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  1. Johnny Grabble

    F11 - Which tyres are best ?

    Agree with @535i Andrew. Everyone have a different opinion. Done well over 150,000 miles in F10s on 17" and 18" wheels. Run flats are not as bad as they used to be, especially when on 17" or 18" rims. The M Sport boys on 19"s and 20"s don't like them. And when you do get a flat (always in the middle of the night in the p***ing rain in the middle of nowhere), they are good value...and save on boot space. The dB rating can only be used as a guide, it's external noise that's measured. In my (runflat only) experience, Dunlops are quiet and good in the wet, Bridgestones are horribly noisy, PIrellis are OK. I am a frequent traveller to Germany and had a blowout on a rear runflat at more than130 mph on the A67 between Lorsch and Viernheim and lived to tell the tale....slowed down and drove on. It was exciting but not disastrous. I am a convert...
  2. Johnny Grabble

    Temperature gauge fault

    +1. It can be accessed via the hidden menu.
  3. Johnny Grabble

    G30 530D M Sport Intermittent Noise in Standby

    Yep, got that too, a sort of brief graunching noise.
  4. Johnny Grabble

    F11 530d M Sport Touring potential purchase

    Says a lot about how the previous owner maintained it... Shoestring...
  5. Johnny Grabble

    20” Alloys

    Any genuine BMW 20" wheels from a 640d will fit on an F10, most likely also an F11.
  6. Johnny Grabble

    A Few small annoyances :-

    I'd never entrust my BMW to Halfords. Pretty sure they will not be able to update the iDrive service history. Recommend you find a local Indy for servicing. MPG depends on many things, not only the journey type but how it's driven. That said, your numbers look sensible. Note that the OBC tends to be optimistic but it can be corrected via the hidden menu in the instrument cluster - plenty of YouTube videos on how to do this.
  7. Johnny Grabble

    Oil level above maximum warning

    My 2019 530d does have a regular dipstick. I imagine other 530ds have one too. Unlike the F10 3L diesel you have to unclip the plastic engine cover to get to this one but fundamentally it's in the same place. Back of the engine near the bulkhead on the right hand side if you are standing at the front of the car looking towards the rear. more reliable than the electronic version any day.
  8. Johnny Grabble

    Business edition and Blue Efficiency

    Not sure where you'd find them now. There were several hundred F10 (so saloon not estate) 520d Efficient Dynamics models registered between about March and May 2012 by a subsidiary company of BMW UK for use in the London Olympics fleet. As ED models, they all had manual transmission, £30 VED at the time, they all had the blue efficiency option and in addition were fairly well specified. Metallic paint, Xenon headlights, pro nav, BMW advanced stereo, 4 zone air conditioning were typical but not all models had the full set of these. Registration plates began with YE12, YF12, YG12.
  9. Johnny Grabble

    Business edition and Blue Efficiency

    I cannot comment on what business edition means but I did own a March 2012 F10 520d with blue efficiency. At the time this was an extra cost option upgrade from Euro 5 to Euro 6 emission standards, costing £999. It was achieved by an additional catalyst in the exhaust system. It did not use AdBlue at all. Supposedly various components of the timing chain system were upgraded around September 2011 which reportedly reduced but did not eliminate timing chain failures. I got rid of my 2012 F10 520d with about 40000 miles on it because it started making the timing chain death rattle.
  10. Johnny Grabble

    Steaming up without aircon on

    +1. Even worse on a G30.
  11. Johnny Grabble

    520i M-Sport Touring...

    Best thing to do is test drive one. If you're coming from a diesel, a 520i will feel pretty slow as it lacks the low-rpm torque of the diesel. Performance of the 520i and 520d are quoted as roughly the same and gear ratios are fairly similar, so you'll have to work the 520i a lot harder to achieve the same real-world performance. More info here if you can dig through the site and locate the model: https://www.automobile-catalog.com/list-bmw.html
  12. Johnny Grabble

    Wiper Speed

    Far worse than the F10. The auto setting is far too sensitive IMHO. Even on the lowest setting it sweeps far too often.
  13. Johnny Grabble

    Faulty infotainment system

    Mine did this 6 months out of warranty. New head unit required. If your car has a full BMWSH, you might get a dealer contribution, otherwise it's £1200+.
  14. Johnny Grabble

    F11 530D low oil on NBT/ Dip stick seems ok

    Not that I am aware of
  15. Johnny Grabble

    F11 530D low oil on NBT/ Dip stick seems ok

    Based on your pictures, i reckon it's fine, just under reading