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  1. Tyre pressure warning

    Can we retrofit the better version of the tpms to the cheapo version? Bought wonder tyre wheel package used and I'm pretty sure they are fitted with the better version. How do I get them to work on my car idrive? Do i need to add bits to make them work?
  2. Tyre pressure warning

    What's wrong with Kwik fit Andrew?
  3. Tyre pressure warning

    Thank you so much for your experiences guys. Just been to Kwik fit and all tyres were slightly down but drivers side front tyre was down alot. The thing is with runflat tyres it's so hard to tell as the sidewalls are so strong and so make the tyre look correctly inflated.
  4. Tyre pressure warning

    Anyone had any false alarms with the basic system?
  5. Tyre pressure warning

    I can trust them for just tyre pressures lol I remember the system went off a few months ago and was nothing. A few years ago on my E60 I had nail in runflat and the system didn't tell me, found out from a shopper at Sainsbury's as I was driving out the car park lol
  6. Tyre pressure warning

    Hi all This morning on the way to work (20 minute city drive) the tyre warning light came on. My car is 2011 so has basic system. Not yet had chance to check pressures but quick inspection showed no nails and tyres look properly inflated. I reset the system in the morning and all fine on journey home. My car has runflat tyres. I'm thinking false alarm, anyone had any similar experiences? Will get tyre pressures checked tomorrow at local Kwik fit. Thank you
  7. 'Replace Battery' warning

    Hi all I have got the same problem, replace battery asap. Mines is a 2011 520d so think its the original battery -see picture Got it tested at Kwik fit and national tyres and both saying battery is fine. Tried charging it, disconnecting it but no effect. Any other suggestions? Many thanks in advance
  8. EGR silent recall?

    Just checked dealer about mine and they said nothing outstanding
  9. Hi all I don't log on here often but I have had this issue. My car didn't come with sat nav so I retrofitted a unit sourced and remotely coded by a chap in Lithuania via /Ebay. It worked great for about a year then intermittent wrong positioning, I located my magnetic base GPS antenna under the dash speaker grill. It would loose position and then regain after a few days of driving, gradually taking longer and longer (I don't drive far). I got fed up and bought a genuine second hand BMW GPS aerial and put it under the speaker grille on the dash (lucky I installed a 99p genuine VW 1 meter fakra extension lead when I swapped to the CIC sat nav head unit as I was thinking ahead so I didn't need to dismantle the entire dash to change the antenna). It is way more reliable now but still looses its place way less but now is way quitter to find itself. Hope this helps
  10. Key fob battery

    Hi I bought some cheapo batteries, I think about 5 for about a fiver from /Bay and guess what? They only last about 4 months! Just thought I share my experience.
  11. Bmw f10 battery warning light

    So the fault clears itself or do you need to get it reset?
  12. Bmw f10 battery warning light

    I think if my alternator lead was loose then I would know about it as battery would drain!
  13. Bmw f10 battery warning light

    Hi all I have this battery warning light as well. Went to Kwik Fit who checked the battery and electrical system using a Bosch tool and said that it was all fine, the Bosch tool even done me a print out which I was given. Any help much appreciated as the orange triangle on the dash is annoying me. Many thanks in advance
  14. BMW servicing costs?

    Thank you, it's very useful guide for pricing. Will all dealers stick to it or will some be cheaper to gain custom?
  15. BMW servicing costs?

    Looks like a good idea. I'm thinking of changing oil at 10k each time as can buy 25ltr oil in bulk for abt £100 (BMW spec low ash). I've bought one of those syphon gadgets that allows you to drain oil from the dipstick holder so no need to have car up on ramp. Just not sure if this will be ok for the warranty company as I have a one year comprehensive warranty left.