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  1. RJS

    e34 dreamers and silly mistakes...

    Don't worry... Another dreamer.. http://www.gumtree.com/p/bmw/bmw-525-e34-green-/1127661970
  2. RJS

    Oh dear lord I miss my 520i

    It's decapitated head was still hiding in the near left corner of staplefords little yard (the one down the lane that runs along the railway, next door to the big commercial one that doesn't break, just scrapes) last time I went.. They literally chopped it off from the bottom of the windscreen and along the floor just behind the gear stick.. You can stand at it and pretend to drive, most amusing... Water pump, metal impeller, less then 10k on it. thermostat, BMW, less then 10k Radiator, fitted before me but newish. ... control arms, That good lemforrder make (or however you say it) with bushes.. LESS THEN 2K! These cure most shimmy apparently... didn't on mine, but mine was very tired. If you get any, tell me, as I can probably find the receipt! HA! They kept all 5 doors too, in their big Jenga stack of doors.
  3. RJS

    E34 values

    I dunno so much... My 520i wasn't that far off my 318i on fuel.. Parts are very similar in price. They both get/got through suspension parts a bit to quickly (Long Eatons the speed bump capital of the UK, with my road feeling like the test bed)... In all honesty, I really don't think there's much between them on running costs having run both for at least a year recently... The trick is as you mention... Finding a good one.. The 206k on the 520i wasn't what killed it, a bursting folder of receipts and a fully stamped book were proved right by it's faultless service! The rust on the other hand! Oh man! The 80s boom in plastic body parts has ended up being the nail in so many cars coffins. Those pesky skits just hide so much! Arch liners are just as bad! .. Although, mabe I've got it wrong.. maybe these cars would have perished sooner with out them.
  4. RJS

    Help with inpa

    Are you using a USB to serial adapter? They don't work, it must be native serial! When you installed INPA, did you get an option to choose "ADS" as the interface in use? After installing INPA, did you run the separate ADS driver installer? When you boot INPA, are you getting a menu option for the E34? At the least inside "old Models" ? As for your screen shots, you've left "default = STD:OBD" in.. I think that should read "STD:ADS" It looks like you've followed the "Go in file XXXXX.XX and chnage blah to blah"?? I tried that setup, I couldn't make it work.. There IS a version you can download that has quite straight forward instructions and requires no file editing.. I can point you in the direction of it? but it simply MUST be used with a true serial <-> ADS adapter. I, personally, got hold of a "Tiny ADS interface" PCB board and a £3, 20 pin, round plug and basically built the cable.. can you solder? Some other guy also designed an ADS PCB that will fit inside the 20pin round plug.. I disapointingly only found this after ordering my Tiny ADS interface.. However, I HAVE got the fore mentioned board to talk, albeit to my e36.. but as far as my research has told me, if it talks to an e36 via the 20 pin plug, it'll most likely talk to an e34 too.
  5. RJS

    E34 values

    Yeah, I had to travel to get my touring a couple of years ago.. I saw a hand full every 6 months, a combination of younger enthusiasts like me, and the older folk that bought them new or young'n'used... There's a certain metallic red one I see around Long Eaton quite often.. ;P
  6. RJS

    Oh dear lord I miss my 520i

    Oooooooo.... It was a red one of these that made me want one in the first place... However, The timing is all wrong. I'm on 15hrs a week while I study so I sort of committed to this e36 until back in full time employment again.. I think the "not allowed" is a part of the itch I'm feeling! Thanks for the tip off, though.. I paid £750 for my 520it on 202k so this is worth the same all day long.. Get it up on gumtree at £800
  7. RJS

    Gearbox Fill Plug Stuck

    I read about the large hex key, but my box defiantly has two bolt style plugs.. Like I said, the box was fitted at BMW in 2007, so can only assume it's as it was fitted. It's yellow sticker states MTL-OIL-2.. All e36 switched to it late in production, so being a 99T touring.. it's on it too. As far as I can tell though, as long as I chuck in a fully synthetic manual gear box oil, I'll be sound.. So got some comma fully synth 75w90.. If it shifts worse I figured I'd drop it in a few months and get some of the BMW stuff at a tenner more. Box takes 1.1L .. I was going to top off with ATF as I've read this is ok and in fact many M3 owners seem to mix them 50/50 it for a smoother shift.. Any thoughts... Think I'm going to have to just get it higher and use a persuader.
  8. Hiya chaps. Desperate to get into my geaxbox as I've noticed a slow drip (Very slow) from the drain plug and have no idea how long it could have been going for so I'm a little concerned the box is getting towards dry. It's not helped by the fact that most things I read and get told = "No gearbox oil doesn't really kick up symptoms" .. it's never been the smoothest 3rd to 2nd. (stick wiggling required).. This is odd as the replacement box it has was fitted at BMW 20k ago... It could just be the previous owner was mean to boxes and they've worn the syncro... but im sure it's getting gradually worse Anyway... I can't get the fill plug out.. Any tips? (Using a spanner, car on stands) .. Can't really use my ratchet as if it goes suddenly I'm worried it'll take the lamdba out as it's reeeeeeeeeeally close. I throw my self on the collective for advice!
  9. RJS

    Oh dear lord I miss my 520i

    It'd still hit the red, and past 2k the beautiful howl drowned out the annoying rattle.. It only needed a couple of tappets but it wasn't worth the repair, it didn't burn any oil but it did have a mild incontinence problem... It could have been sorted with a minor top rebuild and a new sump gasket.. The rest of the car just didn't warrant the work.. I do regret not waiting for another e34 though,
  10. RJS

    Oh dear lord I miss my 520i

    There was 230k on mine when it got scrapped... I'd have fixed the sills if the millage was low enough.. The engine, well, it wasn't sweet.. But the bits that didn't rattle were plentiful.
  11. RJS

    INPA and a M43B18

    No one had any suspicions?
  12. RJS

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    GT6 For the WIIIIIN! Another great i6 lump!
  13. RJS

    M43B18 INPA read out

  14. RJS

    Oh dear lord I miss my 520i

    Bet you a quid there's not a lot left behind those skirts... Any way, I want an M50 if I'm swapping again, which I'm not.. unless a swap is exactly hat it is!
  15. RJS

    INPA and a M43B18

    Aye up... Been looking into my funny idle with INPA on my M43B18.. (in an e36) (I've got a Full ADS to serial setup, no OBD, no USB) Looking for a bit of advice,.. The Short Term fuel trim seems to fluctuate with the Lambda Voltage? I know the voltage is supposed to pulse, but surely the STFT isn't supposed to follow it? (second scale from top) At Idle, my ignition angle is off the scale? I'm hoping this is normal? could it be a slack chain tensioner? also, at idle.. Needed air is off the scale? looks like the control valve can't give enough? Any thoughts? Can't for the life of me get into the ABS either, everything else is fine.