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  1. New ones always on the rear, and it's nothing to do with being able to control oversteer in the conventional sense. In the wet, the tyre's ability to clear water is proportional to the tread depth. If the rear tyres have less tread than the fronts and you hit deep enough standing water on a bend, then the fronts will grip and the backs will aquaplane. If that happens it'll go sideways fast, and you're not going to catch it. Oversteery fun can still be had by putting rubbish quality tyres on the rear, but I'd make sure they have as much or more tread than the fronts.
  2. KingOfTheHill

    Anyone got a bit of love for old Fords?

    oops - double post
  3. KingOfTheHill

    Anyone got a bit of love for old Fords?

    From front to back: 1982 2.8i Ghia X Estate - Auto 1981 2.3 GL Auto (minty fresh with only 48k miles, sold it on eBay) 1983 2.8i Ghia X Saloon - Manual 1984 2.8 Ghia Estate - Auto (rotten as a pear at the end, sold to a banger racer for over £1k) They are metric wheels and tyres on both 2.8i models, but previous owner had fitted non-sport springs so the estate's ride height is wrong.
  4. KingOfTheHill

    Anyone got a bit of love for old Fords?

    I've always had a bit of a thing for the MK2 Granada, having owned 8 over the years including for a brief period 4 at the same time. Only two left now, neither of which have been on the road for a decade. Just another thing I need to get around to at some point...
  5. KingOfTheHill

    Cost to repair jacking points

    It was a place called Car & Truck near Bristol. I'd highly recommend their welding guy who appeared to do a really thorough job, but the paint shop part of the operation wasn't quite as reassuring. Here's the NSR in progress showing how much material was removed, and the newly-constructed jacking point support. They put a lot of waxoyl in afterwards too.
  6. KingOfTheHill

    Cost to repair jacking points

    That's in the ballpark of what I paid to have my Touring sorted. Exhaust, tank and prop off, then both rear jacking points were completely rebuilt using thicker metal than original. You might get lucky and find a fabricator that'll do it for less, but the decent bodyshops I talked to were in that area. It was at the MOT failure stage, and as the alternative was breaking the car I didn't have much choice.
  7. KingOfTheHill

    540i Exhaust Mod Options

    If be very interested to find out what it's like with just the one rear silencer removed. I think the dead-end one is a resonator, so leaving it on may reduce the tendency to drone a bit a certain rpms. Easy to get the second removed later if it's a bit tame with just one gone, although extra expense. Also - hang on to any bits you take off.
  8. KingOfTheHill

    E39 540i Sport - Delivery at Last!

    I had the back box and resonator (the two 'scuba tanks') replaced with a single pipe and original-looking trim for £75 (5 years ago though). No MOT issues so far, and it's added an extra element of entertainment to compensate for the sub-20mpg. It's not that intrusive on part-throttle, but is pretty loud at full-throttle. The good thing is that if you get the original removed carefully, you can always put it back to standard if you find it a bit much.
  9. KingOfTheHill

    Hi - Finally got a BMW worth talking about again

    That scuttle shake feeling could well be the rear subframe bushes. While you're checking things out, pop the jacking point covers off and have a poke around for us in the sills. The tailgate is unsightly, but it's rust there that'll kill a car.
  10. KingOfTheHill

    Best and Worst thing about an E39

    It sounds like a fleet combining a rusty e39 with a galvanised Pug 306 is a common combo here - there's three of us at least. I love the ride, handling and performance of the 540i. Modern cars feel dead in comparison, and give nothing like as much feedback. I'm not so keen on the cost of keeping it going - coming up next: subframe bushes (again), rear tyres (never ending) and an aircon service.
  11. KingOfTheHill

    New member 540i tourer

    Apart from the auto gearbox that's close to my ideal spec - hope you enjoy it. PS - replace the timing chain tensioner immediately, unless you've evidence it's been done. Fuel filter too.
  12. KingOfTheHill

    New member 540i tourer

    Sorry, should have been clearer - that was directed at the OP. A 540i Touring popped up on the Pistonheads Bargain Barge thread, and was the subject of much admiration before it sold.
  13. KingOfTheHill

    New member 540i tourer

    Have you bought the black one that was on AutoTrader? That's a good-looking car, and not bad value given the apparent condition. Did I see two air fresheners in the pictures though? What do you reckon - dog owner or smoker?
  14. KingOfTheHill

    Touring boot strut replacement

    I guess you've seen this video - the simplest way looks to be to cut an access panel in the roof skin... https://youtu.be/TjVnTPZ7j4k?t=145
  15. KingOfTheHill

    540i rough cold idle -inlet gaskets

    Have a read of this first: http://www.meeknet.co.uk/e31/BMW_M60_M62_M62TU_Vacuum_Leaks.htm