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  1. No idea what that red thing is, looks like tape or something, very odd. Since you have already replaced the injectors, it maybe worth checking if the CCV is functioning properly as these are know to cause fluctuating idle when they go bad. A quick way to check this is to open the oil filler cap when idling there should not be much vacuum, if it's difficult to open the cap and there is a lots of suction then the CCV valve is knackered.
  2. If yours is the N53 530i then that's the wrong firmware you've loaded, you require 8603176.
  3. I used my normal DCAN cable with winkfp, I used jump leads connected to another vehicle with engine running, no problems with the DME flash which took about 3 mins. Other modules I've flashed successfully are EGS and DAB. Modules that I'm aware to avoid with DCAN are GWS (gearshifter ecu) which fails signature checks and the ones on the MOST optical network such as CCC navigation etc.
  4. Since fitting my NOX emulator I've also updated my DME to the latest firmware, bimmerprofs analysis shows that older firmware had incorrect rough-rough algorithms. Mine was old firmware from 2008 according to INPA UIF, I used WINKFP to update to the latest for N53 530i DME OLD 7611492 DME NEW 8603176 So far so good no issues to report.
  5. OEM DAB Retro-Fit Guide

    You can change the VIN on any module using NCSEXPERT, see the following video (note 36 secs in is where you change the job to FGNR_SCREIBEN)
  6. OEM DAB Retro-Fit Guide

    Try a another DAB module first.
  7. new Injector or secondhand

    Good to know carparts4less do indeed supply index 11 injectors at a good price, will bare that in mind for sure.
  8. OEM DAB Retro-Fit Guide

    Also might be worth trying to remove $654 from VO recode whole car again back to standard, then change VO again with $654 and only code the five modules listed.
  9. OEM DAB Retro-Fit Guide

    No it's not
  10. OEM DAB Retro-Fit Guide

    These are the traces of the 5 modules which I coded after changing VO to $654 FSW_PSW.CAPPL FSW_PSW.CAUDI FSW_PSW.CGATE FSW_PSW.CHOST FSW_PSW.CTUNE
  11. OEM DAB Retro-Fit Guide

    Let me get my trace file this evening for you to compare
  12. OEM DAB Retro-Fit Guide

    Mines a 57 reg LCI, yes my DAB had very old firmware from 2007 when I installed it which worked fine before and after update. According to my UIF here are my zb firmware revisions: CCC = 9193878 (date stamped Oct 2008) MMI/CCC = 9185624 (date stamped Oct 2008) ASK = 9185547 (date stamped Oct 2008) DAB = 9119359 (this was before firmware update - date stamped Feb 2007) Once mine was coded the DAB menu was immediately seen in the entertainment section of the i-drive. I suspect your DAB unit could be faulty.
  13. OEM DAB Retro-Fit Guide

    So just to be sure you did amend the VO on both CAS and LMA and check afterwards it remained before coding the car? Also not sure if it's a typo but should be $654 not S654. The fact you have coded the whole car means all related modules should be coded. As a last resort you could try upgrade the firmware to the latest version using WINKFP, I actually did this recently no issues with the flash procedure and only took a few minutes, obviously only if you are very familiar with WINKFP and it's set-up correctly to avoid bricking the DAB module.
  14. Here you go https://bimmerprofs.com/shop-noxem129-130/ No more re-occurring NOX related fault codes for me, car runs and idles smoothly and most importantly it runs stratified when required.
  15. new Injector or secondhand

    How much did you pay for the injectors in the end? Not that I have any issues but preparing for this in the near future.