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  1. Hello All

    Welcome Sat,any pics of your 535? We do like pics on here.
  2. E39 Sport Tourer

    Topaz Blue Sport Tourer on M6 north before spaghetti jct around 1730hrs,03 reg that looked lovely and clean even in this murky weather.
  3. F10 M5

    Nice looking & sounding blue F10 M5 on M42 south tonight around Jct 10,reg F8 - - -
  4. Yorkshire e39 Owner

    Nice looking tourer you,ve got there Potatoes,lots of helpful members on here to help you out.
  5. What are you currently drinking...?

    Quite partial to the Captains blend Jay, On a side note we,ll get that mat sorted for you mate,i haven,t forgot.
  6. What are you currently drinking...?

    Just sampling a drop of Goslings Black Seal rum,i used to be a Jack Daniels fan but got into the dark rums on carribean holidays and have never looked back.
  7. This must be a truckers worst nightmare

    My 65 reg R580 Scania has anti collision brake assist and lane departure warning systems.
  8. Silver e39 Sport Touring

    Spotted a silver e39 sport touring eastbound on A50 this morning at Uttoxeter towing a trailer with a white Mk1 RS Turbo on,both looked nice in the early morning gloom around 0830hrs.
  9. Another newbie

    Welcome Dave plenty of folks on here will be able to help you out, Any pics of the purchase ?we like pics on here.
  10. Hi im new.......

    Welcome to the forum Gavin,your new e60 looks a good one,Audi looks well too, There,s a few HGV drivers on here,have a look in the picture section at the truck pics when you have a minute.
  11. Free to good home

    Its yours Jay if you want it,I,m going to Fazakerly on Monday around 11am if thats any good to you or i will have a run out with Donna on Saturday and meet you in Southport. I was given the mat when i bought the 325Ci by our company valeter so i,m guessing its for an e46,it opens out for when the back seats are folded down making it twice the size it is in the pic,there,s no marks on it or anything,its just no use to me, Its not in the way so we can sort something out to get it to you. Things not too bad this end,Donna keeps having a teary moment especially when she comes home to an empty house at night but we,re getting there mate thanks.
  12. Free to good home

    I think this boot mat is for an e46 touring,grey carpet one side,vinyl the other with a flap to protect the bumper, Anyone who wants it can have it,collection from Stoke area or may be able to meet up within reasonable distance.
  13. Hartys Gone

    Thank You for all the replies,we are truly heartbroken,he has been such an awesome companion since he came into our lives at 10 weeks old.
  14. Hartys Gone

    A post mainly for the NW members that knew him,Harty our Bullmastiff finally lost his battle with cancer at 1050hrs this morning, RIP precious boy.
  15. My third E39! :)

    I do like a big 7,looks lovely that,good luck with it.