickly to make room on my driveway for my next purchase.
  15. ^^^^^^^ Got any Quo mate? Sorry showing my age now