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    Bmw e39 530d touring
  1. Towbar'

    Looking at the online instructions it looks like the dedicated kit needs tracking to the front of the car to plug in???
  2. Towbar'

    The fact did doesn’t need coding may have tipped the balance to splashing out on a dedicated kit?!?!
  3. Towbar'

  4. Towbar'

    Yes looking into it, it does do bulb failure in the trailer! Sounds like a dedicated kit needs coding to the car, can anyone confirm?
  5. Towbar'

    For the price I've got the towbar it would be skimping not to buy the dedicated wiring, JP have the kit for £130 [emoji16][emoji16][emoji16]
  6. Towbar'

  7. Towbar'

    This is the kit!
  8. Towbar'

    It's all out already, apparently he had a pro remove it last year! He's doing me the lot with westfalia detachable for the mates rate of £90 and a few pints no doubt! Any ideas on getting the whole lot fitted?
  9. Towbar'

    Friends kit is good, well worked perfectly on his just not a dedicated plug and play one!
  10. Towbar'

    That's a cracking write up much appreciated! Just found out he doesn't have dedicated electric kit but he didn't have any problems. I'm not towing much just a small trailer occasionally and car well out of warranty? Either that or where can I get a sensibly priced dedicated kit?
  11. Towbar'

    That's a fantastic site, thanks! Not sure what he's currently got but will find out!
  12. Towbar'

    Thanks that's great, friend has a Westfalia he's taking off his 2011 Saloon and I have a 2011 touring! Any issues with M Sport Model?
  13. Towbar'

    Hi, can anyone confirm if the towbar on the saloons and touring are the same (2011)? Cheers
  14. Wanted 535d / 530d LCI pref touring?

    I'm back in the market after a couple years out for a late 535d or 530d Touring but would consider the right saloon? I've got a decent budget and based down in Taunton! I've had plenty of 530d E39s and I've missed them so much since I've had company cars. Any advice on buying or what to look out for would also be appreciated?
  15. Gold Member

    Blimey sold the car in one day, maybe I undervalued it???