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  1. Johnny Grabble

    F11 530D low oil on NBT/ Dip stick seems ok

    Based on your pictures, i reckon it's fine, just under reading
  2. Johnny Grabble

    F11 530D low oil on NBT/ Dip stick seems ok

    The sensors are known to fail but under-reading is more common. IIRC BMW usually recommend checking the oil level once the engine is fully warmed up.
  3. Johnny Grabble

    F11 530D low oil on NBT/ Dip stick seems ok

    In my experience (2 F10s over ~6 years), the electronic dipstick tends to under-read. I relied on the real one. Looking at your pics - and assuming the engine was warm and the car on level ground when you took them, you'll get up to 1/2 a litre in. But if you are to top up, don't do it all at once, these engines don't like to be overfilled.
  4. Johnny Grabble

    Specification Question

    Like this you mean? https://www.getwestlondon.co.uk/news/west-london-news/chiswick-car-dealer-jailed-five-13473624
  5. Johnny Grabble

    Oil Level Indicator (or lack of it)

    Maybe so on N47. My 2015 car was an F10 535d, that defo had oil level in iDrive (as well as a dipstick...)
  6. Johnny Grabble

    Oil Level Indicator (or lack of it)

    This iDrive has been coded to show tyre temperature which was not standard. Has coding nobbled the oil level check?
  7. Johnny Grabble

    Oil Level Indicator (or lack of it)

    My 2012 520d, N47, had the iDrive oil level sensor, as well as a proper dipstick under the bonnet.
  8. Johnny Grabble

    Frozen wing mirrors

    This was never a problem on my F10 but I noted that the motor on the G30 is much weaker (it sounds like it's struggling even without being icy) and sure enough, I had the same problem as the OP. Tend to park up with them not folded if it's looking to be icy now. Another bit of G30 penny-pinching
  9. Johnny Grabble

    Oil Level Indicator (or lack of it)

    The F10/F11 diesel engines have proper dipstick if you can find it. At least there was one on my 2012 520d and on my 2015 535d. Nearside, back of the engine towards the bulkhead. Generally the on-board measurement was optimistic compared to the dipstick.
  10. Johnny Grabble

    530D - Buyers Regret

    They are available in Germany and some other countries, check the configurator on www.bmw.de The 550d xDrive must be epic!☺
  11. Johnny Grabble

    530D - Buyers Regret

    Happy with my decision to move to a G30 530d from an F10 535d. More refined, better ride, up to 20% better on fuel and at legal speeds, thanks to lighter weight and similar torque, not that noticeable performance difference. Also better on fuel than the F10 520d I had before the 535d...
  12. Johnny Grabble

    Winter Wheels Today

    M Sport brakes require minimum wheel size of 18". With standard brakes, 17" will fit on a 530d.
  13. Johnny Grabble

    Winter Wheels Today

    Depends on whether you have M Sport brakes or not. Easiest to put your VIN into realoem.com and browse the various wheels in there.
  14. Johnny Grabble

    Can't fit dash cam to 530e hybrid

    Sounds like a cross examination... You a lawyer by any chance? To satisfy your desire for pedantry, F59 is empty on my G30, I used something like the one in the link below because I had a spare one in my garage... It works. It's really not rocket science. http://www.carcamerashop.co.uk/piggy-back-fuse-holder.html
  15. Johnny Grabble

    Eco Pro and heated seats

    +1. Completely agree Yet to see any fuel economy benefit, only a huge downside in drivability from an unresponsive loud pedal.