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  1. Are they genuine? I always thought wheelbase only sold reps
  2. Cars sorted and back home. Apparently putting the manifold back on, he must have knocked the glow plug loose! Dont ask! just glad it's all done and one to avoid from now onwards
  3. Used them before and the owner seems a decent fella. I phoned him after driving the car as they closed as I left. Told me to bring it back and he'll have a look
  4. 5 miles ish
  5. I assume it'll be ok to drive it there without doing any damage?
  6. can't see anything myself. Cars going back to them tomorrow, they don't know yet, but it is
  7. Can they be accessed without dismantling the manifold? I was gonna remove the engine cover and have a look around today. Not 100% sure what /where I'm looking for
  8. I'm hoping that's all it is and yes I'm going back to the garage definitely
  9. The car was running fine yesterday morning, I took it to the garage to have glow plugs and control unit changed, when I picked it up it was running terrible, very juddery and felt down on power Carly App has given a fault on cylinder 4 injector. Hoping it'll be something simple as it's bloody annoying and undriveable at this time
  10. On a previous e60 I owned, I retrofitted the lci front lights to the car. I bought the lights and somebody on eBay was selling a wire harness they had made with parts from bmw to allow the lights to work on my pre lci. No coding required http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/181818336201?_mwBanner=1 this is what parts are required iirc and there is a diagram online for installation
  11. Very nice. Makes a change from all the 520d on the road.
  12. Where are you based?
  13. What time does it start tonight? im hoping that Joshua takes it, klitchsko has a proven track record but is so dull to watch!
  14. Pm me please
  15. Seems expensive