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  1. Difficulties at refuelling...

    It's the way you hold the gun in the hole. It used to do it to me often until I held the nozzle differently.
  2. Back into a 5 series! 523i just purchased

    Nice clean example. Are those genuine parking sensors? I only ask as I see them in the front as well. Prefacelift had rears only if specced with PDC i think
  3. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Replaced the rear tyres, rear brake pipes, and driver's side rose bush. Going to get some welding done around the passenger rear jacking point tomorrow and then it will have a new MOT
  4. Audi A4 front end, Subaru Impreza mid end, and BMW e60 rear end lol
  5. Angel eyes are not called angel eyes

    I call them halos because that's what they look like. Typically, halos go on angels, and headlights are the eyes of a car = Angel eyes. Germans like scientific things so I guess corona was a good name for them to use.
  6. LED indicators.

    Where did you get them from? I fitted a pair of LED indicator bulbs to my LCM3b equipped car and they were nice and bright but did the quick flashing thing. I gave them to my friend who has a 53 plate e46 touring and they flash normal speed with no coding.
  7. Another headlight question....

    Are those lights not prefacelift? (pre 2000)
  8. Aircon in winter

    Yes, you definitely can. Whenever I use my climate control, I leave the A/C on. Works well in the winter for demisting windows, and in the summer for cooling. I just leave it on 22C and press the auto button. The system will automatically and continuously adjust the fan speed and which vents to open/closed. Also, it won't blow full speed when you started a cold engine. As the engine warms up, the fan speed will adjust accordingly.
  9. The grand tour

    You were the only other person replying hahaha
  10. The grand tour

    But seriously, do sheep do the same thing as goats when scared?
  11. The grand tour

    Sorry i forgot, it's one shoop and two sheep
  12. The grand tour

    Do sheeps do that goat thing where they pretend to be dead if they are scared (freeze and fall down)?
  13. The grand tour

    Yes, I've seen the little bump Richard did to that black e39...
  14. The grand tour

    They've come a long way since the 90s. The Kia looks good, sounds nice with that V6 turbo, goes fast, long warranty, RWD, and the former head of BMW M overseen it too so you know it will be good to drive.
  15. Avoid suspected clocked E39 Mora M5 on gumtree

    Locking wheels nuts seem to be missing on that car, unless M5s didn't come with them?