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    E34 525iX tourer
  1. d1mkaz

    ULEZ Expansion Plans for 2021

    if anyone still interested here is a link for petition against ULEZ: https://www.change.org/p/sadiq-khan-stop-mayor-khan-s-ulez-zone-extension-to-the-north-south-circular-roads-in-london
  2. d1mkaz

    Wiper blades

    Yes, those are the ones it's just the price not that attractive Thank you! That's the set I got - Bosch 602S
  3. d1mkaz

    Wiper blades

    Thanks Big Will, that's what I have installed, any chance you can post link where would you buy? I cant find anything under Bosch 600S or 550S
  4. d1mkaz

    Wiper blades

    Hi, where do you buy your wiper blades (E34 estate) bought from eurocarparts but would not fit now confused
  5. d1mkaz

    Under seat battery size

    you are probably right, I just know that delivery was made from Luton, maybe ther is a warehouse.
  6. d1mkaz

    Under seat battery size

    Received battery today, it's not top brand - Enduroline. Bought it from Tayna batteries based in Luton. Funny that in advert the measurements are 354 x 175 x 190 , but when I put the old one (Bosch S4 007) next to it just to see the size difference it appeared that height is the same. I did not have a ruler to take a measurement but it went in quite easy so I guess the height is 175. I just could not fix holding bracket in place, it needs a bit of bending otherwise all good. Hopefully it will last.
  7. d1mkaz

    Under seat battery size

    I could not find that information, was always replacing old one with equivalent new one, but after searching online I found that for older cars it's better to have a bigger one (Ah) but correct dimensions of the battery is a mystery to me I think best way is actually measuring a battery bay / tray.
  8. d1mkaz

    Under seat battery size

    Thank you! I will try to fit 019.
  9. d1mkaz

    Under seat battery size

    Thanks Big Will, you are correct there are no battery tray just the floor, my battery at the moment is similar size like your Varta E43, I actually have a Bosch S4 007 but I want to go bigger just want someone to confirm the maximum length and height. Would 354 x 175 x 190 fit?
  10. d1mkaz

    Under seat battery size

    Hi, I need a new battery for E34 525iX, it's under rear seat, at the moment it is Bosch S3 but the tray seems big enough to take bigger battery, I guess it can not be higher that 190 mm, but what about length? Would it take Bosch S4 or similar with length 353 & width 175mm? Thank you!
  11. d1mkaz

    front doors for E34 525iX (compatibility)

    Thank you! That was my fault when looking in realoem, I somehow managed to choose US spec car instead of Europe RHD. Sorry for confusion, the id nrs are identical indeed.
  12. I have a question may be someone can help. I am thinking to replace both front doors instead of repairing rust as it is still possible to find decent ones for E34, I was browsing in-net in search of compatibility of E34's doors by year and by model, as far as I understood the doors from all models are the same there is a bit of difference between doors of E34's made before 91 and after 91. So I found a pair and asked about the year and model of the E34 they are off but when checking the RealOEM I found out that id nrs. of those differ from iX, example: 94 530i DOOR FRONT RIGHT 41518138006 DOOR FRONT LEFT 41518138005 94 525iX DOOR FRONT RIGHT 41518138004 DOOR FRONT LEFT 41518138003 It is only one last digit but now I am not sure if they actually the same, any ideas? Thank you.
  13. d1mkaz

    E34 1994 dash speaker cover passenger side

    Top man, all received, thank you very much!
  14. d1mkaz

    E34 1994 dash speaker cover passenger side

    Forgot to mention colour - black