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  1. 2000 BMW 540 touring auto 106k feeler

    That could be it - it would partly explain the number of pre-facelifts with the SE setup.
  2. V8 curiosity

    We had a forum meet at a local rolling road a few years back where my non-vanos 540i was recorded at 301bhp and 375lb/ft. If that's accurate I'm pretty happy with those numbers. It fits with my experience of driving E39 M5s - the 540i isn't that far off until you get to higher revs.
  3. 540i cuts out after hot start

    My 540i did something similar. First time it was the cam position sensor (just one on a non-vanos car), second time it was the MAF at fault.
  4. Headlight Bulbs

    Osram Nightbreaker Extreme here, and they're a very worthwhile and simple improvement. Brighter bulbs have a shorter life than standard though - I'm getting about two years out of a set.

    Do you have the part number? I'm looking for a 64118374994.
  6. Excuse the potentially dumb question, but how much work is it to fit these to a 1997 car, currently without heated seats?
  7. 2000 BMW 540 touring auto 106k feeler

    My understanding was that pre-facelifts came with sport suspension by default, with the standard setup as an option. As for how many Tourings are left, I think it's a lot more than 19.
  8. How many 540i/6 tourings on the forum?

    Occasional forum visitor here, with a '97 540i/6 T. I think this has been discussed before - a search might turn something up. Have you checked your sills yet? Mines booked in for some extensive welding next month...
  9. That rust thing...

    £2500 each (eek!), or for the pair? Would you be able to give a rough breakdown of those costs? I've got some similar work coming up and would like an idea of what to expect.
  10. Sport Touring SLS - ball joints tutorial?

    My mechanic almost stopped talking to me after I got him to do my touring rear balljoints. I'd seen the saloon tutorial and thought it looked OK, but the touring is apparently much, much harder. FWIW my squeak has returned about a year on, but this time it's looking like one of the other bushes rather than the balljoints.
  11. E39 540i Overheating

    I also had a nightmare tracking down a faulty expansion tank cap. OEM all the way on that one.
  12. Washers

    Hello - apologies for the tiny order, but at least you'll only need a 2nd class stamp to post them. I need a pair of washer / seal thingys - 2x part number 07119963355 Thanks in advance.
  13. Would appreciate pics when you have them - particularly the areas of the tailgate that are usually rusty.
  14. Rocker gasket replacement

    Has anyone actually replaced their M62 rocker covers with new? I had the gaskets replaced a while back, but they leaked again quite quickly. The diagnosis was that the mating faces of the covers were corroding and would never seal properly. As a cheaper option, can the covers be sanded down / professionally refurbed / bodged with silicone?
  15. Sudden change in ride "feel" E39 525 80k miles

    If it's on the original shocks that would be my first suggestion too. I found OEM-spec Sachs units at a very good price from a UK seller on eBay.