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  1. Doyal


    HI could you adjust the quote please to include a few more items? also exclude camshaft. 13411710793 13541270894 11121726725 11141726729 11141726727 11531722690
  2. Doyal


    Finally coming to the end of my engine rebuild following a cylinder head crack. Could you price - 13411710793, should be the idle air breather hose, mine has turned to plastic. Also after a price for a camshaft - 11319058576 (although I assume it wont be cheaper than the Febi alternative) Cheers Stu
  3. Hello Guys, My e28 has unfortunately developed a leaky headgasket. I've ordered a host of new parts, and things I am currently considering is the camshaft & injectors whilst it is in bits. Camshaft - I'm looking to have built into the shrick fast road camshaft specification - any suggestions on whom best to approach. I'd like to get the head done by them too (pressure test, clean, skim, stem seals) Injectors - I've just removed the originals which are very loud and look quite tired. Is there any replacements that fit straight in. I am thinking newer design, with a better atomization. There was a set for sale on ebay last year in the USA that I wish I grabbed. Any words of wisdom welcome obligatory pic of the old girl
  4. I was considering it for my m535i. I emailed them and they are willing to work with someone with a RHD car. As in some form of deal to document fitting & any issues discovered. I left it as that for the time being.
  5. Doyal

    E28 Sound insulation bits

    Hi, Am after a price delivered to BS11 if the following are available 5141881592 5141881593 5141881594 51481904314
  6. Doyal

    E28 Boot Gasket

    Hello, Could I have a price delivered for part No. 51711889473, which should be an E28 boot gasket. Many Thanks, Stuart
  7. I think its incredible. My only criticism, which is subjective is the use of red. I'd rather an OEM grey/black.
  8. Gave it a wash and took some pictures before it gets put away until next March
  9. Doyal

    New F11 Owner! 1st problem!

    Hello Sarjoo, Yes very easy. You will need a decent USB stick, preferably USB 3 and formatted to NTFS. I bought my maps/fsc code from bmw navi, there is a whole host of people selling them, but I found this to be the cheapest around £27. Some on ebay are this just for the maps. Edit: Make sure you use the USB port in the glovebox, otherwise you'll sit there for 15mins wondering whats going on. Then the iDrive takes over and does it for you. It takes a good 45mins!
  10. Doyal

    New F11 Owner! 1st problem!

    The end. Garage had car back and said it was fine, left over night, had extended test drive, etc. I had it for 20 miles and the error came back so I've given the car back. Bit of a shame really if it was only an air bag leak. On to the next one.. saloon next!
  11. Doyal

    New F11 Owner! 1st problem!

    In to the workshop today, no codes & no visible or audible problems!
  12. Doyal

    New F11 Owner! 1st problem!

    Thank you guys, appreciate the advice! Dealer spoken with, they are going to have the car back tomorrow. Annoyingly, I just filled it up with diesel and the fault has gone away!! Can't be related to running on a near empty tank surely?! Hopefully they diagnose the air bag as the fault. May be a placebo effect but the O/S does look slightly lower!
  13. Hello guys, I've not really ventured out of the e28 section of this forum, but am pleased to report as of 11th Jan I became a proud owner of a 2012 520d m sport touring. Not the ideal engine I understand, but was limited by budget (and in all honesty, cant really fault the 2.0d). I've managed to buy a car with pro nav, and the 8 speed auto, so am quite pleased. Was initially looking at E60's, but by the time you've gone LCI, then found one with the best gadgets, you are near the much more refined & sharper looking F-series (even at near base spec). I have spent the weekend upgrading both the iDrive and the maps from 2011i to 2017-1 (with no real difference!) Driving it home tonight, I had a ding and the car has reported "driving comfort restricted" and shows a "level control fault" in the menus. I've done a bit of google-fu and found the hidden menu which shows no error codes, and so far the car seems to still drive fine and appears level at the rear. When I turn the ignition off the error goes away then comes back on about 1-2 miles into the journey. Will get the no doubt wriggly used dealership on the phone in the morning, who will no doubt forward me on to the paper thin RAC warranty line, who will highlight the car is 5 years old and done 122k miles and claim wear and tear not covered and attempt to go from there. But thought I'd make a post here in case anyone has some advice to offer? Many Thanks, Stu
  14. Who the hell decided to fit caravan marker lights to each corner!!!
  15. Good for everything! I've used it as a windscreen rain repellant too!