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  1. 530 mle boot spoiler

    Hi guys I have an original fiber glass boot spoiler of a 530 mle. I'm sure all of you are familiar with the mle. it was the light weight version hence its fiber glass . anyway i just wanted to find out what you guys think its worth and if any of u would be interested in it ?
  2. MY 81 528i manual build

    lucky you. i missed a set a while ago for like R12 000 ( ABOUT 795 pounds) I Think. they were 17s 8j 9j s. but im going to use these for the time being they also bbs not as common as the rs but they pretty cool and they splits
  3. MY 81 528i manual build

    those are 19s . the fenders had to be rolled but they not a problem. i used them for abit on my other 528i. im waiting until i can find a nice set of original bbs rs's, i don't want any fakes
  4. MY 81 528i manual build

  5. MY 81 528i manual build

    hey man im sorry that im delayed, but i can get your stuff over here, just shipping might be a killer
  6. MY 81 528i manual build

    ok so im only my final stride. motor is all prepped and ready to be re assembled. just waiting for my last bit of spares. ive also prepped the engine bay and some other stuff. o and ive shopped myself a set of splits
  7. Will these alloys fit my E12?

    yip they will.e39 540 rim. its gt the correct off set to so its just bolt on. just make sure the profile is right or it will look off
  8. Lowering springs.

    drop it lol. honestly after dropping mine the ride feels the same and it corners a lil better
  9. Lowering springs.

    i say go bilstien . I've got them on my 82 and i cant complain. and personally i think the lower look is much better
  10. MY 81 528i manual build

    so ive stripped the whole engine up. block and afew other pieces are gone in for sand blasting putting a new clutch new rings the whole deal don't plan on opening again
  11. MY 81 528i manual build

    seats come out of a 530 mle
  12. MY 81 528i manual build

    I'll check around for for you. might be easier to get second hand to be serious
  13. MY 81 528i manual build

    I;ve got someone to dye the faded valor
  14. Some pics of my e28s

  15. MY 81 528i manual build