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  1. E61 tailgate boot wiring

    Just finished, had to use solder and heat shrink as the heatshrink solder butt plugs ran out which took twice as long exteded both loom loom on each side by 6 inches, only the coax and washer hose was left untouched. Inly thing is is to put trims back on and see how I can put the metal brackets back on
  2. E61 tailgate boot wiring

    Can’t see any on there website
  3. E61 tailgate boot wiring

    I’m on the second loom on right side, 2 wires there also completely snapped off. Ran out of solder butt connectors, anyone know were I can get some from other then online
  4. E61 tailgate boot wiring

    Did you see what side the wiper and glass screen open is on
  5. E61 tailgate boot wiring

    Mine the reverse not working on both side and one fog not working on the driver side loom from we’re it comes into the car one part of the loom goes up to spoiler area and other part of loom goes into tailgate are you extending both parts ?
  6. E61 tailgate boot wiring

    Started doing the repair yesterday, 2 wires were completely snapped off and 2 had deep cracks these were both on the rear right loom. My heated screen, rear wiper, One fog and reverse lights both and split tailgate do t work. Are these all on the right loom (driver side ) ? I’m using silicone wires with solder butt sleeves with 6” extra wire for all. I had to cut the loom near the tailgate side to allow the slack and now will rejoin that cut part too aswell as the extended wires
  7. E61 tailgate boot wiring

    Do you know the wire sizes mm or awg pls
  8. E61 tailgate boot wiring

    Ok so will the silicone wire be ok as tri rated hard to find
  9. E61 tailgate boot wiring

    Which gauge Awg is needed? so anyone used the tirrated Cable
  10. E61 tailgate boot wiring

    So does both side loom need fixing ? As I have fog lights out and heater screen also any link to we’re I can by the silicone more flexible wire
  11. E61 tailgate boot wiring

    So add extra 6 inches to exhausting loom. Will that prevent it breaking again? my left fog works, boot opens, right fog don’t work, heater, wiper and wiper don’t work does that mean only one side look broken?
  12. E61 tailgate boot wiring

    We’re is the break in the wires ? Near the hindges ?
  13. E61 level control fault

    I think I will have to do the same the intake line has the little see through filter on it ?
  14. E61 level control fault

    The green relay must that be changed if the compressor is changed, that's also what's stated on the eBay add for the company selling the compressor.
  15. E61 level control fault

    So I've checked with someone sitting in the back the compressor comes on as soon as load applied, the compressor runs for about 30-60 seconds then the level control warning comes. So compressor is working so fuses and relays should be ok? i will check the lines and airbags for any leaks. Also maybe the compressor is too weak to pump to correct ride height in the given time