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    I have a widescreen Bordmonitor and analogue TV tuner, with a BM54, Mk4 and ULF, even though it's in another brand of car. Brought to the forum as I've been running an Intravee for a while and needed the updates!


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  1. DuncanR75

    Bluetooth / ULF compatibility list?

    My Lumia 810 didn't work, though an older Symbian Nokia (E51 I think) was OK. iPhone 4 worked, not yet tested my 5S I'm afraid. I agree with avoiding Android as I've recently tried one out and the device was rubbish, as were the Android versions of the apps I use. Windows phones are great (apart from I can't get any of the apps I want) so I succumbed to the lure of something that does what I need.
  2. It's not the unit up front that makes the difference, its the BM54, which is the box you are looking at. The BM54 sees the resistor between those pins, and tells the unit up front (the bordmonitor) to display the extra option. When you press the MODE button, there's an extra selection available, AUX. From a previous post, the age of BM54 you have doesn't support the aux in. I don't know which do, which don't but there is a list of part numbers somewhere. Some of the repairers claim to be able to update the firmware (reflash the unit) to add it, but I don't know if it's true. Since the BM54 has had a repaired amplifier, this might have been supposed to be done. Alternatively you would need a newer BM54 that already supports this, and I know from experience that they don't all do it. You also have to be careful you don't get sold one with failed, or failing amplifiers, like I did! Alternatively, you can modify the tape yourself, to give an aux in if you want to. However you need a little bit of electronics skill, and to buy a cassette adaptor. These are the things that feed your ipod / mp3 into the cassette, but they sound rubbish. You only use the mechanism, and cut off the wire. You then feed the audio into the wires meant for the cassette.
  3. The tape error will be because the spools aren't being driven properly. The tape would be pulled through by one, the other going round as tape is pulled off. That way the system can detect when both reels stop, and reverse the direction. If one goes round and the other doesn't it knows the tape has snapped! Yes, I wasn't sure why they would do that, but thought it a possibility. There's no accounting for what some people think is a good idea. However since the wires are attached to the pins where an external aux in would normally connect, I don't think this was the answer. I'm not sure what you mean by 'what's in the bottom corner'? I think you'll find nothing in the wiring harness on your car, on those pins, if that's what you mean. On mine that's where I added the aux in wires, on the wiring harness side. It is still possible they added the mod, without realising the unit didn't support it, and then didn't think it worthwhile removing it.
  4. It could still be using the tape input, if they've paralleled the inputs. Try a blank tape and plugging something in there. It could also be they unplugged the tape connections at the bottom of the BM54 to use it, and put them back in when they sold the car? EDIT: it's got a resistor between the two inputs, which is required to make aux in work. Since the BM54 has had a replacement amplifier fitted maybe the Bluetooth / aux update was fitted? I've seen one place offering this. Try plugging in your ipod with some music playing, and see if aux appears then. When I first did the aux in mod, it only worked with something actually playing at a decent level. Otherwise it wouldn't allow you to select aux. I had to fiddle with resistor and capacitor values to get it to show even when nothing was plugged in. Edit to the Edit: Just checked my wiring adaptor and those are the aux in pins. Maybe they fitted it, it didn't work and they gave up. However I remembered wrong about my aux in being in the menu. It was there when I added the resistor, but when I plugged in an ipod or DAB tuner, it would disappear again, until I also put some capacitors in the line. So check for it in the menu with nothing plugged in. The other possibility is that one of the connections has come undone so the unit isn't seeing the resistor anyway.
  5. I've had a search but can't find anything. Is there by any chance a list of which phones are known to work, or conversely not work, with the various versions of the ULF. I have an early one, and my Nokia windows phone doesn't work properly, while an older Nokia does. It's not just the SMS or phonebook thing, it connects and dials, but the audio stays with the phone, not through the speakers. I spent two hours double and triple checking my wiring before seeing a thread about compatibility, so tried another then the audio worked too. It seems like it connects in a remote keypad mode, as the red light goes out on the bordmonitor, and you can dial numbers and the green light comes on. Incoming calls do nothing at all, though, not even announce the call on the screen. If nothing else, does anyone have a Nokia Lumia working with an ULF of any level? If not maybe I have to finally give in to Apple next upgrade?