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  1. F10 p/x values.

    Might be worth a quick search on somewhere like auto trader for cars of similar age, spec and mileage just to see whether it's a fair bid.
  2. Remote Services

    If that is the case, then why does it say the following on the BMW ConnectedDrive portal when I am logged in? See screenshot below. Note in particular the 3rd bullet point. Without it (as I know from a previous F10 where it expired, I could not upload destinations or routes remotely to the car.
  3. Bmw using Peugeot engines ???

    They've been putting the jointly developed "Prince" (Peugeot-BMW) engines in Minis since about 2007. They also used them in the F20 116i and 118i from 2011 - 2015. And in the F30 316i and 320iED from 2012 - 2015. But AFAIK they stopped building them in 2016.
  4. Remote Services

    Main reason i have it is to send destinations to the car from my phone.
  5. Radio volume button illumination

    Didn't on my 2012 F10, doesn't on my 2015 F 10.
  6. Upcoming Service

    Typically with the F10 diesel, the 2nd and 4th oil services are the pricier ones. Never trust the iDrive when it comes to estimating brake pad life - always use a physical measurement. I've seen them go to zero miles with 8mm of meat left on the pads. Sounds like you've got the value service prices. https://www.bmw-service.co.uk/value_service Always worth getting quotes from more than 1 dealer as some of them will make more competitive offers.
  7. High Beam assist question

    Exactly the same here. They replaced the sodium lamps with LED street lights which are whiter but a whole lot dimmer. So the adaptive camera doesn't always register them. I've got into the habit of switching of the HBA as I enter town.

    Agree. That's why I went the "official" route.
  9. Buying alloy wheels/tyres set without TPMS

    Pre-LCi (so about mid-2013) they used the indirect passive system via the ABS which didn't require special valves and didn't therefore display the actual pressures on the iDrive. Thereafter they used the radio frequency sensors. I purchased 4 of these from a BMW dealer (look out for forum discounts) for my winter wheels, took them to my friendly local tyre dealer (not a national chain) and they were able to fit them without completely removing the tyre. They put the wheel in the tyre removing machine and then were able to displace the tyre sufficiently from 1 side of the rim to fit the valves. £10 a corner. Sorted. If you go down this route make them aware that the sensor should be tightened to only 4Nm max. More than that risks breaking the plastic.

    Agree. You should be able to source a complete replacement part which includes the black plastic surround for about £40 on the web.
  11. Buying alloy wheels/tyres set without TPMS

    Buy TPMS valves and fit them to the wheels, or live with the TPMS system constantly warning you. I did the former.
  12. Reliability

    Thanks to the Consumer Rights Act in 2015 the minimum warranty period that a dealer has to provide for any car sold to a consumer is six months. The law assumes that until those six months are up any faults with the car were pre-existing at the time of sale and the dealer is liable to rectify them in full at no cost to the purchaser. This is regardless of whether the car is purchased with a warranty or not. Pre-existing faults are never covered on a warranty in any case. This does not apply to sales to the trade. The Honest John website has a lot more details about this.
  13. Need new rear tyres totally confused now

    Agree. Affects handling balance. All run flats or all non run flats.
  14. 2018 Maps

    Official link here... https://www.bmw-connecteddrive.co.uk/app/gb/index.html?gclid=Cj0KCQiAyZLSBRDpARIsAH66VQIcUGxdzLxtXhM45vgZNwmxnszSbCBWGjQGru-xg6T2z1Avr96jLwwaAnmuEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds#/portal/store/Base_FullMapUpdate
  15. 535i vs 535d

    Hi, Has anyone driven an F10 or F11 535i and a 535d for any reasonable period of time and come to a conclusion as to which is better both in terms of day-to-day performance and real-world running costs? I'd be interested in any observations. Although I do 20k+ miles a year in my 535d I'm wondering whether to get into a petrol before (a) they ban them and (b) I'm too old to enjoy one. Thanks, JG