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  1. Can you tell me how to set it please
  2. Did you get it to self level then ?
  3. Could you tell me how to set it please
  4. Did you ever fix this issue ?
  5. I have played around in inpa. I got it to raise and lower i set the value to 0 for the height. Is that right or is there a default button to put back to factory setting?
  6. What do you mean drop? As in all the way down or drop slightly ? mine suspension seems to stay the same it's a little too low as in very slight arch gap but one side lower then other
  7. I don't get any level control warning also so I don't hear the compressor come on when starting the car or switching off
  8. Hi my 2007 bmw e61 msport I've noticed that the passenger side rear suspension sits about 2cm lower then the driver side. I know now they have the air suspension. I've fiddled around with inpa and can manually adjust and can get the compressor to work and raise and lower suspension. Any reason why it's sitting lower on one side please. Thanks
  9. Hi does anyone know if you change auto gearbox bmw 525d e60 so take my old faulty one out and replace with a good working one would it need coding or would I need to change the mechatronic over for it to work? Thanks
  10. Thanks e46 space saver on eBay is less then half the Price or e60 does that also mean e46 alloys fit E60 like mv2, asking as I have a noisy wheel/bearing and tying to swap tyres to eliminate
  11. What's the best way to find out which wheel sound coming from? used to sound like front but now I'm thinking it's rear, tyres front are firestone fire hawk and rear is another cheap budget
  12. Yes finaincal reasons, driving manual after 4 years bloody hate it lol
  13. I owned a BMW e60 535d lci for 4 years apart from the small isisies like vacuum hoses, boost solonoid etc never had a single issue. Yes the dpf will give you issues if used for short journeys, 6 cylinder twin turbo hard to find anything as close to it which has the economy and performance, Really nice drive, good car good spec replaced recently with a lci 520d, the 4 pot is way noisy, the 6 pot diesel hardly sounded like a diesel car. Have a 118i bmw in the family for last 4 years also which does around 4K miles a year and I'm always replacing things, and many oil leaks. Friend has a e60 530i and it don't really have the power as a 530d. The only downside with the diesels is the dpf for short journeys, they seem to suffer a lot. My next car will be a f10 535i but hardly any about
  14. Pre lci it's much easier it's in the middle of the car, covers off and you will see it straight away, only issue is the bolts for the flange most likely will be very rusty or corroded away
  15. Pressing the snowflake button and blower on full but no cold air coming out, just normal air. Ive checked using Inpa and when car is runing pressing the ac button on dash does not select the ac switch on inpa, it has a black circle which is empty and I believe should go black when ac button presses on dash. I only have a error code for aux water pump would that stop the ac from working ? thanks