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  1. Sill trim quote required

    Part received today in good condition, thanks
  2. Sill trim quote required

    Payment sent via paypal
  3. Sill trim quote required

    Hi, please advise on the cost posted for a E39 OSF door sill trim, I believe the part number is 51478159934, Cheers
  4. 540 ignition switch refurbishment

    It's a 019, 100 a/h battery
  5. 540 ignition switch refurbishment

    The battery is a bosch S5, either a 017 or 019, I cant remember which but will dig out the receipt tonight. It is BIg though, it only just fits in the space
  6. 540 ignition switch refurbishment

    The new switch arrived today and I fitted it earlier. Came in febi box but was marked valeo & had the BMW logo on it. Car started 1st time and continued to do so for the next 15 _ 20 attempts then the click came back intermittently. Maybe the battery is getting discharged? Think I might stick the battery on charge again and take it out at the weekend for a good run to warm every thing up. Maybe it's some of the modules getting damp as I haven't used the car for a couple of months.
  7. 540 ignition switch refurbishment

    Removed the switch and cleaned the contacts, still not working properly. Found out that autos and manual gearbox ignition switches are different and I had ordered a manual switch. Bollox. Have now ordered the correct switch.
  8. 540 ignition switch refurbishment

    The battery is about 3 _ 4 years old
  9. 540 ignition switch refurbishment

    The battery is fully charged & is a Bosch S5 & was tested about 4 months ago. The fault started about 2 years ago when every now and again, say 1 in 100 times, the starter motor would emit a metallic click. Usually, it would then start on the second attempt. In recent months, it has got worse until last week, it wouldn't start at all. I researched the net and thought that the switch is a common failure so I ordered a new one online which arrived yesterday. However, it Is the wrong one so I thought that as it is removed from the vehicle, I might as well strip & clean the contacts just to confirm the switch is faulty
  10. 540 ignition switch refurbishment

    I bought a replacement febi switch but it doesn't fit, the pin layout is different. When I reconnected the original one, it started a few times, then stopped working. When I wiggled the connector, it fired up again so I thought I would try and refurbish the original to confirm that the switch is faulty before getting it exchanged (I wasn't 100% sure that the switch was faulty in the first place)
  11. Has anybody refurbished their E39 ignition switch? Have watched a few utube videos and seems easy, any other tips?
  12. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Passed mot today after yesterday's failure on the number plate light on the reversing camera not working. Luckily enough, had a spare unit after an eBay cock up when I bought the original. Tester even offered me £3k for the 540, mmmmmm?
  13. Two tone parcel shelf

    I have light trims & headliner as it's only an SE
  14. Two tone parcel shelf

    Must admit, it does look very black now, might be a nightmare to keep free from dust etc.
  15. Two tone parcel shelf

    Finally got round to doing this yesterday, took a bit longer than 5 mins to remove the shelf though. I used a flexible fabric spray paint from the bay, 5 cans for £8.75 delivered & used four of them. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/x5-Black-Fabric-Spray-Paint-Leather-Vinyl-Art-Crafts-Flexible-200ml-5-Colours/262993639702?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p20578 Total time taken was approx 4 hours, allowing plenty of drying time between coats, the change in colour is quite dramatic & looks a million times better.