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  1. Thanks, I'll source another sensor - has anyone swapped theirs out with an OEM Hella sensor lately and can point me in the direction of a seller please? Maybe the eBay store I got it off was a bit shady, feedback seemed ok....
  2. I've just replaced my defective oil sensor (gauge max-out & "check oil level" warning). Now my secret menu reading is showing a max of 60 degrees C even though coolant is hitting about 88 degrees C. It seems the Hella sensor I used isn't the right part despite tying up with the correct BMW part number. Anyone had this and more importantly has anyone used an OEM (Hella) part that does work? I have to be honest, £150 from the Stealer is a bit of a rip off when Hella sensors are only about £40!
  3. Thanks, could you give me some prices please?
  4. Hi, I'm interested in the sill protectors if they are the M5 version. Also the nearside rear door, rear bumper and bootlid - could you send me prices and location please?
  5. Thanks for the heads up too, only serviced mine 6 months or so ago but it would be daft not to grab a set at that price!
  6. Excellent, thanks!
  7. I'm thinking about swapping my back bumper as it has a crack in it. Does anyone know if the standard 'Sport' bumper will fit the M5? It looks like the lower middle bit can be swapped out for the M5 version to accommodate the exhausts???
  8. Ok, thanks. I'll seek out a facelift door then.
  9. Does anyone know if the rear door design changed during the E39's history? I know the saloon and Touring are different. My n/s rear and bootlid are rusting quite badly so I think I'll swap them before getting them sprayed.
  10. I had a 350Z for a few years and miss it. The engine needs an aftermarket stainless exhaust though as the standard one is too subtle. All of the controls have great feel and it's quick enough, although can feel heavy barrelling into corners. I fitted Superpro bushes which hugely improved the suspension with no adverse effects to the ride, surprisingly. I think 350Z's have aged well cosmetically and mine was totally reliable for the 3 or 4 years I had it. The factory Rays that come with the GT model make a big difference over the heavier standard wheels. It isn't the sharpest handler out there but is great fun and has loads of character.
  11. Hi, I'm after a front Style 65 if anyone has one or knows of one available please. Thanks!
  12. Hi, I'm after an E39 M5 rear bumper if anyone has one please... Cheers.
  13. Hi, I'm trying to find a front Style 65 if anyone has one, any condition so long as it's straight and true with no major chunks of metal missing. Thanks!
  14. Hi, I'm after a genuine E39 M5 rear passenger door sill kickplate if anyone has one? The one with the M colours, M5 badge etc so not the standard MSport version. Cheers!
  15. Thanks for the suggestions guys, I've been a bit busy lately so don't get on here too much. I haven't worried about this issue to much TBH because it only happens in the wet, and even then only occasionally. Could the vanos soenoid board be affected by water?