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  1. Tyres, What are people's choice

    I've had ; Fallen 452's and 914's, both great for the price. Great in the wet too, didn't seem to last long though. Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric, excellent all round. Currently on Pilot Sport 4's, also excellent all rounders. I've avoided RE050A's because the M5 boys don't seem to use them, sheep mentality I suppose. I used to have them on my 350Z and they are a superb tyre.
  2. Doppleganger encounter

    I wonder if this was the one.... https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201708128271972?advertising-location=at_cars&postcode=ln69bf&model=M5&sort=price-asc&page=7&make=BMW&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New
  3. Genuine BMW E39 M5 bumper

    Just a heads up, I've put this on eBay now.
  4. Genuine BMW E39 M5 bumper for sale. Le Mans Blue. Good condition complete with mesh grille, number plate holder and towing eye cover. There are some stone chips as shown in photos. Fine to fit as is, but would look superb with a respray. There are two minor cracks as shown in the photos - one underneath is not noticeable when fitted, the other will be easily sorted by a bodyshop. Collection only due to size. Item located in Lincoln. £100 o.n.o.
  5. Doppleganger encounter

    Haha, fair one KJB1 Not much to add though, as I said car was driven by employee of dealer who didn't seem all that clued up. Only clues are 88k, Le Man's, pony looking exhaust and just taken on by a Lincoln dealer. Possibly from an auction but the guy did seem to think that an £18k sale price was realistic so maybe it was bought privately as an 'investment'! If it pops up for sale i'm happy to give it a once over if anyone's serious about it....
  6. Doppleganger encounter

    Hi Seesure, the number plate didn't end 'xxx', I blanked out the last 3 letters! I should have typed M5 ***....
  7. Doppleganger encounter

    I was filling up yesterday when an E39 M5 in the same Le Man's blue as mine pulled in behind! The driver was from local garage who're prepping it for sale. Number plate was M5 XXX - it seemed ok....88k miles, bit of rust in usual places, stainless exhaust tips (poked out a bit far!). Anyone know it?
  8. Door handle cable snapped

    I'll have a look-see. Has anyone else replaced the door handle cable on it's own?
  9. Rear door stuck closed

    Thought i'd put a post up here to reassure people who have this issue in future. My rear offside door had stopped opening from inside or outside and I assumed the actuator was FUBAR. Unfortunately the door was stuck in the closed position so I thought that getting the door card off was going to be a pain. The internet information is a little bit sketchy regarding this but actually it was pretty easy - the trickiest bit was releasing the rear quarter window blind. There's a cut out at the top/rear to access a metal release clip and release the blind (I used a thin Allen key, get underneath the clip and push up). There is loads of door card removal guides online so i won't go into too much detail. Basically remove necessary screws, release as many plastic clips at the edge of the door card as you can and unclip wires then the door panel can be removed with a bit of force (pulling out and upwards). You will probably break a few white plastic clips because you are forcing them upwards rather than straight out so get a few spares off ebay. The horizontal door blind is only attached to the doorcard not the door so will come off with it. I disconnected the battery to disable the door airbag, this may not be necessary but i didn't want to take any chances. It turned out that my exterior door handle cable had snapped and as the childlocks were on the door was stuck shut.
  10. My rear offside door had stopped opening and I assumed the actuator was FUBAR. Once I'd got the door card off I realised that the bowden cable from the exterior door handle to the latch had snapped. Can anyone shed any light on whether I need to remove the exterior door handle and cable carrier to replace the cable? The is plenty of info on removing broken door handles and guides to the interior door handle cable but not much for the exterior handle cable only - I'm hoping I don't need to take too much stuff off the car.
  11. Manufacturers must serve the market but am I alone in thinking that it's a crying shame that we're left with default choices when the cars filter down to future 'driving enthusiast' buyers? Today's automatic 'boxes I can live with but 4wd? Not for me, I'll take the *63 AMG too then, thanks. I've driven the R8 in anger and the rear biased 4wd power delivery is lots of fun but you often feel that the car is merely flattering rather than rewarding when pushing your own limits. The power increase topic is interesting, I always said my previous RWD steer had the perfect amount of power (300bhp) to entertain for an extended enthusiastic drive. Now I think that my M5's 400bhp with the same RWD/manual/LSD combo is about right in order to 'really' be able to use all of the power. I expect I may say the same thing once I'd got used to another 200 brake!
  12. Hi Jim Bob, I might be interested in your roof box if it's still for sale? Do you know if the bars can be adapted to fit the E39 saloon?
  13. e39 M5 as an investment?

    Production numbers weren't all that high - more to the point are the dwindling number of cars left, about 1000 odd in the UK if my understanding of the 'How many left' website is correct. The E39 M5 will appreciate heavily in the next 15-20 years, although perhaps not to the dizzy heights of the E30 M3. Short term appreciation will almost certainly cover running / maintenance costs but not much more. I reckon these are appreciating about £500-1000 a year at the mo, certainly great value compared to running a newish car and taking the depreciation hit.
  14. Remove Me PLS

    Hi Chi, whereabouts in the country are you?
  15. Naff oil sensor

    Yes, worth a try