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  1. Johnny Grabble

    Retrofit split/folding rear seat F10

    +1. Wouldn't be without it, had it in my F10, ordered it again for the G30.
  2. Johnny Grabble

    Retrofit split/folding rear seat F10

    Rare option. Doubtful if the bits are readily available. It is all mechanical so your best chance would be to find a scrapper with the same colour interior as yours...
  3. Johnny Grabble

    Missed these discounts

    But who pays 6.9% APR these days?
  4. Johnny Grabble

    Shaken not stirred.

    6 pot diesel as requested. B57 in a 530d B58 G30.mp4
  5. Johnny Grabble

    Specification Advice

    Grey Poplar Wood all the way. Looks nice, neutral colour, doesn't show fingermarks.
  6. Johnny Grabble

    BMW Connected Drive portal is a bit flaky

    No experience of Office, etc but then I've learned over the years not to invest too much in Cnnnected Drive. I've been signed up for years, first on an E60 in 2009, then 2 F10s and now a new G30. It's as flaky now as it ever was. Think of it as DisconnectedDrive. I can log into it on a laptop and see remaining range, etc. As to the services booked, this appears to vary with each login. On the app (both iOS & Android) it rarely updates car status and can never locate the car. Sending locations to car is a lottery. You would think if the app is powered by Google, then what you can search for and find in Google Maps you could also search for and find in the app. But no. Curiously, on an old Android phone I have the old BMW Remote App and that still works as it should. So it seems the car is getting the info to BMW's servers but the apps are selective in if/when they access the data. I conclude BMW are car builders, not software developers.
  7. Johnny Grabble

    First service

    That price sounds in the right ball park for a BMW dealer, no harm in shopping around other BMW dealers though. The service pack is £399 for the first 36,000 miles or 3 years. With oil changes on well-used examples coming in every 18,000+ miles, the service pack would only cover 1 oil service, so it doesn't make a lot of sense any more. Would do of course if your oil service is coming in at 14,000. When I had my F10, the service pack was 50,000 / 5 years for £499. Got 2 oil services and an inspection out of that which made it worthwhile.
  8. Johnny Grabble

    Coded NBT, over written by BMW?

    If it's prone to rebooting, that's a sure sign it's on the way out and you'll need a new head unit rather than a software update. Not cheap.
  9. Johnny Grabble

    BMW Finance - PCP

    I understand you can also get the same finance discounts by taking out straight HP rather than PCP. And you have the right to pay that off when you want. Not sure of the penalties, you'd need to read the small print but I do know that with other car manufacturers, they are not allowed to penalise early payment.
  10. Johnny Grabble

    Options - BMW Connected

    No you don't. I don't have it and the Connected app works fine without it. RTTI is part of the nav package and also doesn't need the hotspot. No idea about the Display Key but I suspect that's the same
  11. Agree with the folding rear seats, HK stereo. Remember that on the G30 (unlike the F10) the folding mirrors with anti-dazzle only have anti-dazzle on the driver's side and the passenger side mirror only folds down in reverse if you have Comfort Seats specified. I learned this when I placed my factory order recently for a 2019 model. I find cars get just as hot in the sun with or without sun protection glass. As mentioned elsewhere, and as a 20k+miles a year driver myself, lumbar support is a good add, as is HUD, which is excellent. Memory seats worth it if you have more than 1 driver (I don't). Consider colours which hide the dirt well (mid-greys are about the best) and wheel designs which are easy to clean if you do it yourself. BMW pads generate quite a bit of dust. I am one of the few who prefers the SE over M Sport, mainly because I don't like the coal-hole black roof lining and the narrowness of the M Sport seats and the difficult to clean wheels. I'm not too bothered about the external styling as I spend more time inside the car than I do staring at it from the outside. Each to their own....
  12. Johnny Grabble

    F10 variable damper control - worth having?

    Agree. I run 18" summers and 17"winters, all RFT, on VDC. I find the steering precision better with the larger wheels, ride is slightly firmer, Comfort+ on 18"s feels like Comfort on 17"s IMHO.
  13. Johnny Grabble

    Identify Wheels Please.

    I respectfully disagree. The wheels in the link are for E60/E61. The style 327 are for F-series cars. Different offset and a different the size would be needed to run them on an F-series. The wheels in the link are style 246. More info here... http://www.bmwstylewheels.com/bmw/246 Style 327 is here... http://www.bmwstylewheels.com/bmw/327 Should you want a set of 327 wheels, I have a set available with BMW TPMS valves and winter tyres going for a song as I'm just about to buy a G30 so I don't need them. PM me...
  14. Johnny Grabble

    What price for next service?

    Stick your reg and mileage in here: https://www.bmw-service.co.uk/value_service Dealers will almost certainly quote you higher than this so it's worth having handy when you call them. Might not be as bad as you think...or it might...in which case you'll be needing to find an Indy.
  15. Johnny Grabble

    F10 variable damper control - worth having?

    I had an F10 without VDC on 17"s with runflats and when it came to replacing it, I got one with VDC, 18"s with runflats. The latter is a big improvement IMHO especially in Comfort+. Touch wood, no reliability issues in over 3 years and 70k miles. As above, see if you can test drive both.