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  1. 2 years of 535d ownership

    Looks well in both pics,i love a nice touring.
  2. Hi everyone, new E60 520d owner

    Welcome to the forum Morgan,plenty of knowlegable folks on here to answer any questions you may have, Get some pics up when you can,we love pics on here.
  3. Just been out in it for a spin of around 30 miles and everything seems fine now, Where the module for the auto tailgate sits had drops of water around it and under the polystyrene moulding was wet,everywhere else was dry, I,ve disconnected the tailgate module and positioned the plug facing upwards,thoroughly wiped all areas of the boot out, I think i will drill a few small holes,one at the front of the wheel well for when the car is at home as we reverse park up the driveway which is on a slope and one in the middle for when the car is on the flat.
  4. What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Just drying it out at the minute, Its labelled Helbako 55692110 I think it may be the module for the auto tailgate as i,ve just pushed the button to close it and nothing happens.
  5. What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Can anyone tell me what this plugs into,just in the process of investigating water ingress in wheel well of my e61 525i,this plug and box show signs of slight frying, I,ve unplugged it and car starts with no warning lights so i was wondering what it does, Thanks for any advice.
  6. I could be a victim of this problem on our newly acquired e61,wife reported numerous warning lights and messages enroute to work on Wednesday,i,ve just got back and decided to strip the boot area out,maybe half a cup full of water in the well that possibly could have splashed onto the electrics,n/s and o/s by battery is dry, I,ve cleaned the wheel well out but can,t seem to locate the drain tubes on either side, Am i missing something,i,m looking in either side compartment and there seems to be no sort of drain tube or facility for one, Is it a good idea to wrap the individual components in plastic to try prevent further issues? Car is a 05 reg 525i e61. Thank you for any help offered and a big thanks to the op for highlighting this problem.
  7. New project E60 530d

    Personally speaking i am having a bit of a mare at the moment with my new to me e61,rear wiper not working,dead battery on Monday morning now this morning the wife rings me enroute to work to say she,s turned and headed for home as the dash has lit up like a Christmas tree,from what she,s told me sounds like symptons of water ingress into the spare wheel well, Starting to miss my e39 Sport Tourer and all the problems it never had now, Ah well onwards and upwards.
  8. Hello!

    Welcome Chewdoo,looks a nice clean example.
  9. New E28 Owner

    Welcome Brian,i,ve just seen your post in the projects section and all i can say is that your a very brave man, Good Luck with the resto and keep posting updates,there,s plenty of knowledgable folks on here that will offer help and advice.
  10. E39 525i Touring Sport

    The Touring looks good after its wash Pete,i think any new to you car purchase looks better after a spruce up and you have started to make it your own, We,ve just sold our 530i Sport Tourer for an e61 and i,ve been wondering if we had dropped an almighty bollock,but since giving it a good clean in and out and doing a few cosmetic jobs(back windows tinted,headlight polish)i am starting to feel a bit better about the change, Good luck with your new purchase and keep the updates coming.
  11. What are you currently drinking...?

    Can,t beat a nice Ceeeeegar,bought a few special ones when we went to Cuba.
  12. What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Just washed both of ours
  13. Happy new year!

    Best Wishes to all members and their families for 2018.
  14. Off to look at a car

    Saw quite a few of these on Autotrader recently when i was looking to replace the 530i Sport T,thought they looked ok but i know absolutely nothing about them so carried on looking and bought an e61,train of thought being access to a forum with loads of knowlegable members. Hope it all goes well for you.
  15. my wee 530i

    Still looking good Ian.