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  1. slam

    2002 E39 540I Auto Sport

    I'm glad we could agree on something lol You done now ? ;p Back to the ad...
  2. slam

    2002 E39 540I Auto Sport

    Those cars make my car look like good value for money but I do like their interiors. The price is reasonable, just need to find someone else that agrees ;p I always remember the 530D on here that was over 6K, people said it would never sell for that but it did. As for cooling, the valley pan gasket is the biggest issue on these cars and I think it's probably one of the reasons why they change hands as often because of the work and cost involved to replace. I appreciate the good luck wishes
  3. slam

    2002 E39 540I Auto Sport

    Thanks for the comment. Just to clarify, if you read the advert it says it comes with M5 wheels. At 100K miles, the car is what 50% through it's lifetime? Averaging 5K miles per annum over the last 10 years. If anyone is interested in the car, a true enthusiast spending a chunk of cash will want to know the in's and out's. How much would an interior swap cost? A few hundred quid from a car with higher miles and more worn out? There is nothing dull about the leather when the sun is shining and the sunroof is open, it's a very pleasant place to be. Try finding a car similar within the same price bracket. Whoever buys one of these cars will find themselves replacing the entire cooling system or topping it up every week unless the previous owner has spent thousands. Actually I would say to anyone is if you want to save cash and own one of these then buy my car.
  4. slam

    2002 E39 540I Auto Sport

    Price drop and mileage updated.
  5. slam

    2002 E39 540I Auto Sport

    Uploaded better pics, ebay ad to follow.
  6. slam

    2002 E39 540I Auto Sport

    Added better interior pics, still got a fair bit of cleaning to do but getting there.
  7. slam

    2002 E39 540I Auto Sport

    It's only advertised on here for the moment, I'll advertise it elsewhere once I get it detailed. I may need to ship it down to my sisters in London if location is an issue but that'll be closer to September next year.
  8. slam

    2002 E39 540I Auto Sport

    The 2nd owner retired to Spain, he took the car with him and then it came back later to the UK. The 2007 service was carried out abroad and records the mileage in KM in the service book, car comes back to the UK and its first MOT it shows a ridiculous jump in mileage but if you convert KM to miles, it all fits in. For additonal peace of mind for the next owner, I took the car to a specialist and had the cluster inspected to make sure the chip hadn't been tampered with, got some pictures to prove it. Also, components like the thrust arms and alternator gave up around the expected mileage. The only thing that makes sense is a human at the MOT centre didn't convert KM to miles and as we all know, this seems to be a regular occurrence these days.
  9. slam

    2002 E39 540I Auto Sport

    Haha, I knew it wouldn't be long until someone mentioned the leather. I love the original period contrasting grey leather, it looks best when the sunroof is open and the sunlight brightens up the cabin. Price is in the description - £6250.
  10. slam

    2002 E39 540I Auto Sport

    Updated the history, just need to upload new pictures.
  11. slam

    2002 E39 540I Auto Sport

    Images added to original post.
  12. slam

    2002 E39 540I Auto Sport

  13. slam

    SAAB 9-3 AERO

    I had one, I sold it for a grand - couldn't find a buyer. Every component had a GM stamp on it, about as well built and reliable as my old Corsa.
  14. slam

    Local councils - absolute jobsworths

    I agree with the council's position, otherwise you get a very unsightly road with concrete ramps everywhere.
  15. slam

    Help with value of my e39.... sport

    I'd stick it on ebay auction,, would probably sell for more.