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  1. slam

    SAAB 9-3 AERO

    I had one, I sold it for a grand - couldn't find a buyer. Every component had a GM stamp on it, about as well built and reliable as my old Corsa.
  2. slam

    Local councils - absolute jobsworths

    I agree with the council's position, otherwise you get a very unsightly road with concrete ramps everywhere.
  3. slam

    Help with value of my e39.... sport

    I'd stick it on ebay auction,, would probably sell for more.
  4. slam

    2001 E39 M5 - SOLD

    Looks lovely and very well maintained, I think you'll get a quick sale.
  5. slam


    buy a whole car and swap out your windows - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bmw-520i-e39/183339873328?hash=item2aafe87430:g:XHoAAOSw5k9bVelp, sell the car
  6. Good working order - no disc. £100 collected from Coatbridge or £115 posted.
  7. Genuine BMW E46 / E39 Hybrid Tuner for sale - £180 inc postage or £170 collection from Coatbridge.
  8. slam

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Finished replacing the upper timing cover gasket on the right side, not too difficult a job, left side is easier.
  9. slam

    Calypso's project E34 520i - Now for sale!

    Looks great! is there more love for this than your previous 5's?
  10. slam

    540i coolant leak

  11. slam

    540i coolant leak

    I feel your pain, looks like you have some major oil leaks mixed in with coolant which makes it difficult to find. Best to start stripping it all down, it will take you hours to clean up the surrounding area. You will have to scrape the oil and gunk away from the front. I would look at tackling and renewing all gaskets that keep oil at bay. Are you replacing the belts when you tackle the water pump?
  12. slam

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Half way there...
  13. slam

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Made a start on replacing the upper timing cover gasket, done the other side ages ago.
  14. slam

    Is it worth continuing?

    Out of the Fords, Vauxhalls, Renaults, Saabs I've owened, the E39 has went wrong the most. The parts aren't built with longevity in mind, in fact I would say parts have given up sooner than the mainstream brands. These cars were only a year or two younger than the E39. The E39 is a beautiful and lovely car to drive when the fear of whats going to break next disappears for a moment.
  15. slam

    Is it worth continuing?

    All of the above still costs money and time. I bought tools, BMW tools and diagnostics software and used them all far too often. You also need a flat bit of ground to work on and ideally a garage so weather doesn't stop you. Looking after an E39 is a labour of love, it becomes obsessive. I certainly don't obsess over my 2008 Megane which I bought for 1200 quid last year, 30 quid to road tax, 50MPG and sailed through its MOT.
  16. slam

    Is it worth continuing?

    I think BMW's in general are just money pits. Unless you really want to run and make the car the best it can be, I would get shot of it and get a reliable French diesel for your commute, you will spend far less and not care if it gets dinged or tatty.
  17. slam

    The new project and not a 5! - 2006 E65 730D

    I'm lost, back to the car, i want me some of that carpet! Would you recommend the jump from e39 to e65?
  18. slam

    The new project and not a 5! - 2006 E65 730D

    strange question... is the carpet luxurious and thick?
  19. Is the option there to pay back your personal miles each month which is what I done and worked out well.
  20. I would take the fuel card based upon previous experience. It means your not shelling out for fuel and claiming it back on expenses each month, you will have to pay a fixed pence per mile for private mileage based on government rates / engine size. You can sit in traffic, have your AC on max, burring fuel on a personal journey but only pay back the miles traveled. This was a few years ago but I'm guessing it's probably the same system.
  21. slam

    Broken E39

    Blue E39 on hard shoulder near Stirling services, anyone on here?
  22. slam

    Silver e39 RL52 Bellshill

    Small word! We may have passed each other in the corridors not even realising. You're welcome to take your old car for a spin anytime.
  23. slam

    Silver e39 RL52 Bellshill

    Yup still mines, can't bare to part with it even though I've threatened to several times. My new employer since October last year, great industry to work in. If you spotted the car, does that mean we're colleagues? ;p
  24. slam

    Silver e39 RL52 Bellshill

    If I had known you were around I would have detailed it
  25. slam


    Turning off at Strathclyde Business Park around 7am this morning...