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  1. ConnectedDrive

    Only RTTI seems worth it to me. Get the BMW Remote App as well, see if you can send nav locations from the phine to the car, which is also handy.
  2. Wing Mirror Tilt On Reverse

    Only the passenger side on an F10
  3. Almost there in choosing a 5 series

    +1. Having owned an F10 520d with an N47 for 40000 miles until the timing chain death rattle started, and a 535d for nearly 70000, the latter also an N57 variant, is far smoother (especially from start up), far quicker and consumes about 10% more fuel than the N47, about 1.5p/mile. The difference between that and the B47 will be less. Go figure.
  4. Pro Navigation Slow

    Interesting. It's been widely reported on several forums... And several people have contacted BMW about it.
  5. TPMS Nightmare

    Same experience here except for 4 winters. I bought tpms sensors from Cotswold BMW. Plug and play...
  6. 5 series launch control cheat

    Yes, my 535d LCi has it.
  7. Pro Navigation Slow

    This has recently been affecting a large number of BMWs, reported widely on other forums too. It is claimed that it is an issue related to the combination of 2018-1 maps and RTTI. It is reported that the RTTI data is overloading the processor which is causing the slow down. It's happened once to me, then next time I drove the car, RTTI didn't hook up, I had only TMC and all was fine again but keeping an eye on it. I doubt that the downloadable software update will fix it.
  8. Bonnet Strut Replacement - 2nd Brake Service

    Just had 3-year brake fluid done on my F10 and it is noted on the documents I got back from the dealer that the struts will need doing at the 5 year brake fluid change. There are a lot of shared components and systems on F series 5 & 6's.
  9. Bonnet Strut Replacement - 2nd Brake Service

    Yes I've heard of this as well. These are the explosive bonnet struts that are supposed to push the bonnet up in the event of a pedestrian impact. I've never heard of anyone having them replaced though. I read somewhere it's about £1,000 to do. Be interested to learn if that is a real cost.
  10. I can definitely discern a difference between Comfort and Comfort+ with VDC. Not only is the overall ride more wallowy with C+, it also bottoms out the front on speed bumps more easily. I tend to flick it into Sport if there are speed bumps to avoid this.
  11. Instrument displays..

    AFAIK the top one is the standard one. I had this on my pre-LCi F10. The numerals remain visible when the ignition is off. The second one I believe is the "full black panel display". This may have been an option pre-LCi and may have become standard thereafter but I'm not certain. The last 3 images are all from the "multifunctional instrument panel" showing the different driving mode views, which I have on my LCi F10 - this was an extra-cost option.
  12. A whats it worth ?

    Similar cars on the 'trader are retailing for £9k - £11k right now. From the wheels I assume it's an SE not an M Sport. Big engined diesels are getting harder to move.
  13. Run a couple of these. One of my previous ones is up for sale with 150k on the clock. My current one, same engine as the 740d (535d in F10 speak) is all good at 60k. Heard of very few failures even accounting for how many fewer of these there are about compared to the N47. As Ninja59 says, they aren't quite made the same.
  14. F11 Adaptive drive/variable damper control query

    Short answer is yes. I've had F10s with and without VDC. VDC gives you 3 suspension settings, Comfort+, Comfort and Sport which will benefit you all the time. Adaptive drive adds anti roll stabilisation which is great if you hoon it round corners all the time. I tend to spend most of my time on motorways, so didn't stump up for AD. I run 18"s in summer and 17"s in winter, both on runflats. You'll lose the 25mm lower M Sport suspension and look which appeals to many on here if you have VDC or AD, but your backside and lower spine will thank you for it. Finding VDC cars can be a challenge though, i got mine as a factory order.
  15. F10 returning to the fold

    Luxury has a good spec and avoids the harder M Sport suspension. It's the F11 which has the rear suspension air bag problems, stick with the F10 saloon and you'll be fine, no airbags. The B47 2.0d engine, whilst it got rid of the chocolate timing chain of the N47, is reportedly not so good on fuel consumption as the N47 and it is smoother. Always worth seeing if you can get into a 530d for the same money, they don't cost that much more to buy, own and run, maybe 10% more on fuel but you get a much smoother engine and a lot more grunt. There's the water leak issue described at length elsewhere on here but AFAIK this doesn't afflict the newer models.