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  1. Active cruise control

    To make us pay more. It has always been Audi/Merc/BMW strategy. Rear electric windows were still extra when almost every golf had them. Same with active cruise. Got an insignia on holiday... Could not believe the tech in that car. I think a 5 series with that tech would have been 60 grand. Funny bit is BMW probably fit exactly the same components to their cars... At the end of the day, BMW does not manifactur active cruise control..they buy it from Bosch or valeo like vauxhall.
  2. Looking at a 550i tomorrow, advise please!

    The add is trying too hard to be honest. I hate the "high spec" , "lovely colour combinaison" , " you will not find another one at that price" sounds home dealer to me. Mileage very lekily to have been altered. And then pre-lci so check the inside. Bit of a marmite. Personally, I hate the door handles.
  3. New MOT rules woes

    Is it easy to steal a dpf? I can see the dfp used market going mad and of course... Theft.
  4. Discounts on new

    that discussion made me laugh. Poor dealerships... almost feel sorry for them... well, read on: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/motoring/columnists/mike-rutherford/9257534/Mr-Money-rich-list-of-the-motoring-world.html
  5. Collection day!!

    Oh 520i... Never saw any review of it in any magazine..probably because these spoilt children only want to test drive big engine.. see how many M5 reviews there will be... keep us updated... I had this one on my radar.
  6. G31 Dash Cam Install (in less than an hour)

    The day BMW finally realises they have 95% of the hardware (surround view) to implement a dash cam from factory, they will charge £5,000 for it plus yearly subscription of £750 to BMW cloud platform...so best to stick with halsford
  7. Discounts on new

    In my experience, drivethedeal has better discount than carwow. Check the discount on 530d now!
  8. Instrument displays..

    I know you did not ask but give me the first one any time. The PlayStation ones are terrible
  9. Collection day!!

    How much mileage did you get of it the E60? My 525d is 155k after 10 years. Only got £310 of repairs on it over the 10 years. I think the g30 will a major step up. I keep driving rental cars for job and recently an insignia on holiday. In car tech has moved on a bit... On the negative side, I doubt all these gizmo will last as long and will become obsolete quickly.
  10. Impressive specced F10!

    No rear heated seat. No 4 zone climate. It is just a show off spec like the night vision. This car is a future money pit. All these Gizmo will break down soon being a modern bmw. Some might even be MOT failure from April 2018.
  11. Speed Limit Display?

    It is on the £20k Vauxhall insignia I hired this week on holiday... As well as HUD And surprised how well it works.
  12. Options prices for 2008 LCI

    Folding mirrors were £300. Cornering light were part of visibility pack: £500 Bmw options list are much longer than that and you are missing quite a few. Mine had 7k of options and we only have the mirrors and xenon in common.
  13. High Mileage E60 LCI Advice

    Agree. 12k miles a year for a diesel 5 is too low. Dfp issues guaranteed.
  14. High Mileage E60 LCI Advice

    10 years old 525d auto 154k miles Total cost of repairs over 10 years (above normal maintenance) : £290 Things to remember is cars are engineered to last 7 years and 10 years old is pushing it. I am considering letting mine go soon as I cannot imagine the next 10 years will be as reliable. Part exchange price are now derisory... £2000 for a golf for example so mine will probably go as scrap for £ 4000. So you should get a good example for your budget. Do not get too hang up on the mileage.. these cars are more reliable if used regularly and on long drives. The low mileage cars will be less reliable. Best to find a motorway cruiser at 200k than a city one at 60k especially with dpf.
  15. Intro & Question Before Purchase

    ah... one of my favourite dilemma... 520d or 530d? 530d + Used to be Smoother and quieter but not sure there is much in it now... I read the 520d has been encapsulated ... and I was very surprised when I heard one (I was walking)... seems very quiet. More reliable? It was the case back in the e60 and f10.. not sure now. Power ... that the big one. 520d + Better economy (not much on motorway though from my experience in both e60 520d and e60 530d.) I cannot remember who but one review said it was a nicer car to drive as less weight on the front wheels. The journalist preferred the 520d