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  1. Kelburn castle

    Spotted a lovely looking techno violet e39 today...
  2. Hit and run story

    Shocking story. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5483019/Grandmother-63-thrown-air-killed-speeding-driver.html Quite a distinctive looking E60, hope they get caught.
  3. Very nice - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-e39-540i-M-SPORT/192474978344?hash=item2cd0671828:g:1hUAAOSwP69anpgo
  4. 540i Champagne II

    I thought I had seen this one previously - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-540i-Msport-sapphire-black-Final-edition-Fully-loaded-/132466463648?hash=item1ed79dd3a0%3Ag%3AHwgAAOSwXOhaV5Pe&nma=true&si=NMJajDICh4d%2Fp2O1%2BWM8Ur72YyM%3D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  5. We've had a lot of snow in and around Coatbridge.
  6. E39 amp upgrade

    I paid for the stage 2 upgrade, it does improve the overall sound quality from the stock speakers. I noticed the difference straight away. It would sound a whole lot better along side better door speakers.
  7. It's interesting they've changed the position of the sign from what's showed in the news article. However have they made the right decision... https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/203662/traffic-signs-manual-chapter-01.pdf Section 8 - Sign backgrounds - Paragraph 1.70 - the no-right turn sign is in a sea of billboards. There's lots of things to appeal on this one. Are they actively monitoring this junction for offenders? How many fines are they sending out for this junction alone? What CCTV, picture evidence do they have? How do they know it was you? Where are the planning permissions to make this a no-right turn? Why was the sign moved recently? Did they assess the sign against the sea of billboards? Signage is there to aid the driver, if it's not fit for purpose then how can anyone be fined for not being able to follow it? It's just a horrible bit of road, hazard overload for the driver. Ask all the questions then pick holes in their responses.
  8. I think any motorist would struggle to see the signs no matter where they put them as it looks like a busy street so your focus would have been avoiding pedestrians on the pelican crossing, anyone coming off the buss and the oncoming traffic - too much for the brain to process. I can see they've added the sign on the right recently but it's miles in to the right, I can see two signs on the left on the same post but on google streetview, there is a double decker blocking it from view. I personally would fight this, what's there reasons for making it a no-right turn? PS If another bus or high sided vehicle were coming towards you at the time, you wouldn't have seen the sign on the right either, did send you photo evidence?
  9. You got a link to it on google maps? Maybe folk can give you an opinion viewing it on street view...
  10. Road Tax Fine

    Some info... The number of direct debit agreements for vehicle excise duty (VED) processed in 2016/2017... 2016: 13,046,276 2017: 13,750,815 Late payment notices for direct debits missed... 2016: 401,414 2017: 484,475 Cases referred to debt collection agencies for direct debits missed... 2016 : 321,756 2017: 401,837 https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/659918/vehicle-excise-duty-evasion-statistics-2017.pdf The DVLA are processing more direct debits than ever but yet the number of untaxed vehicles is rising, the number of penalty notices are rising and debt collection agencies are getting busier.
  11. Road Tax Fine

    After a long struggle the case has been closed in my favour. After getting no where with the enforcement department, I went through their complaints department, annoyingly they had assigned the same case to two different complaint handlers so I received two different letters telling me to beat it. Thankfully, the letters had a direct telephone number on them, I finally managed to speak to a human who acknowledged problems with wording on their website and to my disbelief said they wouldn't have enforced the fine anyway - which is wonderful for the folk that avoid tax knowingly. I guess the use of debt collection agents is a scare tactic to make you pay up. It shouldn't have got this far, waste of my time and public resources but I won.
  12. Two car symbol on dash

    If only that light came on for middle lane drivers...
  13. Road Tax Fine

    We'll soon find out ;p 1) Would you stand over someone, not just anyone but a car dealership, let them put your wrong address down and forge your signature? 2) I knew 2 months later when I received a fine, I also have a letter from the DVLA when I first set up the direct debit saying it will renew automatically. I'm not sure how many people check month to month on every direct debit, it's meant to be a system that once set up, looks after itself.
  14. Road Tax Fine

    I've written a letter to the DVLA with a copy of the hand written sales receipt, all they need to do is compare the sales receipt against the new keeper section to see that it's not my handwriting. I also included copies of my passport and driving license so they can see my signature. We'll see what they say. The MP is a good idea, I think a simple enough question is why can someone who is not the registered keeper of a car, set up a direct debit to tax a car but the DVLA can't renew the same direct debit ? How many millions of pounds lost in delayed payments, the cost of 3rd party debt collectors, negative impact on DVLA and Court resources.
  15. Road Tax Fine

    I don't care about the money really, I could have paid the £40 fine and I would gladly take this to court purely out of principal. What bothers me the most is that the direct debit was set up, the DVLA could have taken the money but they did not, they have fined me for non payment but knew where to send the fine. They knew before me that there was a problem with the V5 document then they've seemingly used my appeal evidence to improve their website, the cheek! lol I followed their instructions to the letter... "You DON'T need to be the vehicle’s registered keeper to set up a Direct Debit." "DON'T tax your vehicle again. If you do, you’ll be charged twice." "Your vehicle tax will automatically renew unless you notify us of any changes. We will send a new payment schedule at the time of renewal. " They made the appeal case for me by publishing the statements above, then chose to ignore their own literature during the appeal process. I wonder how many other people have just rolled over and paid the fine. As he introduction of direct debit payments is still relatively new, there should be more leniency for genuine issues especially when the DVLA are giving out contradicting instructions.