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  1. guido45

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I got em from MTec on eBay. They don't do a 4 wheel package for 16mm, you have to buy two pairs (and then locking bolts if you want on top). I read somewhere on here that someone had used 16mm with Style 66s, but only found pictures of 15mm so I thought I'd go for it!
  2. guido45

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    16mm spacers all round... a subtle improvement: Before After
  3. guido45

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    On a 530i you can use the intake pipe off a 330ci to delete the resonator, part number is 1438761 I think. Certainly sounds better, although could do with a better backbox too!
  4. guido45

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Today I learnt how to use NCS expert / Dummy and managed to code out the bloomin lowbeam bulb error from my HIDs. Now to work out what other things I can mess with.... Thanks to Jimmy for the cables!
  5. guido45

    Check Lowbeam message

    Hi Jimmy, I have fitted HID bulbs to replace the halogen originals and I am getting a nagging "Check Lowbeam" message on engine startup... and each time I turn off. Is your software / cable capable of stopping this check? Secondly, if I change the angel eye bulbs for LED, can your software stop the bulb check for those too? Thanks
  6. guido45

    E39 Technical Graphite Trim Set

    Hi If you were to split the set I am after the two bits behind the steering wheel (and the centre console if you change your mind!!)
  7. guido45

    Windscreen wipers

    What's the best replacement for a touring rear wiper blade? The Halfords part finder doesn't list any...
  8. guido45

    Key fob - flat?

    Totally agree, they are great. They did both my diamond keys which came with the car as not working remotely and got them back within 3 days both times. Seems like they work from further away then most new ones!
  9. guido45

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Swapped out my telephone armrest and all the gubbins for a padded rest. Reset the nav after a failed upgrade . Also replaced the missing ambient temp sensor (although I still have to put a new corner undertray on so it is wedged behind the foglamp!). Next is to replace front droplinks, and make a decision about Android vs Mk4 nav with aux in....
  10. guido45

    Android headunits

    I'm thinking of getting the Eonon GA7201 but I have a couple of general questions about Android headunits to those that have them fitted.. How can you access the OBC once you have removed the OEM stuff? What OEM modules can/should be removed? Radio? TV? What's the boot up time like? Thanks!
  11. guido45

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Had a busy morning, I removed Traffic Master including the module and fitted some cupholders (thanks dan101smith) - fingers crossed the sat nav will stop rebooting randomly now. Also replaced the rear speakers with some slightly improved ones (thanks Piper). Then fitted a replacement washer reservoir cap which the previous owner seemed to have lost... and realised that the airbags are losing a bit of air so that's the next thing to buy
  12. guido45

    Traffic Master removal

    Fantastic, thank you!
  13. guido45

    Traffic Master removal

    Hi all As my first "mod" to the car since I got it, I'm planning to remove the defunct Traffic Master. The dash bit is straight forward but I am not sure where the module is in the boot... it's a facelift Touring and there is nothing next to the Nav / CD changer in the cubby hole on the left of the boot so is it under the floor? Any gotchas that I need to be aware of while doing this? Thanks!
  14. guido45

    E39 front cup holders

    I'll have 'em... PM me your details Thanks G
  15. guido45

    Back in a 5-series

    Thanks - it's an auto (same as the last one) but I'm very happy with it. The difference in power over the 528i is a surprise!