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  1. Pm me please
  2. Seems expensive
  3. What is your budget?
  4. Absolutely stunning example of these superb cars, an absolute credit to you. This is thread makes me really miss mine
  5. Advertising it here?
  6. Oil and a filter is cheap enough to do it every 6 months, regardless of mileage. Preventative maintenance is the key to longevity
  7. I once did a 7hr round trip to look at a 'mint' m5, the car was a dog. A waste of a day off work and time that could be spent with family, travelling expenses, etc. Very frustrating. I never understand how these people work, why falsely describe a car? Waste of both parties time.
  8. Do you have a link from where they were purchased?
  9. They're the newer f10 style grills?
  10. That I do not know. Mine is fbmwsh
  11. Have you used kumho before? I need to replace my 2 fronts as 1 has a slight bulge in but don't wanna pay top tyre price so I'm looking at something midrange
  12. Take your log book and service history in to the dealership as the warranty department need them. An estimator from the body shop department will take some paint depth measurements and then submit a claim to Bmw
  13. I noticed some slight bubbling above my rear number plate. I took it into the dealership to submit a warranty claim. The claim was accepted, I got a call last week to say that they stripped back the bubbling area and couldn't find how it had started as the paint had not been penetrated. Anyway they decided to replace the whole boot lid with a brand new one just in case I have any issues in the future. I picked up the car tonight. Obviously they replace with new badges as well. Happy with that result.
  14. Which company have you used to convert the turbo to hybrid spec?