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  1. A5DSR

    Part ID help

    Thanks for replies, i'll just fasten it up to keep it away from the fan. Cheers
  2. A5DSR

    Part ID help

    Just changed the radiator and found a box dangling down. I think its the air quality sensor, about the size of a pack of 10 fags. What should it be attached to? I've just tucked it behind the N/S headlight for now. TIA.
  3. A5DSR

    Serpentine belt for 530i - part no. required

    Make sure you clip the expansion tank back in correctly or the pipes will rub on the air con pulley and wear through. I have the part number for this pipe too.
  4. A5DSR

    Serpentine belt for 530i - part no. required

    I bought the air con belt 5PK865 for my 2003 530i and it was too wide, I needed 4PK863, both these are listed against my car on ECP and carparts4less. Main belt 6PK1538 was correct.
  5. Just thought I'd share this in case its of any use to other owners. I've been getting the Engine Failsafe Prog alert at random intervals for a while now; they clear by switching off and restarting the car. No error codes logged. After I changed the noisy serpentine and aux belts the engine became nice and quite again apart from a slight hiss when the engine starts to rev. I found the air intake pipe was split and had been bodged with self amalg tape. Fitted new pipes and all seems to be good again, no more alerts. 2003 530i
  6. Mine did the same, it was the standard one from GSF, lasted about 3 months, took it back and upgraded to the premium one It's been fine since. Make sure it's made by BEHR. This is the OE fan clutch as far as I'm aware. Check with them before you buy it. Cheers http://www.gsfcarparts.com/parts/cooling-heating/cooling-system/radiator-fan-clutch
  7. A5DSR

    E39 Headlight level sensor

    Hi, Could you please quote a front axle headlight level sensor for a 2003 530i e39 with xenon lights. VIN WBADT62030CK20009 Thanks Darren.
  8. from my 2003 530i with buletooth. Eject box Adapter cable Snap-in adapter these 3 items convert the armrest to take an iPhone 4 or 4s £100 delivered. contact me at dsramsden at gmail dot com cheers
  9. A5DSR

    wheel bolt types and sizes

    Cheers, I'll check out new bolts. Darren.
  10. A5DSR

    wheel bolt types and sizes

    Yes, as far as I can tell. They have BMW part numbers on the inside.
  11. I've got M Paras on my 2003 530 held on with 5 star type bolts, I think they are tuner style. I've just put my spare on which is a 16" turbine style and probably could have tightened the bolt until it pulled right through the hole in the turbine. Have I got the right bolts fitted, they seem OK with the parallel alloys. I need to buy 5 extra bolts to use with my spare but this can't be normal. Can anyone comment? Cheers
  12. A5DSR

    knackered head light adjusters?

    I'd say those are ok. Mine were like that on my 2003 xenon units and we're pointing low. Turned out to be the sensor in the front off side suspension. Fixed it with a cable tie and the lights adjust correctly now.
  13. A5DSR

    AMP power on thump.

    I have widescreen NAV with DVD and BM54 tuner. The BM54 channels started dropping so I sent it away to Baris at carphonics who gets good reviews for fixing these things. He upgraded the internal amps and fitted 4 x RCA pre-outs & remote power for future upgrade. I have now fitted a 4 channel JBL amp on the 4 x RCAs driving the door speakers. I have also fitted a JBL 2 channel amp on the 4 channel pass though output driving a subwoofer on the bridged output. All works and sound fine but there is a thump from the sub and door speakers when the system powers on. Power connections and grounds are good. If I remove the RCA's from the 4 channel and turn the amps on and off by disconnecting the remote lead they power up fine with no thump. I've tried a ground loop isolater with no effect. It seem the BM54 RCA outputs is causing this thump. Has anyone else got experience of this type of setup? I have nothing to compare the BM54 against. I've had the sub and amp out of the car and got it working with a car batt on the bench ok, no thumps. Is this what all BM54 units do with this mod? or is this just where the pre-out signal is taken from? TIA Darren.