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  1. I have light trims & headliner as it's only an SE
  2. Must admit, it does look very black now, might be a nightmare to keep free from dust etc.
  3. Finally got round to doing this yesterday, took a bit longer than 5 mins to remove the shelf though. I used a flexible fabric spray paint from the bay, 5 cans for £8.75 delivered & used four of them. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/x5-Black-Fabric-Spray-Paint-Leather-Vinyl-Art-Crafts-Flexible-200ml-5-Colours/262993639702?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p20578 Total time taken was approx 4 hours, allowing plenty of drying time between coats, the change in colour is quite dramatic & looks a million times better.
  4. I need a new indicator wiring plug & a short length of cable for angel eye headlights. Anyone got one knocking about?
  5. OK, I'll take them, we'll continue Via PM's, cheers Tim
  6. Definitely interested in these, can you confirm if that there is not any cracks in the tyre treads and the fronts are continential and the rears are Dunlop's?
  7. Simple question really, due to leaving the electric rear blind up when parked, I have now developed a two tone parcel shelf. What's the best way to restore it to the original black finish? I have read on here that people have sprayed it black, but what do you use to do it? How easy is it to remove the shelf? Cheers Tim
  8. Hi, Do you have any contacts for fitting these?
  9. You mean something like this that was on my Jap import?
  10. How much for the all the door, bumper & front number plate rubbing trims? Would you know if it is possible to retrofit all the pdc to a pfl? If so, how much for that as well?
  11. Try changing from NTSC to pal ( or vice versa ) in the menu
  12. PM replied to
  13. Price for the glove box torch posted please
  14. Thanks for the input gents, been looking again & there is quite a big bit of black trim inside around the window, so I might go for the dark tint. Or I might go for the lighter, decision's, decision's?
  15. Been looking at wind deflectors, mainly to stop the rain coming in when stationary & the window is sllightly ajar. It appears that the choice is confined to team deko or climair & I'm leaning towards the climair ones. They do 3 tint shades, light, medium & dark & I cannot make my mind up what shade to go for. I'm looking for something that is unobtrusive & not chavvy. i was hoping that someone has fitted them to a e39 in silver with chrome line window surrounds & Pictures of each shade fitted would be appreciated & any reviews of the quality & ease of fitting gratefully received.