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  1. Black9


    Opinions on the F80 M3/M4
  2. Black9


    Considering a change in cars. Never owned a diesel and current have a C63, so would be a big change. I like the idea of the Xdrive with the biturbo engine. Anyone owned or driven one? How reliable are the engines and transmissions?
  3. Maybe when the M5 was in 3rd gear the M3 needed 2nd in high revs. Not sure of the differences between the both in regards to torque but if it is 100 lbs/ft then that's a HUGE amount.. V8 is quick off the mark but in gear not so quick imo. still take a nice a M5 any day..
  4. Doesn't surprise me. M5 has big torque and doesn't need to be rev'd as hard as an M3. Off the mark would be a good comparison..
  5. Black9

    Edinburgh Bodyshop?

    I know there's some members from around Scotland so I'll put the Q out there.. have 2 small dents and a crease down the passanger side door of my C63, looking to get this sorted soon. Looks like door will need painted, only been to 1 Bodyshop so far and I was quoted circa £400-450 to Paint the door and blend into the front wing.. seems steep to me! Any other Bodyshops anyone Can recommend?
  6. Black9

    Nissan 350Z

    I remember seeing a clio V6 when I was about 13 ish and thought it was the greatest thing ever. Funny how times change.
  7. Black9

    Nissan 350Z

    The only Clio I'd consider would be a 182 Trophy or an old school 2.0 williams.
  8. Black9

    Nissan 350Z

    How reliable are the engines in these? Did u go for the 231 model? Never driven one but from what I've read they have a great chassis.. id like a well priced RWD car to get to grips with driving one near the limit with TC switched off. The C63 is just too rear end twitchy and it's only my 2nd RWD car after an E39 M5...
  9. Black9

    Nissan 350Z

    I owned a Black EK9 years ago hence my username lol. Good cars but finding one now with no corrosion and priced well will be hard. FD2's can be had for 14K maybe less but I'm sure values will only go up.. I looked at some of the Jap spec C Subaru STI's but came to the conclusion then are just too chavy lol (no offence to any owners).. think the only car I'd be interested in there would be an Evo FQ360..
  10. Black9

    Nissan 350Z

    FD2 JDM Civic Type R is nice. Sure to appreciate in value as well. Another E39 M5 would be good but decent ones are priced stupidly...
  11. Black9

    Nissan 350Z

    Haha, guess I did. Don't really need another car but I get bored easily. Think my C63 will keep me occupied for now
  12. Black9

    Nissan 350Z

    I'd like an S2000. Miss VTEC engines. Looked at E46 M3 but for a decent manual car and repaired subframe im looking at we'll over 10K. Most were SMG's as well. Think I'll stick with my trusty golf.
  13. Black9

    Nissan 350Z

    After a cheap fun car. Was looking at E46 M3's but they seem like money pits for the cheaper ones.. anyone owned or driven a Nissan 350Z? How relatable are they and how does bodywork hold up against corrosion?
  14. Black9

    Im SHAFTED big time

    Drop a 2JZ engine in it... joking in all seriousness I'd argue the fact u never asked them to go ahead and remove the engine and a phone call should have been made prior to removal to double check with yourself. Failing that I'd take them up on their offer and source an engine and ask them to fit it. It's a trick situation to be in.. sadly nowadays the car dealerships are just as dodgy as some traders..
  15. Black9

    Inspection II from BMW - £1,300!

    BMW seems more than fair sending a cheque for £100.. Mercedes could take a page from their book. Think I might switch up brands on my next car!