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  1. Hi all, Just brought a 2006 530d without the dvd or cd changer but with bluetooth connectivity, and then found an iphone connection cable in the glove box. I have a 4S, I plug it in and nothing happens, the phone doesn't charge, and the aux input on the display doesnt change either. Ive taken the glove box out the car today to see if I could check if all connection are ok or if the cable had been damaged but OMG, behind the centre consol is rammed and I can't see anything. So couple of questions: 1, anyone else experienced this, and is it due to the cable only working for a 3 or 3S, 2, how and wear is the cable generally connected? 3, how the hell do you get access to the rear of the centre consol/radio where I would imagine the connection is made? I have had a brief search of the forums but cant find anything specific. Any help is very much appreciated. Regards Czesdm