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  1. E61 tailgate hinge wiring problems once again :)

    OK if it is a diesel you have no HT to cause interference. Could possibly be your alternator, does the battery charge Ok ? Must say it looks like the amplifier but its an expensive guess. I think mine cost about £240. There is a stealer around the Stroud area who give a bit of discount, they advertise on Ebay if the powers that be have not shut them down.
  2. E61 tailgate hinge wiring problems once again :)

    yes you are right the radio aerial is in the glass. Getting confused with my VW. I replaced the cap in that and fixed it, old age I'm afraid. If the "Noise overrides the radio signal it could either be a very weak signal or could there be a fault with the engine noise suppression. Is yours petrol or Diesel ? If petrol I am not sure how the HT suppression is done on a modern car, perhaps someone else could advise. Might be worth a try, engine off, radio on, and park another petrol car really close with engine on to see if the noise comes up. if it doesn't then its looking like noise from your engine. Good luck.
  3. E61 tailgate hinge wiring problems once again :)

    HI V8shinprint. You could try removing the diversity amp and drying it out properly. If you can place in a low oven 50-60C max or leave on the radiator overnight. Whatever you do, do not shut the glass with the amp unplugged, see post earlier in this thread (now included I found the original). If that does not work have a good look at the antennae I seem to remember there is a small capacitor (10P part) in there and the wires can break. The coax cable would be the last place I would suspect but cant rule it out. if drying the amp works , seal with Non acidic silicone before putting it back Good luck opening 520D E61 tailgate glass.pdf
  4. E61 tailgate hinge wiring problems once again :)

    HI There. I moved on away from Bmers after this and it was along time ago but I found the script, here it is good luck. opening 520D E61 tailgate glass.pdf
  5. Rear wiper issue with my 2006 e61

    Yes if the Body Control Module thinks the glass is open it wont let you use the rear wash wiper. Try it ! Maybe also if the tailgate is not shut as well, ill try it. If the switch in the lock has failed it will almost always fail open circuit. The switch is actually in the tailgate lock module screwed on the side of the Wiper motor.
  6. Rear wiper issue with my 2006 e61

    Hi Graham, I fixed it. - Further update. The glass lock device has a small microswitch inside which a cam to operate it to let the BCM know the glass is closed. This was duff, no question. You can simply buy a new module, two screws and a plug, once you have the boot liner off, or you can save aload and buy anew switch. I have identified the switch, its a Marquardt 1055-055 but RS have a 1055-0351 RS part number 741-0984 which does the job fine. You will need to be able to solder it in place but if you can solder no problem. However this did not fix it !! So next I removed the -ve battery terminal and put the battery on charge overnight. Next day I connected the battery, drove a couple of miles to reset the system, - tyre pressure set up etc and low and behold the wiper works AND the interior lights go out !! All done.......... not so, the blxxxxxy boot popped open on its own. It turns out that the boot is not now closing properly on the motor. I guess its simply the boot lock unit, Ill just buy one and fit it get a new MOT and then trade the dam thing in. Frankly Ill be glad to see the back of it. Hope this is some help Graham, Good luck.!
  7. Rear wiper issue with my 2006 e61

    Well just an update. E61 van 2006 almost 40K miles I spent most of Sunday and rewired all the wires through the ducts to the tailgate. I found only the RHH side ones going to the Wiper motor were badly cracked but not completely broken. Several were badly kinked so I just did the lot. I asked BMW Cotswold for a replacement loom cost and they quoted over £1200. Yes £1200. Still not sure if we had our wires crossed! So I bought a repair kit from a company called KMS in Birmingham advertising on Ebay. It cost about £100 and covered all 3 looms. The fourth ( inner left ) loom is only a large earth wire and coaxial to the radio amp which is under the spoiler at the top and this was fine. The kit was fine if a bit on the high side for what it was. It was advertised as having all the correct colour coded wires, which it did not but basically there was enough choice to work out a colour scheme. It came with all the correct crimp joints but I decide to solder and heat shrink all the wires in the end. The good thing is that the kit contains all silicone high temperature extra flexible wire. To think I could have spent £1200 on a BMW loom and have it go again in 2-3 years just makes my blood boil. I also left a bit more slack in the new looms and at least a know that's sorted. One tip for this work, buy some new plastic rivets before hand to hold the trunks to the hinge base. They only cost 50p, part number 61 11 6 945 528. Secondly cut two small squares of corrugated cardboard and jam them into the tailgate dock and also into the glass dock. You do not want to shut the glass of tailgate once the wires are cut off as you continually need to open and close the lid and glass.!!! be warned. So still no change, no rear wiper / wash and my interior lights stay on, so have been trying to trace the Wiper relay. I had to ask a stealer and they told me its either under the glove box fuse unit if I have a medium spec car OR if I have a high spec car its under the cabin filter LHS in the control box. Obviously BMW don't make low spec cars ! and I feel much better now because I have a high spec car ! Its a long brown relay in the control box and it tested out fine. I suspect this is for the front wiper only down to the number of contacts. So have been frantically searching round Google for more clues when I hit upon one. On vans the rear wash wipe is controlled by the body control unit, which is apparently in the spare wheel well on a van. Now having read all I can I read that the rear wash wipe is disabled if the boot glass is open, for obvious reasons. If the car thinks the rear glass is open, it probably won't turn off the interior lights either! Not sure if or why it does not flash a warning on the dash though. So my next line is to look at the glass locking switch to see if I can work out how it knows if the glass is shut and if needs be replace it ! I also just remembered that the top popped off the switch when I was working at replacing the Diversity Amp. The rear wiper thing started immediately after. At least I feel some light at the end of the tunnel. Will keep you up to date further but have to do a bit of work this week to start saving for the wife's replacement car. Also I wont elucidate here but I think I have seen a very vulnerable way to get into an E61 van in about 5 seconds!
  8. Rear wiper issue with my 2006 e61

    Hi, The wiper plug has 3 wires, The thick brown one is 12 V, the thin one is the wiper parking signal and the other O V. I just put 12 volts across the thick brown one and the other one. The motor goes so its OK. I am not getting any volts to the connector when I push the switch. I have ordered an OBD diagnostic reader which will be here later in the week. I don't have any wiring diagrams so I am a bit in the dark but I suspect there is a relay between the ECU and the wiper. As the fuse is OK this is my next bet I just need to find where ( IF) they are. This Forum is brilliant, just looked it up and apparently its under the pollen filter box.? It that is the fault then its an easy plug in fix. If not I can toggle the relay to make the wiper work. Then I'm down to column switch or ECU etc. The only thing I don't understand is that this all started when I replaced the Diversity amp ! Also since then I have a few other faults,( like the internal lights don't go off automatically), so I have decided to rewire both sides. Just looking at some repair harnesses from a company In Birmingham, not sure what value they are at present. The sight of those two bare 2.5mm wires in that tube has cured me of BMR's for good. Any respectable maker would have ordered a recall by now.
  9. Rear wiper issue with my 2006 e61

    HI Don't have a solution yet but can share the problem. I have an 06 E61, a couple of months ago the radio packed up so I replace the Diversity amp, no problem works now. BUT since then the rear wiper and washer doesn't work. So this morning I ripped out the RH side tailgate wiring and low and behold, both the heavy current wires to the wiper had the insulation split plus another lighter red/ white wire. However they were still conducting. Could have possibly had a short though. repaired that and still no change ? Have tested the motor , works fine. All the fuses are fine. I just noticed I have a "service have it checked " Thing on the display. I'm thinking that as neither the washer or wiper works, and they normally work in tandem, that maybe the wire shorted and caused the system to turn them off. I am looking into this further but like you im mystified at present. Mike Clarke
  10. E61 tailgate hinge wiring problems once again :)

    Hi Smashing the galss was the worst scenario. If you remover the triangle cover you cant get to the solenoid on my 06 but I was contemplating cutting a window in the liner here as when the carpeted triangle cover is in place you would not see it. I also saw a picture of an older tourer with a release cord under here but I gues they have save 50 cents and removed it. Anyway I finally found a way today without destroying anything and have written up a method although I hope you never have to use it! Many thanks for all your suggestions opening 520D E61 tailgate glass.pdf
  11. E61 tailgate hinge wiring problems once again :)

    Many thanks Baus and to Aaron-P85 The issue is that there is no power going down there. This is because I have removed the diversity unit which has the release power cables plugged into into it. Now I have stupidly shut the glass I cant get to the cable that supplies power. Because there is no power going down there, shorting the switch or trying to use any form of reset won't work. Using an idependent power supply is the way to go but I cant get the tailgat liner off ( withiut destroying it) to get to the wires on the release lock. The switch unit should come off but to date I havn't managed too and the switch is only in one side. shorting it or even putting power on it wont work unless I can get to the other side. This is the same issue other members have had when the wire supplying power has broken in the hinge. BMW don't know of a solution. I guess some clever owner out there may have a work around but he or she is hard to find. I'll have another fiddle today and check on the price of a new tailgate liner tomorrow, I hope its cheaper than a replacement glass!
  12. E61 tailgate hinge wiring problems once again :)

    hI and many thanks for taking the trouble to help. Unfortunately as I have removed the diversity amp and the power to the glass release is routed through it, I dont think shorting the switch will work as the switch is actually working.. I think the switch is in the power or earth line but if I can get the small handle / switch asembly off tomorrow ill try to find out.. I guess I either have to get power in there somehow, or get at it mechanically. I cant think of a way without breaking somehting expensive ?
  13. E61 tailgate hinge wiring problems once again :)

    HI I'm newbie here, hoping to get some similar advice. My wife's E61 had the radio pack up. I removed the diversity amp from under the rear spoiler to get the part number. It was full of water and very corroded and probably shot. To answer some of your questions - without it, the remote does not work niether does the unlock switch for the glass. The tail gate does unlock though. Here is where it gets interesting. I stupidly put things back without the diversity amp and shut the glass so she could use the car. Now i cant open the glass to get the spoiler off to replace the new amp. I cant remove the tailgate liner to get to the lock because having got all the screws and clips off-- Guess what. there are two screws accessed from, you guessed it, the bottom edge of the rear window shelf, under the glass which I cant get open. My next thought was going in through the roof speaker I could access the wiring to power the unlock but with the diversity amp missing and no connection through to the lock that wont work. This is the same fault as all the other owners are having with broken wiring looms. Having thought about it overnight, today I removed the rear wiper arm and the big nut under that, hoping to release the rear glass. I cant get the small handle with the switch in it to come off yet but I have read somewhere that the wiper part underneath is bonded to the glass. Otherwise this would be an easy way in for a thief ! Does anyone have a clue how I can open the rear glass without either smashing it or destrying the rear boot liner. Trying to work out the cheapest Option ! Any help or advice gratefully recieved. .