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    BMW E60 530D
  1. BMW_AKW

    Pic Request - Space Grey With Black 172s

    Really? Wouldn't that look a little bland?
  2. As above really guys. My wheels are desperately needing a refurb after a cheap job was done by the previous owner, so I was thinking of going down the all too popular route and having them done black. I'm still in two minds as I feel black wheels may make it look like I'm 'trying too hard' or worse still look like I'm a wanna be gangster . Any photos would be much appreciated. Thanks
  3. BMW_AKW

    E60 LCI Thermostats

    Morning, Could you please supply a price for both the EGR and Main thermostat please. Reg: W2 EEL Thanks in advance
  4. So is my EGR stat still in use?
  5. Thanks guys. Possibly another daft question... Do I need to replace both thermostats? I understand it's normally the main stat to fail but is the other stat still in use after my EGR removal? Would it be reasonable to expect two hours labour charge if I supplied the parts? Thanks again
  6. Does this mean it's likely to smoke more (This is a huge concern/worry since having the dpf removed )
  7. So basically I've noticed my MPG hasn't been great the last few months (partly due to the cold weather I guess) so I accessed the hidden menu and i can't seem to get a temp any higher than 64 (I saw 68 once when sat in traffic for a while). The DPF has been removed along with the EGR and coded out since September (I actually saw an improved MPG, albeit a few MPG). My question is: What damage am I doing not getting the thermostats replaced asap? Thanks in advance
  8. Could someone please advise where the resistor should be placed when installing the LED angel eyes (ebay jobbies). My existing bulbs had built in resistors but my back up supply (until I can affford Baus's) have separate resistors and I'm concerned these will get hot and melt either the cables or the headlight. Am I worrying too much? Any feedback from people who've fitted these would be great. PS these are similar to what I have: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/24w-E60-E61-LCI-XENON-WHITE-LED-ANGEL-EYE-BULB-UPGRADE-MARKER-WATT-CREE-LED-/281348786622?fits=Plat_Gen%3AE60&hash=item4181b1c9be Thanks in advance Adam
  9. Thanks for the responses guys. You're probably right, I may just switch the 15mm spacers for 12mm and see what happens from there. I don't fancy messing around getting the arches rolled etc. I'm currently using standard 19" Spiders with H&R Sport kit which gives a nice subtle drop. I use the car as a daily drive and for my work, so it still needs to be practical. I decided to go for some Falken tyres (not because they have a sloped wall, just because they seem to be the best for the money, £160 each, fitted) and I'll swap the spacers if required. I'll try to take some proper photos at some point.
  10. Hi guys, I recently lowered my 530d using H&R springs and stuck some 15mm spacers on the rear, however when I have people sitting in the rear seats the rear tyres catch the arches a little. (mainly when hitting a bump in the road) It's now come to 'tyre change time' so I'm wondering if any of you out there could suggest a tyre which has more of a sloping side wall, to allow a little more movement in the arch on the rare occasion I have people in the back. Thanking you in advance Adam
  11. BMW_AKW

    What wheels are these?

    Yeah definitely an old design. Iirc Autovogue used a similar design wheel on their 3 series models.
  12. BMW_AKW

    What wheels are these?

  13. BMW_AKW

    What wheels are these?

    I was looking at these some weeks back. Last time I checked the auction ended without any bids, so it might be worth a cheeky offer out-of-auction (wink wink). I opted out as I didn't know (and couldn't seem to find out) if these where the correct fitment/offset. Although I'm sure someone will be along shortly to tell you. Good luck.
  14. BMW_AKW

    After clean pics

  15. BMW_AKW

    After clean pics

    I'll be lowering mine shortly (once I've decided which springs) and installing 15mm rear spacers. You could try Chris at CMWheels.com for yourspacers. He's sorted me out with spacers and wheels in the past. His service is spot on. Used a lot on M3Cutters.