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  1. Can I do it this way?
  2. I had a new battery fitted yesterday then got this error code might not be connected. I noticed my wife had a load of rubbish under the seat could she have knocked a connector? I also noticed water had been spill on the seat. Any ideas how I can fix this ? Thank you.
  3. Just had a new battery fitted by the AA he said it didn't need to be registered as he used a power save or something. Do I need to register it? Thanks
  4. Thanks Jake13 I am a bit of a notice which Dis and Inpa. Which one is easier to use? and can you send me basic instructions on how to start it , Read codes, Delete codes etc. Thanks for the help.
  5. I have code reader from Cable shack should i use dis 57 to read the codes.
  6. Update called the AA out as I have parts and labour cover and they said the battery was faulty so they replaced it. Since then the clock has lost the time again and now the passenger seat occupancy sensor is going off is this connected? Does the battery need to be registered he said it didn't. Thanks for the help
  7. Think the battery might be going on my E60 520 lci. Few things I have noticed the battery sign flashes up after a few minutes if engine is off. Clock keeps resetting and Battery increase discharge yesterday appeared. Should I try and charge the battery first? If not where is the best place to get a replacement? Thank you.
  8. I drive said front right parking lamp. please see below pictures can anyone help me which one I have to buy and is it easy to fit? thanks
  9. I have just changed the thermostats but still have the following code 4030dde I haven't driven the car as I am at work but the mechanic said it would not re gen with this code is he right? I know I need at least half a tank of fuel can I try and get it to do a re gen by driving in 4th gear for 20mins ? how much would a exhaust sensor be? what are my other options should I delete the dpf? thanks for the help
  10. Don't have the manual could someone attached it please? thanks for the error code I had a look and it sounds like a bad earth.
  11. No I haven't what would this do and how do I do it? can you also tell me how I forced a re gen is dis while the car is moving. Just started using dis so still a novice. thanks for the help
  12. Need both Thermostats for a 520d + the right amount of coolant. Car is a lci but older 4 pot engine. Thanks
  13. Before I cleared the codes
  14. I run diagnostics and got the following it had a new turbo 20k ago. I put some dpf cleaner in and thrashed it and it pulls through the gears a lot better now. I have a 300 mile trip tomorrow and might take the bm instead of the work car to try and flush it through. What do you think? I know both thermostats are knacked as the temp is always around 65c and I take it this is why the dpf is blocked. Would the first step be to change both thermostats? would it be worth getting a terraclean? i know it has had two 02 sensors in the last six months could they be fitted wrong? any help would be great thanks
  15. How can I fix it can I do it myself ?