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  1. Removing heater blower

    Yo, Looking for some advice please. When I pulled the heater blower it got stuck between the metal bar and wiring loom (see pic), it did come out with a bit of persuasion. I don't want to force my replacement in because there's not enough of a gap. Is there a way to remove the metal bar or is it just a case of squeezing the new fan in? Cheers
  2. Plastic cover

    Payment sent. Can you please double check it will definitely fit my car since I won'' be able to return it VIN: GF13911 Cheers
  3. Plastic cover

    Hello, Can you quote me please for 64118385555 - plastic cover over the heater blower motor. 2002 540I. Cheers
  4. Wheeler Dealers Series 14

    anyone seen this...
  5. lemforder rear upper control arms

    If it's the same part I'm thinking, the ball joint end is spherical shaped as it pushes into the carrier and the old arms are flat against the carrier.
  6. Wheeler Dealers Series 14

    I liked the show, just not the same without Ed and I didn't believe how the car was bought and sold.
  7. EIS Heater Motor

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone has fitted one and whether they had any issues? https://www.carparts4less.co.uk/heater-motor I would buy an original part but since it's made by Valeo, the fact that its failed prematurely doesn't give me much confidence in the OEM brand and especially after replacing numerous Valeo parts on different cars over the years. Cheers
  8. E39 Heater Blower Cover

    Would you be able to post it, if so how much please all in? Cheers
  9. E39 Heater Blower Cover

    Looking for a replacement plastic blower motor cover for my 2002 E39. I have ordered a new blower motor unit separately but annoyingly the cover has a massive gash.
  10. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Finished removing the blower motor, some significant damage to the plastic casing.
  11. Cluster pixel repair

    Hey all, I'm in the middle of replacing the blower motor and couldn't help notice some warranty stickers on the back of the cluster (see pic). I'm guessing there's been an issue with missing pixels in the past and the LCD has been replaced, plausible? Coincidentally it's just about the only common fault I've not had to tackle on the car. Cheers
  12. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Removed the dashboard to tackle the noisy blower motor.
  13. E39 530D

    8 grand final bid, I guess we'll never know if it was genuine or not.
  14. E39 530D

    Reserve still not met yet... 530D
  15. Suspension arms

    I removed the arms from the car, both are marked TRW. I also found the ECP receipt, £147 I paid Funnily enough, I had posted at the time I replaced them and someone said I couldn't go wrong with TRW ;p http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/94947-failed-mot/#comment-1004419 I'll see this one through to conclusion with ECP and TRW, it's scandalous both ball joints have failed.