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  1. looking good there 5aday, i have facelift ones that are looking a bit shabby now (the tailgate ones ). which ones did you get in the end as iam thinking should i try and revive or chuck and fit aftermkt?
  2. pm sent
  3. try hear ( ) monroe branded or lemforder ( )
  4. chuck a shout out for one on the wanted section. that should help enjoy
  5. tis online ( ) enjoi
  6. rain-light sensor part loom or all wanted longer the better but plug and wires long enough to get from sensor to bottom of dash at least beer tokens waiting
  7. that makes interesting reading clavurion do any get fitted this way
  8. thanks vm & c for the replys so a lcm iv with man lwr will work ok with the dash wheel then (been looking at the e53 ones seem to be more of them about. just have to work out which out of all the various lcm part numbers the best one to go for ) i do like the idea of total oem with level sensors but how much of a paine would it be to do with whe wiring know wds pritty well now done el & h front seats and elec column acouple of years ago and the flappy mirrors will have a look around fbay see if any sensors and brackets and cost
  9. ok need a little help hear at the moment i have lcm 3 but want to have a bit more flexability in the lighting dept, ae's as drl etc which lcm iii does not provide so i have cobbled a few bits together to go oem xennon at same time ( ballasts , brackets, bulbs, bulb adapters etc) now from what i have read as i have man lowering, so i will have to add front and rear sensor's and the lwr module or am i missing somthing ? ps have pa soft, ncs, and jimmys bundle etc, so codeing lcm should not be too much of a problem
  10. a bit of chatter on forums about wind noise after replacement. someware i read about spacers haveing to be used but on asking a few windscreen fitters all were a bit vague on info about them ill see if i can find the tec doc as it had some picks in it even getting main dealer to do it prob is still a bit of a lottery
  11. strut should be marked L R this mark alines with the cutout in the hub 2 i droped mine down onto 4 bits of wood with enough room for me to get under to tighten nuts up with the misses and her m8 sitting in it and with the bumper off
  12. +1 for that one does not matter what make or model all e39s are over 12y old now and even low milage ones still will have worn rubber bits etc owning a car 10+ years old becomes a labour of love as i have found out at the end of the day it allways comes down to the wallet and what it can stand
  13. b8s and eibach 30mm pro springs great ride + 20ish lower in rear via the lappie
  14. spotted in ip6 8** blue touring forum sticker in d/s rear window (HELL0)
  15. not sure if this is any use but i have had a scan of the various starter circuits and prity much all the petrol one are like below starter diagram ( dme motor electronics me7.2 man trans rhd).pdf