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  1. paullyjay

    How do I adjust idle speed, M30 3.5

    I know this is an old thread but I found it (first result on Google) while I was looking for the same answer and need to add the following link to clarify that you CAN adjust the idle... Instructions: https://blog.bavauto.com/11511/bmw-throttle-stop-and-idle-adjustment-diy-how-to/ Cheers!!
  2. paullyjay

    e39 Alcantara

    Good to know - I'll keep my fingers crossed as I don't seem to be having any luck locating some good front seats...
  3. paullyjay

    e39 Alcantara

    It was definitely an option, you don't see them very often, and when they do come up the drivers seat is often quite tatty... also available - just about every bit of interior trim you can think of... Here's a picture half way through my interior change... it has a very tasteful 'solicitors pinstripe' thought the middle...
  4. paullyjay

    e39 Alcantara

    OK - No Worries!
  5. paullyjay

    e39 Alcantara

    Hi, is it possible to get hold of alcantara front (sport) seat covers for an e39?
  6. paullyjay

    E39 Technical Graphite Trim Set

    is this still available?
  7. Hi There, I'll take this if it's still available? Cheers
  8. paullyjay

    E39 Sport Front Bumper in Titan Silber

    Hi All - looking for an E39 Sport Front Bumper in Titan Silber in good condition, Titanium Silver, PCD holes if possible and spot lights and corner trays if possible too... Money waiting - I'm in the South West area near Swindon Cheers Paul
  9. Hi, is the front bumper still available? Where are you located? Cheers
  10. paullyjay

    Best Brake Pads from Euro...

    OK - I can now report back... I have fitted the ATE pads over Pagid discs and covered about 1400 miles... They are Sooo much better than the half worn Bosch pads I took out of the callipers... smoother and more progressive braking and almost no fade from high speed. I will post a picture of the pads that came out as I think they had actually started to come apart and were rubbing in weird ways on the discs which was causing the odd groaning noises...
  11. paullyjay

    Best Brake Pads from Euro...

    Thanks everyone for all your replies - I bought ATE pads today - I will report back on performance and noise later! Also - when I come to replace the front discs, I have a set of sport carriers and callipers, does anyone know if the callipers are the same and I can just put the carriers on with bigger discs or do I need to replace the whole lot?
  12. paullyjay

    Titanium Silver e39 530d SE Manual (51k) My first e39...

    Well, it has ben a long time since my last post in this thread - TBH not much done in the last few months... but here is a quick synopsis... I'm not really sure how this happened, but I came back to my car in the carpark and found a fookin great big dent in the rear door next to the drivers door handle!!! It's been getting on my nerves for ages now... Picked up another one in the right colour from Tesla (top bloke) and fitted - annoying dent now gone!! And having put another 10K on the ODO - had to get the ramps out and do another oil service... More coming up soon - suspension bushes, possible gearbox mount or engine mount and new brake pads to try and get rid of the old groaning creaking and juddering when the pads get hot...
  13. paullyjay

    Best Brake Pads from Euro...

    Hi All, I know this topic has probably been done to death, but.... (nothing comes up when I search 'brake pads') I am about to buy some brake pads for my 530d from Euro Car Parts and they have the following makes: Pagid Eicher Textar ATE Bosch I currently have Pagid discs and Bosch Pads - I have not been too impressed with this combo but as I only need to buy pads I don't want to buy a bosch set again... Do any of you have any recommendations or experience of any of the other makes? Cheers Paul
  14. The cable I have is from Jimmy - I know it reports the voltage when I connect - but it always says voltage is low, I can probably borrow a power supply to hook up to the car to do this... Does anyone know if this is a lengthy proceedure or is it fairly quick? Cheers
  15. paullyjay

    Fitting E38 arm rest to E39

    I just read this through again - I still really like that mod (and want it!) bloody good show!