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  1. Did anyone watch this programme? I was in tears, those poor people. The worst thing about it is the government didnt help them on top of it all autherised the cladding and didn't listen to the complaints of residents about serious service issues e.g. power surges, no sprinklers etc. Makes me so angry that people are treated like this in a country with the world's fifth largest economy. This so easily could have been avoided if the government did it's job properly
  2. Johnjonjo

    Rear spring broken

    About 5 years ago had an E60 which I had also bought from blackhorse before I bought the updated F10. The E60 had exactly the same warranty s i jave now and the high pressure fuel pump failed and diesel was leaking into engine oil which if left could potentially impair the lubrication of the engine and so lead lead to alsorts of issues. Took the car into BMW, they diagnosed the issue and phoned warranty company along with the £1300 repair cost and the warranty company sent round an assessor the next day who autherised the claim including an oil and filter change as oil had become contaminated. It was the year that part of London was flooded and replacement pump had to come from main BMW warehouse in London so took a few days longer than usual. In the meantime I was give a brand new mini courtesy car. Bmw had the car for 5 days. With this experience I deffinately wanted the warranty with my F10.
  3. Johnjonjo

    Rear spring broken

    I bought my car from blackhorse and warranty was part of the deal. One year warranty included in car price and choice to extend on a year by year fixed price basis if I payed for the second years upfront at point of sale. If i sold the car then I could claim half of the £350 I paid for the second year back but I knew I'd keep the car for a few years so I signed up to it. Must have been some kind of deal blackhorse had with the warranty company. There is zero excess on the policy and max that can be claimed for is the value of the car, if repair is dearer then I have to cover the difference.
  4. Johnjonjo

    Rear spring broken

    It does make all sorts of noises. When did yours go? Did you get hour a done at BMW garage?
  5. Johnjonjo

    Rear spring broken

    Hi all Just an update. Spring fitted and all the weird knocking and creaking noises gone. Im surprised that just a cracked spring would cause such an assortment of weird noises. The warranty is with a third party, not sure if im allowed to name it on the forum? I've never made a full engine claim due to timing chain failure or know anyone else that has but according to small print it should be covered.
  6. Johnjonjo

    Rear spring broken

    I don't pay any excess on the warranty claim, it doesn't cost me a penny. You think £180 is reasonable for them to do other side? I'm beginning to think let the other side fail as the warranty company will pick up the costs if it does
  7. Johnjonjo

    Rear spring broken

    Or I can wait for the other side to go and claim warranty again. It is what warranty is for?
  8. Johnjonjo

    Rear spring broken

    It's all been autherised by warranty company. I was there when the call was made by the dealership and it was a struggle, they said that £110 was too much for a spring and top and bottom pads which are part of the repair and insisted that they will supply the part (non bmw) and bmw can fit it. The new garage said will not fit anything that we don't source ourselves which is common sense and after a 25 minute battle the warranty company autherised the £220 claim. Only reason I pay £350 a yearwarranty is because of timing chain potential problem so they will cover the cost of a new engine as the timing chain is a non service item that should never wear out. I'm considering now if i should get the other side done and just pay for it myself, maybe they will do a discount?
  9. Johnjonjo

    Rear spring broken

    Hi all Thank you so much for everyone's advice. It's so nice to have people who will help others out, so rare these days. Taking my car in today, let's hope warranty covers it. I understand bmw will inly do one but a part of me wishes they did both rather than just the one
  10. Johnjonjo

    Rear spring broken

    By the way should I get both replaced as warranty will probably only pay for replacing the broken one?
  11. Johnjonjo

    Rear spring broken

    I have a non bmw warranty which covers suspension so going to go down that route. It does day springs are covered. Do you think It can be a DIY on the drive job if i get the spring myself?
  12. Johnjonjo

    Rear spring broken

    Hi all I was hearing a knocking sound from the back since about a month ago. Went to local vw garage as mate works there and they put it on ramp and he said there's nothing wrong with it. Today I took to bmw garage and they went out for a test drive and then put it on a ramp and said the drivers side rear spring had snapped. They showed me and it had snapped about 2 cm up from the bottom. Anyone else had this? My car has done 95k now. Guess the recent appearance of potholes hasn't helped either. They quoted £270 to replace the damaged one, no need to replace as pair they said. Anyone got any past experiences similar to mine or comment on price quoted to replace one spring? Many thanks
  13. Johnjonjo

    18" alloy centre cap missing

    Thank you for your reply. I think mine are genuine BMW as they have never come off and I've had the car nearly 3yrs now. Can imagine how rubbish the knock offs are.
  14. Hi all I noticed this morning that the centre cap off my driver side front alloy was missing. Not sure how long it's been missing but I would have noticed it missing within a few days if you know what I mean. There are a few roads with potholes near me that I have no choice but to drive over daily trying my best to miss the potholes but sometimes they are unavoidable. There is another long stretch of road that is awful and needs resurfacing that I have to use daily as well. I am thinking that maybe going over them has caused the centre cap to become loose and to come off. I had my winter tyres taken off about 6 weeks ago so could be the garage didn't fully push in the centre cap? Is this common? Any ideas or the sharing of past experiences would be very much appreciated. Many thanks in advance
  15. Johnjonjo

    Tyre pressure warning

    Can we retrofit the better version of the tpms to the cheapo version? Bought wonder tyre wheel package used and I'm pretty sure they are fitted with the better version. How do I get them to work on my car idrive? Do i need to add bits to make them work?