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  1. Nice car that Simon,looked well at the meet up,Good luck with it and enjoy mate.
  2. Lovely looking Z,I like that a lot.
  3. Yeah,good to see folks again,we,ll have to try another come autumn time so its not so long between meet ups.
  4. Good turn out with a brilliant selection of cars,thanks for sharing the pics.
  5. Probably best meet up as planned then decide if we need to move on.
  6. Just been on Bull in thorn website and Chopps right,seems to be a rock festival on all weekend,could be tight for parking.
  7. Bloody Hell Chopp,thats a bummer,nice looking M5 you have there.
  8. Hope all is well Ray,see you at the next one.
  9. Fingers crossed for you Kenny.
  10. It,s filling a gap Simon thats all that matters, I parked at Wentworth off J36 M1 last week and saw another identical to yours,I was going flash thinking it could be you before i realised the driver was a woman. See you on Sunday pal.
  11. How far away,hope its not in full view, Donna,s coming along as we,re going call for something eat somewhere on way home if we don,t eat there and what with our Hartys diet consisting of best beef,lamb,chicken and turkey,the fortune she spends feeding the birds and hedgehogs at home,if she spies donkeys in need that,ll be more added to the weekly expenses,i,ll have get a part time weekend job:)
  12. Shame that Jay,i was looking forward to meeting you one day as the majority of your posts give me a laugh, Enjoy your day.
  13. Thats not good,but i would be more worried about the fluid that seems to be pissing from under the front of the car:)
  14. Hope the weather is half decent,as Smallwood Vintage Rally is on all weekend just up the road nr Sandbach and there is a Youngtimers car & motorbike show with entries from the 70,s to the 90,s on at Gawsworth Hall,Macclesfield on the Monday, What with the meet up on Sunday looks like a good weekend is looming.