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  1. slam

    Silver e39 RL52 Bellshill

    Small word! We may have passed each other in the corridors not even realising. You're welcome to take your old car for a spin anytime.
  2. slam

    Silver e39 RL52 Bellshill

    Yup still mines, can't bare to part with it even though I've threatened to several times. My new employer since October last year, great industry to work in. If you spotted the car, does that mean we're colleagues? ;p
  3. slam

    Silver e39 RL52 Bellshill

    If I had known you were around I would have detailed it
  4. slam


    Turning off at Strathclyde Business Park around 7am this morning...
  5. slam


  6. slam

    V8 Tapping Noise

    Anyone on here got experience of replacing the 540 timing chain and VANOS or know how much it would cost in a garage?
  7. slam

    V8 Tapping Noise

    The last video sounds like VANOS, car is warmed up and gets louder and the first few video sounds like chain guides. For me, this is just typical 540i maintenance, expensive but just wear and tear of / bad design.
  8. slam

    E39 19'' Staggered Parallel Wheels

    Just out of curiosity, is it an aftermarket wheel?
  9. slam

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I have a 540I that I've owned for nearly 5 years now, which is kind of scary when I think about it, doesn't feel like that long.
  10. slam

    V8 Tapping Noise

    You should post a video up so we can all hear it.
  11. slam

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Spotted your car on Gumtree, not too far away from me. Car is a lovely colour, good luck with the sale!
  12. slam

    Googling your own reg

    The owner is a member on here I'm sure, that's if you didn't' know buy it off him directly.
  13. slam

    Been dismissed at Work

    Sounds like you've had an awful time of it, maybe you need to get away for a few days, let the thoughts and worries settle down and clear the mind. Can you go back to a previous employer?
  14. This one is much better value for money - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/bmw-e34-540i-v8-6-speed-manual-not-m3-m5-330-530d-e92/263570595015?hash=item3d5e081cc7:g:HYsAAOSwQVpauOuv
  15. slam

    Kelburn castle

    Spotted a lovely looking techno violet e39 today...
  16. slam

    Hit and run story

    Shocking story. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5483019/Grandmother-63-thrown-air-killed-speeding-driver.html Quite a distinctive looking E60, hope they get caught.
  17. Very nice - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-e39-540i-M-SPORT/192474978344?hash=item2cd0671828:g:1hUAAOSwP69anpgo
  18. slam

    540i Champagne II

    I thought I had seen this one previously - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-540i-Msport-sapphire-black-Final-edition-Fully-loaded-/132466463648?hash=item1ed79dd3a0%3Ag%3AHwgAAOSwXOhaV5Pe&nma=true&si=NMJajDICh4d%2Fp2O1%2BWM8Ur72YyM%3D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  19. We've had a lot of snow in and around Coatbridge.
  20. slam

    E39 amp upgrade

    I paid for the stage 2 upgrade, it does improve the overall sound quality from the stock speakers. I noticed the difference straight away. It would sound a whole lot better along side better door speakers.
  21. It's interesting they've changed the position of the sign from what's showed in the news article. However have they made the right decision... https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/203662/traffic-signs-manual-chapter-01.pdf Section 8 - Sign backgrounds - Paragraph 1.70 - the no-right turn sign is in a sea of billboards. There's lots of things to appeal on this one. Are they actively monitoring this junction for offenders? How many fines are they sending out for this junction alone? What CCTV, picture evidence do they have? How do they know it was you? Where are the planning permissions to make this a no-right turn? Why was the sign moved recently? Did they assess the sign against the sea of billboards? Signage is there to aid the driver, if it's not fit for purpose then how can anyone be fined for not being able to follow it? It's just a horrible bit of road, hazard overload for the driver. Ask all the questions then pick holes in their responses.
  22. I think any motorist would struggle to see the signs no matter where they put them as it looks like a busy street so your focus would have been avoiding pedestrians on the pelican crossing, anyone coming off the buss and the oncoming traffic - too much for the brain to process. I can see they've added the sign on the right recently but it's miles in to the right, I can see two signs on the left on the same post but on google streetview, there is a double decker blocking it from view. I personally would fight this, what's there reasons for making it a no-right turn? PS If another bus or high sided vehicle were coming towards you at the time, you wouldn't have seen the sign on the right either, did send you photo evidence?
  23. You got a link to it on google maps? Maybe folk can give you an opinion viewing it on street view...
  24. slam

    Road Tax Fine

    Hi, I received a fine for non payment of road tax. I bought the car from a local dealer, I set up a monthly direct debit for road tax. Unknown to me for 2 months, the road tax did not renew automatically and I only found out about it when I received a fine through the door. The car had a current MOT, Insurance, active direct debit and money in the bank. The tax did not renew automatically because the V5 wasn't in my name. I thought this was a mistake, genuine believed I had the V5 document, raided the house for it, gave up and phoned the DVLA. As it turns out the dealer had originally sent the old V5 to the DVLA with the wrong address in the new keeper section but I managed to tax the car over the phone with a bit of persuasion. I sent back a letter, pointing out that I had it in writing when I taxed the car that the direct debit would renew automatically but the DVLA refused and stated "The onus is on the registered keeper to contact the DVLA within 4 to 6 weeks if the V5c certificate has not been received. Consequently you remain liable for the £80 LLP". The DVLA rejected my letter so I filled in an appeal form, provided more evidence from their website where it does not mention anything about being a registered keeper for the tax to renew. The DVLA have refused my appeal saying that because I filled in the new keeper supplement incorrectly, I am still liable for the fine. The problem though is I didn't fill in the form, if i did I would have put the correct door number and postcode and wouldn't be in this situation to begin with. It looks like the dealer has filled in the form and signed it on my behalf. I can prove this as I have a hand written sales receipt, it has my correct address so the dealer has forged my signature and messed up the address on the form. The biggest scandal is the DVLA have updated their website https://www.gov.uk/vehicle-tax-direct-debit/renewing after I sent in my appeal to say this... "The vehicle keeper must have a vehicle logbook (V5C) before the vehicle tax is renewed. If the vehicle keeper doesn’t have a V5C Your Direct Debit will not automatically renew if there’s no vehicle keeper in DVLA’s records. You can tell DVLA who the vehicle keeper is online. If you don’t get an email or letter when your vehicle tax runs out, you should contact DVLA." I sent the webpage in printed form to them in the appeal form before the site was update. I used the waybackmachine to look at the website as it was published last April - https://web.archive.org/web/20170425050847/https://www.gov.uk/vehicle-tax-direct-debit/renewing. I admit that i made a genuine mistake in thinking that I had received the V5. Where I draw the line is the dealer signing a document on my behalf and the DVLA disregarding my evidence by covering it up on their website. So the appeal process is corrupt, trying to speak to a human at the DVLA is next to impossible. Now I have a debt collection agency chasing after me. Even if the V5 wasn't in my name, I still have about numerous statements from the DVLA saying do not renew your car tax or you will be charged twice, you do not need to be the registered keeper of the car to tax automatically etc which should be good enough for a successful appeal. Has anyone else been in a similar situation? Should I pay the fine and complain at a higher level?
  25. slam

    Road Tax Fine

    Some info... The number of direct debit agreements for vehicle excise duty (VED) processed in 2016/2017... 2016: 13,046,276 2017: 13,750,815 Late payment notices for direct debits missed... 2016: 401,414 2017: 484,475 Cases referred to debt collection agencies for direct debits missed... 2016 : 321,756 2017: 401,837 https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/659918/vehicle-excise-duty-evasion-statistics-2017.pdf The DVLA are processing more direct debits than ever but yet the number of untaxed vehicles is rising, the number of penalty notices are rising and debt collection agencies are getting busier.