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  1. Can I use ignition fluid to start up the engine?

    5 litres of shell v power poured over the engine should do the trick
  2. 540 ignition switch refurbishment

    Been a few months now and thought I would update the thread. The new switch didn't solve the issue, the battery was re tested & was declared to be in good condition so I thought I would go back to basics before investing in a new starter. The earth lead on the battery was my first port of call after reading several articles on dodgy connections & found that even when it was fully tightened it was still possible to twist it on the battery post. I tried loosening the bolt and tapping the connector onto the battery before tightening but still it didn't seem to be clamping correctly. I duly searched the bay for a replacement & bought a 16mm CSA negative battery connector X m8 ring terminal lead.. The result? 100% starting reliability. After reading more threads about other members starting problems, I realised that maybe the cable should be a bit more heavy duty so I contacted the previous suppler & they made one using 35mm cable with a heat shrink brown covering and a proper nut and bolt clamp and m8 ring terminal. This is rated at 300amps. It arrived today and I fitted it earlier and it really is a quality bit of kit, all for the princely sum of £5.82. if anybody is interested in replacing there crappy OEM lead, I will post a link when I get on my computer. Cheers
  3. Sport Front Bumper - Number Plate Mounting Options

    What about this one https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-E39-M-Sport-Package-M5-front-bumper-numberplate-plate-holder-Tech-License-5/131746638612?epid=0&hash=item1eacb62b14
  4. Sport Front Bumper - Number Plate Mounting Options

    Jap spec vehicles have square number plates as opposed to UK spec rectangular ones. Looks like they have removed the square plate holders & not fitted rectangular ones.
  5. Japanese Import E39s

    I have not had any problems sourcing parts for my import, almost everything is the same as UK spec. The radiator was replaced by a main dealer in 2008 with the original hot climate version, but looking on real OEM, All the mountings, cowls & hoses appear to be the same, so if I was to replace it again I would investigate the possibility of using an aftermarket unit. I had forgotten about the speed limiter, easily removed by any reasonable competent re mapper if you need to go faster than 130mph. The ECU in mine is the same as UK cars. I've also got a coin holder in the drivers door card, absolutely useless in the UK as yen coins are a completely different size to pounds.
  6. Japanese Import E39s

    Radiator part no 17111436063
  7. Japanese Import E39s

    On BMW vin decoder, it has option S823A, hot climate version which I believe is the radiator is bigger as when I checked mine on real OEM it came out as weighing more, hence I assume it must have a larger capacity. The final drive is charged from the standard 2.80 to 3.15, option S204 which increases the acceleration capabilities with downside of increased rpm when cruising. With regard to Dennis's comments on increased insurance costs, mine only costs me about 10% extra on my annual premium. It was originally EUR specified & I have spent a few quid converting all the Japanese specific bits back to UK spec, all I have left is the stupid stickers. As stated above, would I buy another, definitely, especially when I paid a fraction of the ones advertised at GM's.
  8. Quote request

    paid with PayPal
  9. Quote request

    Please supply a quote for 10 no of part number 51471840960 Inc postage, Cheers
  10. Japanese Import E39s

    I bought my 540 4 years ago and have had zero issues with rust etc. Mot tester always comments on how clean the underside is. The only issues were converting the jap satnav to UK spec and fitting a BM 54 radio. The Speedo has a mph clock face but records in KM, every thing else is changeable in the display, using the OBC. The boot lid is easily swapped for a UK spec one and there is a demand for jap ones on the E39 Facebook page, I actually made £50 profit on mine. Other advantages are an uprated cooling system and a lower final drive ratio for better acceleration. Would I buy another import? Definitely, no rust issues is the biggest plus point, how many threads have there been on this forum regarding rust issues?
  11. Sill trim quote required

    Part received today in good condition, thanks
  12. Sill trim quote required

    Payment sent via paypal
  13. Sill trim quote required

    Hi, please advise on the cost posted for a E39 OSF door sill trim, I believe the part number is 51478159934, Cheers
  14. 540 ignition switch refurbishment

    It's a 019, 100 a/h battery
  15. 540 ignition switch refurbishment

    The battery is a bosch S5, either a 017 or 019, I cant remember which but will dig out the receipt tonight. It is BIg though, it only just fits in the space