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  1. DerekJr.

    E39 Headlamp Projector Alternatives

    Got a Royal Mail card today telling me that the customs charge is £37.28 which includes a Royal Mail handling fee of £8.00 (I didn't expect this). I will pop over to the Portsmouth delivery office tomorrow after work and collect them. The total cost of the projectors, postage, and customs charge is £179.21. Just £17.91 over my initial estimation.
  2. I wonder if that's an option from Alpina or an aftermarket bespoke job? The front seats are also different. I kind of like them. They remind me a little bit of Recaros.
  3. DerekJr.

    E39 Headlamp Projector Alternatives

    UPDATE: I took a dive and purchased the set. The projectors and brackets are on UK shore now. I'm just waiting for an official letter telling me how much I owe for VAT etc. Money spent so far on the products and postage is £141.93 which is just a tad over my estimation. Although the cheapest postage states more than 30days with no tracking, it arrived in the UK within a week or two, and they provide a tracking number. At the moment, it has spent more time in London than travelling from Atlanta to London via Miami. Once I have them, the plan is to get new covers, new adjusters, and black out the low beam shroud.
  4. DerekJr.

    E39 Headlamp Projector Alternatives

    Looked at the costs and the break down of the costs is as follows: 1) Morimoto Bixenon Projectors - $130.00 2) Brackets to fit e39s (Hella E55) - $25.00 Subtotal = $155.00 or £117.00 Postage: (number of deliver time to choose, I've listed the two cheapest ones) 1) 30+ Days, no tracking - $23.33 2) 10-15 business days - $53.20 Total with option 1 postage = $178.33 or £134.50. Add approximately £26.80 for VAT because of the EU. Won't have to pay Duty Exercise as the cost is just about under the threshold of £135.00 Grand Total = £161.30 Here's a video of the projector fitted to another car/4x4 I found on Youtube
  5. DerekJr.

    Anyone got a bit of love for old Fords?

    The XR8 was a rare breed. Built for the South African market due to South Africa not having the Cosworth/XR4i nor the 3 door version of the Sierra. Top of the line was the 2.3 V6 (Cologne) but South Africans wanted more. They made an XR6 which used the older 3.0 V6 engine (Essex) from the Cortina (petrol was cheap) which replaced the 2.3 V6 (Cologne). The Essex engine was upgraded and the name was changed from XR6 to 3.0i RS. However, the XR8 was fitted with a 5.0litre V8 from the Mustang. Only 250 of these were produced for homologation purposes. XR8 competing in the touring car racing in South Africa against BMW 745i, Alfa GTV, Nissan Skylines https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ceP-DP2NME4
  6. DerekJr.

    E39 Headlamp Projector Alternatives

    UPDATE: Hi Guys, Thanks for all your thoughts on this. I'm currently and have been running xenons in halogen facelift headlamps for a while now. I understand about the MOT rules etc and possible issues that can come up. However, I would like something that can perform better and look a little more modern from the driver's seat point of view. From my research, it seems that the facelift e39s had Hella E55 projectors (not sure about OEM xenons). These projectors are widely used by other car manufacturers such as Audi, Ford, Skoda, Merc, VW, SAAB. The general consensus is that while it's not the worst performing projector out there, it could do with an improvement regarding width and brightness. EVO XR 2.0 projectors can fit, but they are only available in LHD, which is a shame. I've looked on AliExpress and came across a projector that will potentially fit, however, I was unimpressed by the low beam pattern. There were two other projectors on AliExpress, however, they were based on the EVO X 2.0 so not available in RHD. At this point, I thought that it will be impossible as all the projectors I found were available in LHD only, or would require some modification. Today, I decided to carry on searching and found a potential light at the end of the tunnel (excuse the pun). I've found a projector called "Morimoto MINI D2S 4.0" from the Retrofit Source website. Three variants are available; 1) Square projector (LHD), 2) Round projector (LHD), and 3) Round projector (RHD). Now, the projector mountings alone will not straight fit. However, they do an adaptor/bracket for the Hella E55 projectors. This means that if I get the two, it could potentially fit. I'll do some more digging and find out more. Link for the projector + bracket >>> https://www.theretrofitsource.com/projector-kits/retroquick-kits-vehicle-specific/morimoto-retroquik-hella-bi-xenon.html
  7. DerekJr.

    Zenon lights retrofitted to preface lift 535i

    The xenons probably need coding to the car. Or you can code the car not to do cold-checking for the low beams. Does the message disappears when you turn on your low beams?
  8. Hey Guys, I'll be refurbing (New adjusters and lens covers) my facelift headlamps soon. While I have everything apart, I might as well upgrade the projectors. I was just wondering if anyone has fitted a different set of projectors to their headlamps? I know a fair few have done it to their LHD cars in Europe/USA but it would be no good to us RHD owners in the UK. I've been looking at e46 bixenon projectors, I've also seen an F10 bixenon on eBay. What about other car brands like Honda S2000 projectors, or Vauxhall Omega projector? The fitting looks similar to e39 ones. Thanks
  9. DerekJr.

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I bought a new one when I cracked mine changing the valve cover lol
  10. DerekJr.

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Do you know where the leak is?
  11. DerekJr.

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Replaced the prefacelift rear bumper trims with facelift ones (colour code) and yes, they are interchangeable. I also bought a facelift SE bumper but it will need painting, fog lamps, and the number plate trim.
  12. DerekJr.

    About to break a 2001 e39 touring 530i titan silver

    I might be interested in the kidney grilles if they are facelift ones in good condition
  13. DerekJr.

    Best and Worst thing about an E39

    Worst: The likelihood of rust appearing Best: Driving dynamics for an "old" car. Some new cars have still yet to match it. The build quality.
  14. DerekJr.

    Private reg newer than car - WHY NOT?

    Probably the same reason they don't allow us to make up our own private plates like in other countries such as USA, South Africa, or Australia.....money.
  15. DerekJr.

    Difficulties at refuelling...

    It's the way you hold the gun in the hole. It used to do it to me often until I held the nozzle differently.