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  1. timbolina

    Windscreen trim replacement

    Easy to do, the hardest part is getting the old one out. I found the cheapest place was Cotswold on here, £28 delivered iirc
  2. timbolina

    Remote Central Locking Intermittent / Failed

    Jap spec e39's use infra red transmitters as against European ultrasonic unit s, try pointing the key at different parts of the interior, including the interior mirror
  3. timbolina

    Some Tasks From The Last Week Or So....

    I spotted it on Facebook as well, did they replace the guide's at the same time? Doesn't look like a cheap job to do
  4. timbolina

    E39 jacking points question

    Personally, if I was considering buying a car with the prospect of a700 mile journey,it would have to be something special. There must be loads of tourings for sale down south where they don't salt the roads as much
  5. Hi Rob, Do you know what age the tyre's are & if there are any cracks in the treads? Cheers Tim
  6. timbolina

    MOT emissions results

    Following Tuesdays successful mot pass, here is the result of the emission test. They look pretty good to me but what do you think?
  7. timbolina

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Took the 540 for mot & passed with no advisories, even saw it coming off the rollers when testing the handbrake & the wheels locked! Well chuffed
  8. timbolina

    E39 parts price

    Hi, Please supply a price for the following parts inc delivery to mainline UK 1 No 51718193201 1 No 51718193202
  9. timbolina

    Saloon rear shelf reconditioning

    Have a look at this http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/126116-two-tone-parcel-shelf/?tab=comments#comment-1355551
  10. timbolina

    Windscreen seal price please

    Received Friday, cheers
  11. timbolina

    Windscreen seal price please

    That's great, have sent payment & delivery address via pay pal, Cheers, Tim
  12. timbolina

    Windscreen seal price please

    Hi, is the price you quoted barrym for the E39 windscreen seal still current Front windscreen seal - £24.44 - 51318159784 Cheers Tim
  13. How do you connect it if you have the hi Fi option fitted as standard
  14. timbolina

    What Are These Protrusions?

    Think it is something to do with the higher temperatures in Japan. Also, they normally come with a Navi j sat Nav which only works in Japan. I relocated mine to the European location in the near side rear quarter panel using a mark 3 unit but left the TV & radio behind the seat