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    2003 Bmw 525d SE
  1. Greedy

    I've been very silly...

    *Double post fail.
  2. Greedy

    I've been very silly...

    Apart from the pedals being too close together I used to like saxos. Just drive it like you stole it, enjoy cheap parts prices, cheap tyres and lift off oversteer. Then when you get bored sell it on. General tidying will do wonders for it.
  3. Greedy

    Her indoors wants a new motor

    Plenty of early E46s at that money, 318, 323 and 328. The 318 is rubbish on fuel anyway as you have to give it plenty of stick to get anywhere, and pretty unrefined to live on a bmw. I'd get an early 323/8 and take the badges off. Tax costs the same, id imagine the running costs would be very similar. If you know E46s, I'd stick with what you know.
  4. I had a Bora pd130 for a while between cars, plenty of poke from that engine, and easily tunable as mentioned before. The economy is very good, I saw nigh on 70 mpg in granny mode on the motorway according to the obc. Even with mixed driving and plenty of right foot it rarely dropped below 45. Puts my diesel 5 to shame.
  5. Greedy

    Hello newbie that's is gutted I missed Santa pod

    This. I doubt I'll be bothering with it again. Compared to other single marque/country of manufacturer shows it was a complete let down.
  6. Welcome along! I'd go with M5 pre facelift gear, clear lenses look much better than the orange standards imo. HIDs are also a good idea, definitely help to bring it a little up to date.
  7. Greedy

    Man on Fire

    Training Day is an excellent film. Especially as it includes Eva Mendes with no kit on.
  8. Greedy

    Santapod 2013

    I didn't take mine in the end, the non stop rain yesterday meant it just wasn't in a fit state to go to a show. The weather put a dampener on things, ended up driving the car around to watch the drifting and handling tests which were comical at times. Seems to be a bit of an uproar about the best in show and best modified categories, certainly not what id have chosen. Not a bad show but needs to be earlier in the year.
  9. Greedy

    Santapod 2013

    Ill be there on the bmw fb oc stand, ill keep an eye out for any other fives.
  10. Greedy

    The Marmite Car.

    Either this has been moved on recently or there are two of these 'things' about. Was owned a bloke local to me, saw it at a few car shows over the summer. White bloke in a wheelchair, just to knock the stereotypes.
  11. Greedy

    Muffler delete

    They quote around 600 for the job as they book a whole days labour, it came out at about 400 in the end. Their work is very nice, he also had his 540 rear box delete done down there and I'm planning to take the 525d for the rear box delete and alpina style rear pipes.
  12. Greedy

    Muffler delete

    My friend rang these people the other week, didn't seem too clever to him, apparently they have to order the exhaust in and this and that. How far away from Ashford, Kent are you? Fast road conversions did a lovely job on my mates M5, not cheap but lovely work and sounds epic.
  13. Greedy

    E39 front brake pads & discs

    I picked up a set of bosch pads on a local facebook selling page for next to nothing so going to try those. I don't rate mintex pads either, poor in my eyes although some rate otherwise. The bmw is a tank compared to what ive owned before so expecting to have to try a few combos before im happy. Just wish that someone would develop a fast road pad that is suitable for all driving, rather than being noisy and poor from cold
  14. Greedy

    E39 front brake pads & discs

    Not the case anymore, from a source fairly high in ecp, they now own the pagid name, so will now have a say in the product. I used to work for euros so I know how sneaky they are. Reboxed chinese radiators with drain plugs that were too small just of one of his enterprises. Since they moved from euro specialists to a general motor factor a lot of the parts quality has gone downhill.
  15. Greedy

    Kent Pile-Up.

    Can't see any reason then other than people driving beyond their capabilities. Only one slip road on at the bottom of that hill and its not a busy one at all.