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  1. I removed the arms from the car, both are marked TRW. I also found the ECP receipt, £147 I paid Funnily enough, I had posted at the time I replaced them and someone said I couldn't go wrong with TRW ;p I'll see this one through to conclusion with ECP and TRW, it's scandalous both ball joints have failed.
  2. I think the point here is TRW parts are expensive over the likes of Meyle / Febi, priced at the same level as Lemforder and therefore isn't a cheap fix for anything.
  3. TRW are meant to be on par with Lemforder are they not?
  4. *Nearside Rear Upper Suspension arm has excessive play in a ball joint (2.4.G.2)*
  5. IIRC They were purchased from ECP and came in a TRW box. I've e-mailed TRW to complain, I wonder if I'll get a response.
  6. Hi all, To my surprise my rear suspension arms I replaced 16k miles ago (2014) have failed an MOT. I was expecting they would last until 60k at the very least. Is it more likely poor installation, faulty batch or is the TRW price tag unjustified? Cheers
  7. Unfortunately for me, it's the wrong arms I just jacked up the car to double check. I'm sure someone will snap them up soon.
  8. yup ;p I bet there's a few videos on youtube demonstrating when things go wrong...
  9. I would phone a few garages to see how much they would take for doing it unless you want to do this time and time again. I used a socket wrench, I found it quite frustrating and time consuming winding each clamp in and out. One of the clamps let go and I crapped myself, I flinched at every creek afterwards.
  10. We should attempt to have a show and tell sometime. I attended one a few years ago at Coatbridge Showcase, decent enough turnout.
  11. There's still quite a few E39's kicking around the local area, unfortunately I'm never in mines when I see them. I live just north of Coatbridge.
  12. Yeah lol But to be fair, they didn't break it in the first place but they certainly paid the price for missing it.
  13. Update... I have my Corsa back after Kwik Fit admitted it should have failed. They have replaced the rear axle, brake pipes and anything else that didn't come apart easy, all free of charge. I still had to take the car back again as they hadn't adjusted up the handbrake properly. Needless to say I'll be jacking the car up and checking everything out. I have to give credit to the area manager for taking responsibility and proposing an amicable solution.
  14. Clean looking silver E39 on a private plate at the Whirlies roundabout earlier today.