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  1. Interior Colour Choice

    Did not like it? I found black dull and cream ... Well too light.
  2. Interior Colour Choice

    Anyone went for cognac?
  3. Had my 535D on the dyno this weekend!

    Incredible. Would be good to time it 0-62 when you have your new tires and a dry day! Must be sub 5s
  4. 2007 E60 523i (LCI) Xenon

    When dark. Light on auto. Indicator left Turn wheels left up to full lock Car on park Go out and see inner light left. I will be on and right one off To be honest, if you wonder if you have it, then you do not. Very weird first time I drove my car in the dark Years of ownership later, it is still weird the way the light follow the steering wheel. Once again. If you wonder, pretty sure you do not have it. It was a pretty expensive pack at the time and pretty rare
  5. How far did your DPF go?

    I should have said. Mine is at 150k miles... And wondering how much life there is left in it. I know some will find the question boring but I do not intent to remove it so wondering when I will be it with a dpf bill.
  6. How far did your DPF go?

    Looking at what mileage your DPF failed / needed replacement.
  7. E60 Timing Chain recalls

    Bmw does not manufacture chains. More likely that the purchase department kept lowering the price to the suppliers who in turn had to cut corners in the tooling which is manufacturing the chains. Also, more and more goods are built with a calculated shelf life... Google Samsung TV. By that, I mean BMW does not want their cars to last 10 years / 200k miles with no issues. It is not good for them. 50% of car manufacturers revenue comes from parts. If cars were going to become 100% reliable ... They would need to make them twice the price to survive. So, parts are designed to live no more then needed ( ideally warranty period).
  8. Engaging N, shift out of P without engine

    Make sure your gearbox in on N before breaking down or is it going to be a challenge to pull the car on the tow truck !
  9. BMW Bavarian motor woe

    Another translation. BMW dealers make a killing by: - By appointing badly paid young engineers who just plug the car to a computer which tells them what to change and assumed it is correct as the computer says so. - Charges parts with one billion markup and replace the wrong ones. - Charges one billion £ an hour.
  10. Not shooting you down but what is wrong with an osram or Phillips? I do not understand. Bmw does not manufacture bulbs. There will be osram, Phillips or another from a well known brand from factory.
  11. Scratched the car!......

    Sorry... but we all have done stupid things like that...it happens... do not discard independent body shop... when I scratch my bumpers... (did not see a post) .. my local body shop was cheaper than chips aways... and did a proper repair with full bumper paint... you might be surprised how reasonable these guys are and the quality of the repair.
  12. How secure is your car...

    just ebay CIC upgrade... or leather upgrade ... year ago, I was looking for a interior upgrade for my old a4 audi which did not have 3 proper seat belt... found a nice leather one compatible ... it was in Poland... so I asked for a price without door cards as I assumed it was a LHD... the guy replied and said... no it is a RHD interior! At which point, I understood it was probably a stolen British car and did not proceed. Since then, I have not bought any car part on ebay... I think we are just promoting car theft.
  13. Keyless Theft

    I think the comfort access makes it a much better car........ to steal.
  14. How secure is your car...

    I think owning a expensive car is more worry than pleasure this days...but I thought a 520d was pretty boring and immune to that until one brand new one was stolen in my town recently... A friend of a friend.. do not know if it had comfort access... Did not know comfort access was designed for thieves so they can steal the car with little work.. how kind of car manufacturers... Will be interested to see how much more a BMW with comfort access costs to insure in the next few months...
  15. 530e - Just orderd

    The accountant showed me that the hybrid tax was going up much quicker than the diesel... Cannot find the email. Anyway. Thanks for the info.