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  1. E61 level control fault

    I think I will have to do the same the intake line has the little see through filter on it ?
  2. E61 level control fault

    The green relay must that be changed if the compressor is changed, that's also what's stated on the eBay add for the company selling the compressor.
  3. E61 level control fault

    So I've checked with someone sitting in the back the compressor comes on as soon as load applied, the compressor runs for about 30-60 seconds then the level control warning comes. So compressor is working so fuses and relays should be ok? i will check the lines and airbags for any leaks. Also maybe the compressor is too weak to pump to correct ride height in the given time
  4. E61 level control fault

    We're the fuse be for the compressor as o can't hear it coming on anymore
  5. E61 level control fault

    We're did you get it from pls
  6. When I have any passengers in the car (rear seats) I get the level control fault when driving along fault code are 5F99 control time fault lifting rear ring and 5F9A control time fault lifting, these two codes came when I had one passenger sitting behind driver side rear right. when I start the car in morning I hear the compressor working, if I have no passengers I don't get any fault, the suspension does not sag over night, maybe very slightly but starting the vat compressor runs for about 20-30 secs and I can drive with no faults. Faults only come when I have passengers in rear any help pls mine is the lci model
  7. E61 rear suspension not level

    Can you tell me how to set it please
  8. Replacing e61 suspension airbag?

    Did you get it to self level then ?
  9. E61 rear suspension not level

    Could you tell me how to set it please
  10. Did you ever fix this issue ?
  11. E61 rear suspension not level

    I have played around in inpa. I got it to raise and lower i set the value to 0 for the height. Is that right or is there a default button to put back to factory setting?
  12. E61 rear suspension not level

    What do you mean drop? As in all the way down or drop slightly ? mine suspension seems to stay the same it's a little too low as in very slight arch gap but one side lower then other
  13. E61 rear suspension not level

    I don't get any level control warning also so I don't hear the compressor come on when starting the car or switching off
  14. Hi my 2007 bmw e61 msport I've noticed that the passenger side rear suspension sits about 2cm lower then the driver side. I know now they have the air suspension. I've fiddled around with inpa and can manually adjust and can get the compressor to work and raise and lower suspension. Any reason why it's sitting lower on one side please. Thanks
  15. Hi does anyone know if you change auto gearbox bmw 525d e60 so take my old faulty one out and replace with a good working one would it need coding or would I need to change the mechatronic over for it to work? Thanks