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  1. badwhip

    no factory head unit

    i dont have a factory head unit anyone have the commands to program the settings via a pc? thanks
  2. badwhip

    no factory head unit

    i removed the factory head unit but still have the intravee. i want to beable to program the different options via the pc interface. i have the commands for locking unlocking but don’t have commands to toggle the other features on and off like the lighting features.
  3. well i bought the dynavin and love it and still have the intravee running in the background. the idea i was trying to see if it was possible was beable to turn some of the features on and off via the cluster like the valentine one interfaces does. i figure this could be a possibility since the other device does it for its settings. i want the best of both worlds.
  4. anyway to have the intravee display in the cluster and be controlled with some button to confirm a settings? ill be switching to the dynavin and would like to beable to change some settings. the v1 i bus interface works that way. otherwise i’ll leave the intravee and keep stock radio and plug it in if i need to make changes. anything else i have to do to keep intravee working when radio is absent?
  5. richardp you still around?
  6. some times it’s nice to change up the lights when you unlock the car. and change unlock features from time to time and the auto flip of the mirrors
  7. if that means hooking a pc up to the intravee yes that can be done but not a fun option for me even though most options on the intravee are set and forget. wirh the v1 valentine interface you can change all there option from the steering wheel buttons and using the cluster display. so i thought it be cool to have that kind of intergration with the intravee. with just the common features to turn in and off. i wish the dynavin people got with richard and this intergration they would sell more because of this.
  8. maybe a lite software version could be made to acomblish this?
  9. I know this is wishful and probably never happen but I would love to update my factory radio to one of the factory looking radio that has android running it. The problem is I don't want to give up my intravee and my set up ( alpine Sirius alpine hd tunner, alpine dsp) my idea to this solution would be to have a blu tooth to ibus converter and an android app that mimic what is displayed with the intravee menu so when u push on that menu key to say control Sirius that outputs the correct ibus command via blutooth then picked up by the Bluetooth to ibus converter for the intravee to pick up. In concept it would seem like this would work. I assume it would also have to fake out the intravee to think it's in dsp mode what are your guys thoughts on this? I know someone was working on an Bluetooth to ibus converter for music streaming so the hardware is probably done.
  10. badwhip

    dynavin n6

    I don't believe in an e39 but yes on an e38.
  11. badwhip

    dynavin n6

    I would like to add this in the future as I like some feature it has but I would not be willing to give up the intravee and its feature for it. my question could the intravee every be made to work with it since it has some kind of ibis interface? I also have the alpine dsp and he radio and Sirius. so that another reason to keep the intravee.
  12. badwhip

    dynavin n6

    they are doing something to get the dsp sound system working and the back up sensors to work with the unit. it comes with an I bus box but I see what u are saying that they would need to change there design. I will ask in there forum I'm sure it's a no because of limited people would also want this and that.
  13. can you make an hd radio option button so when your in the now playing screen you can click on an hd radio button on screen so you can go to radio instead of the current set up where you have to scroll to source then make some more scroll to the other side of screen to hot on hd radio. and visa versa make it easy to get back to iPod screen. a hot key would work for me somewhat but other people wouldn't know what key set up for that. right now it take to many clicks to achieve this whole driving.
  14. badwhip

    can you make another hd radio option button?

    yeah that works for me but hard to figure out for anyone else dream bing the car but I will do that. and try to teach that to her.
  15. when I'm listening to songs I play from my iPod every once in a while the music stops. I believe that it for some reason switches to iTunes Radio because as soon as I go into airplane mode my music comes back on. has anyone else experienced this?
  16. badwhip

    blu tooth phone audio problem

    I have factory Bluetooth and intravee. when I get a call I answer it but volume is lower then it should be so I turn it up with volume so I can here the conversation. when I end the call it goes back to whatever I was listening too. the problem is for 2 seconds the radio cd or whatever I was listening to before the phone call plays at the volume of the phone. so I get a two second burst of loudness before it goes back to the source volume. is there anyway to stop this from happening?
  17. badwhip

    blu tooth phone audio problem

    the ulf is the last version bmw made for my model year. what is funny is the two calls I did today were normal. I can get you a log probally be in a week I have to do it on a weekend. I am running the pxa I did RCA mod to radio running aftermarket pp1 amps have modded bmw4 software. and have Sirius sat and hd radio. and a stealthone for the v1
  18. badwhip

    blu tooth phone audio problem

    I'm on build 7064 my Bluetooth audio was fine until I removed the phone cradle in center armrest and replaced it with a storage unit. when I removed the cradle I lost audio for phone until I jumpered two wires on the plug in the center console that the cradle plugged into. but the audio has never been as loud as before.
  19. badwhip

    blu tooth phone audio problem

    I do have the pxa process and it does have the separate audio for blu tooth but it takes about two seconds for the audio to switch when u end a call therefore getting a full blast from the regular audio source. also when your on a the phone and get a nav prompt it is very loud as well.
  20. some of us modded our nav software so we can have nighttime mode . we manual switch through nav screen to get different colors on nav screen at night. problem is we have to do this in morning then again later on if we want it to reflect daytime or nighttime. can the intravee be coded to switch this mode based on the time of day. say after 9pm hit nav menu button and go to night mode then after 8am hit nav button to bring back to days?
  21. I have a pxa h100 and I have it set of pxa direct and when I do that it seems the audio signal is stronger and the nav min max works with this setting but when I go through the connected sources and stop on Sirius sat the source sounds is still from the iPod and doesn't switch to the Sirius input unless I turn radio off on then it switches the audio.
  22. can any ainet controlled device be made to work with an intravee? like Alpine VPA-B211A Vehicle Hub or pxa h900
  23. is it possible to add the mux switch in the tuner mode seek menu with local distance and digital only? also on a side note my local still doesn't work it just continually scans but the other mode work. will a software reload possibly fix this?
  24. badwhip

    Firmware V6.02-7058 and User Guide

    idk if this is related or not but I updated to 7061 and my hd tuner stated to cut out every second and then when I went to scan another station it wouldn't pick anything up like the antenna wasn't hooked up. so I downgraded to another new version 7058 same thing so I went back to the last known working update 7045 and same thing. so I went back to 7058 and unplugged the hd tunner power and it started working. but it was slightly different. in digital only mode I could actually switch to the radio stations other programming via m0 m1 m2 etc. I don't think I was able to do that before or never really tried it but it did this by the arrows on radio while the steering wheel butting actually changed to a different station. when I switched to local mode the radio will not pick up any stations and just scans. if I put it in distant mode everything is ok. I took a log of it.
  25. the intravee screen color is hard to see especially in sunlight. can I mod the mk4 software and change the color of just the intravee screen or would it effect the other nav screens as well? I have changed my nav software for daylight nighttime driving.