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  1. Nothing exciting,washed the Individual yesterday and fitted new number plates,good to find no rust behind the rear plate, Probably just wash the Touring today,it,s in for MOT Thursday so fingers crossed.
  2. Bit of old skool porn
  3. Teckno model of my mates Volvo 750
  4. Another good shout there Simon,I had a B reg in white with the XR 4x4 reflective panel between the rear lights with the number plate rather crudely relocated to the bumper,this was replaced by a later 2.9 XR4x4 on a G reg in the same red as your pic, Didn,t keep the 2.9 long,traded down in age to a MK 2 facelift Granada 2.8i GhiaX. If only we knew at the time how these old Fords were going to increse in value.
  5. In my eyes,my Dad.
  6. Welcome Joe,looks a good job on the drivers seat.
  7. Welcome to the forum JD,some pics of the e61 would be good.
  8. I,ll be drawing my pension surely before he sells that in UK, OK there,s a big difference in mileage but i was thinking of selling my 530i Individual for about £1850, Are these dealers not in touch with the real world?
  9. I remember as a boy of about 10 yrs old my dad talking about changing the family car,we went to the garage that he always used and the choice was either a year old Cortina 2000E or a brand new Marina 1.8,I can still feel the disappointment when he chose the Marina, He did redeem himself a few years later by buying one of the first Mk5 Cortinas.
  10. Classic cars,commercials and usual sort of fare this weekend at Weston Park,Midlands. I,m going have a run across tomorrow see whats about.
  11. I,d love a 2000E Mk3 Cortina in Roman Bronze with Black vinyl roof or my old Mk4 back,that was a 2.3 Ghia in Jupiter Red with Black vinyl roof
  12. Would that be with the optional black bonnet,or was that just the Capri.
  13. 28th May good for me.
  14. That looks lovely Dan,right up my street, bit over budget for me though for a 2nd car, Thinking of selling the 530i Individual i bought not long ago to get something completely different,i,ve got the Sport Touring to drive for my e39 addiction,so may start looking around again and an e38 could be on the radar.
  15. Very clean Topaz Blue 530d Sport saloon spotted this morning around 11.30am,looked to have m paras on.