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  1. He has an upgraded auto box.
  2. Sensor for the alarm I think.
  3. That's in my plans too for the close future.
  4. I'm doing it now on my touring. What is the solution for this problem?
  5. I hope you're happy with them.
  6. Changed fuel lines under the car.
  7. And it can run your heater motor when your car is parked so it drains your battery.
  8. Changed the hedgehog second time in my ownership.
  9. Have you checked your vac lines? Are they fitted correctly?
  10. You can try CCR in Iver Heath.
  11. I don't know the full range but you can check your car here: Or call your local dealer.
  12. I used an 535d ic on mine, I think it's the same as the e65 one. I had to chop the original plastic frame and yet to sort out a proper way to fix it. At the moment it is held by cable ties. My original ic failed in one corner where the plastic end meets the alloy body. The new one is an all alloy setup so will last hopefully. That leak on the original one happened when my car was standard without any mods so I believe it comes with age/mileage. I prefer this to the aftermarket fmics as I can keep the pusher fan too so the a/c works when I'm on holiday in hot weather too.
  13. Try to install lumbar support. I have no problem with my seat, and I don't have lumbar support installed. Nearly every year we are doing a 1200 mile trip to the family in Europe, only with short breaks and never had a problem with the seats.
  14. Have you checked the coolant level after you stopped the engine too?
  15. I don't know the details, sorry. Just check it on their website.