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  1. Vee

    2003 BMW 745i £2500 ONO

    Nice, a relief to have moved it on then. I came close to getting an E65 recently, maybe I dodged a bullet. Still want one though Luxobarge motoring is rarely cheap....
  2. Vee

    can you fit e60 m5 diff I a 530d auto

    An interesting idea, I find the concept of getting the back end out on a 530d E61 quite entertaining but it's a scrappy process with the open diff!
  3. I just got a 530d, how do you check the DPF regens?
  4. Vee

    2003 BMW 745i £2500 ONO

    Good luck with the sale, the E65 is amazing value for money. The maintenance history of yours is a massive plus!
  5. Vee

    Buying advice request - E65

    Thanks d_a_n1979, great info. The active arbs were a must for me, standard on the Sport IIRC? Anyway, it's all moot now as I bought an E61 530d instead (yawn). If I'm honest I would have preferred the E65 - despite it's ability to rape my wallet it would have been an interesting thing to own but we did need an estate for family duties
  6. I want to swap my MV2's (Style 135) for some Spiders (who wouldn't?). I wondered if anyone might be considering downgrading the other way around (who would!!). Let me if anyone else wants swappsies with a bit their way depending on tyre condition. My tyres are the awful run-flats (not really selling this am I!?) with loads of tread.
  7. Vee

    Style 66's on and E61?

    Nice one, thanks Clavurion! I might run the 66's as winters then.
  8. I'm going to put my old Style 66's on my E61 530d while I get it's wheels refurbed. Has anyone done this? I know I'll need hubcentric adapters to allow for the smaller E61 centre bore but will I need spacers too?
  9. Vee

    Cargo cover not closing

    Thanks GoNz0, having looked into it I don't have the auto cover after all. Will just have to remember to close the cover so I can see out of the rear view mirror, what a pony design
  10. My boot cargo cover isn't working properly, I assume it is automatic (motorised). The cover springs back when I open the boot but does not self close when I close the boot. I watched a video and the auto cover should slowly retract and do same upon closing the bootlid. I know my tailgate loom needs sorting because radio reception is poor and the tailgate handle is a bit intermittent. Can anybody confirm whether the cargo cover mechanism is affected by the prolific tailgate wiring issue?
  11. Hi all, having just sold a an E39 M5 I'm now the owner of a 2008 530d M Sport....anyway, moving on! Actually I'm pretty impressed with it, it's quicker than I expected and the spec seems good. Highlights seem to be an anthracite roof lining, dual zone climate control and an SAT gearbox. The PO looked after it really well and has done some nice preventative work including the metal gearbox sump, swirl flap blanks and recent glow plugs / thermostats etc. It does have a few issues to resolve, namely the tailgate loom and EGR pressure regulator which is making an interesting farting noise. Oh, the cargo cover doesn't close with the boot so will need looking at, and I'd like to get rid of the runflats at some point. I'm very pleased to be in an E61 and not an A6 Avant which was the other option.
  12. Vee

    Buying advice request - E65

    Hi all, I'm looking to buy an E65 7 series to waft around in, probably in 730d Sport guise. Can anyone advise what problems to look out for, desirable options etc please?
  13. Vee

    End of an era....

    I have had the pleasure of owning an E39 M5 for five years or so and passed it on to it's new owner yesterday. It seems fitting to pass on my thoughts after 70,000 miles in the car. Contrary to what the internet would have you believe, running it did not bankrupt us and the inside of the engine only saw daylight during maintenance or services - not when the rod bearings failed catastrophically. To be fair, when I bought the car I did have Phil Crouch (CPCE) change these for peace of mind, along with the chain/guides and a bit of vanos work. The M5 was bought as a 'family' car when our first child arried. It's well worth mentioning that we ended up with it due to the brief inspired by our previous car, a Nissan 350Z which I rated highly. The fact that I still do after owning the M5 speaks volumes I think. It had RWD, a proper mechanical diff, characterful engine and great handling. If anything I preferred the driving interfaces in the Nissan, it didn't have the last word in precision but everything was a bit more heavily weighted. The E39 M5 is a consummate all-rounder and does everything so well, which is my only criticism - even though that sounds contradictory. It just feels a bit sterile. The excellent acoustic insulation in the M5 robs you of some of the engine/exhaust noise which of course is deliberate, being an executive supersaloon. I could never justify replacing the exhaust and never heard a 'muffler delete' that didn't sound a bit, well, chavvy although I appreciate this is down to the art of the fabricator. I really loved the repertoire of the M5, happy to potter or oversteer at will. In fact it has a more controllable back end than the 350Z due to the longer wheel base. I always said that the Nissan's 276bhp was the perfect amount for the road, you could enjoy all of it a lot of the time. Now of course I think that 400bhp is just about the right amount....a slippery slope that one! I'm going to miss The Beast and I'm not really sure yet what to replace it with. Probably something 911'ish in a year or so but for now a family estate car beckons....
  14. Vee

    2001 E39 M5 - SOLD

    Indeed, unfortunate that it had to go. ideally I would have kept it as a garage queen, spent a few hundred quid to make it pristine, kept the miles off it and perhaps enjoyed a decent return in 5 or 10 years. In reality we still have a house remodel (bottomless pit!) to fund and need to stick the cash from the car sale back into a family barge. It's been a difficult sale because people generally have a problem getting their head around a car with more than 150k on the clock - despite great service / maintenance history.
  15. Vee

    2001 E39 M5 - SOLD

    I'm pleased to say that the car has a nice new owner. Sad to see it go, now to find something that will go at least some way towards filling it's big boots!