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  1. BMW E39 530i facelift breaking.

    pm sent
  2. Lowering Advice for summer time

    iam on b8s and eibach 30mm pro springs does the job well but have to watch the sleeping pods and is a bit to close to the up ramp on my set of ramps even with extensions now looking into building longer extensions
  3. Diamond shape remote key overhaul.

    i used a guy in london sent him a trashed key i had cut open to change battery an screwed it up i wasnt sure if it could be fixed thay foned me so say will be all good 70 quid all in came back looking like a new one working fine now i tend to swap them around every 3month or so to keep them both charged the chap is well known in bmw circles i think but i cant find hes name but i did get it from this forum
  4. 525D Tourer rear suspension play/groan.

    i think you are spot on if every thing else is covered , thay are a known to ware there's the 2 bushings also in the swinging arm but as yet i cant find a proper part number for them as real oem only gives part num for the whole assembly ( doing my rear end in the summer) have you got the tool to remove them ?
  5. camskill

    good to hear people are on the ball with this one , as said i have no probs with camskill and will still be useing them in the future. i picked up on it was their db because i have a domain name email address ware i can use any word before the (@) so i knew were the leak came from unfortunately this is the world we live in and sh%t like this is a fact of life. although iam getting on a bit i got into computers in the early 90s so well clued up.
  6. spam email, beware

    this post relates to camskill not a slag off but a warning camskill,s email db has been accessed see my main post in e39 section just trying to get the message out to as many people as possible as i know the company are very popular with a lot of forum members
  7. camskill

    hi all not sure ware to post this so will start hear got a email yesterday from a company called (alarms construction ) into my in box with a email address which was only used with camskill it was worded hermeas tracking number with hermies headers etc and A LINK TO TRACK ORDER ( IF YOU GET ONE DO NOT CLICK ON LINK ) i have spoken to camskill and thay are aware of this looks like there data base has been raded but was asured only NAME , ADDRESS, AND PHONE NUMBER WAS OBTAINED

    i hooked up a wireless sender first to test one and it worked fine . i have a touring so a bit more hassle wiring, if takeing a live feed from reversing light wire there is some talk about this extra resistance causeing light out warning on dash (will report back on this one) so when i get round to instaling i'am going to run the live via a relay, and see if that works as for the cam i got 3 to test all ok but the handle one no good for a touring so that got put in draw and forgot about one with a big hole curvy as per 1 photo above . and one that requires a hole approx 6-7 mm thats the one i'am going to use hopefully weather permitting should be this weekend
  9. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    yesterday sorted the poor fm/am reception on my xtron head unit, (antenna amp had no turn on +ve feed ) after market headunit . fitted the underbonnet insulation at bottom correctly as not slotting to the two slits (had to use 2x plastic revits inc drilling 2 holes) tucked 2 x wires from dab & satnav antennas inside A piller , (looked a bit s$%ty hanging down ) worked out why seatbelts on front seats were bit sluggish to return when undone (cockpit spayed) the plastic bits on b piller that they run through worked a treat waiting on bmwmini parts to send exhaust bracket thats snapped but not causeing any probs was gonner run wires and relay for reversing cam and sort pdc rear, inner one shot. but wont stop f%$££ing raining in my neck of the woods so will have to wait till next w end
  10. antenna amp wireing

    all sorted dennis the iso loom, supplied by the vendor had a wire from the headunit to white antenna amp pin on car loom but was not powered for some reason so insted used the amp power on wire (in another loom supplied also by vendor ) and all good happy days . now the misses will shut up about the s*&&^ity dab radio ps did anything ever come of them d piller speaker houseings a wile ago
  11. antenna amp wireing

    thanks dennis i have been doing some reserch on this problem and the antenna amp needs to be powered up like a audio amp, well a turn on signal like audio amp anyway. its the white wire as per wds. i know the main power feed (f53) is ok as this also does the rear tailgate and thats ok so iam just gonner make sure i have a turn on feed from head unit first . i have been useing the dab unit but the reception on dab is vairable at best this is not head unit related i read someware if you feed 2x dab aerial feeds from front and rear this can inprove things a bit i like the unit i got but as said in the other post on android units the 600+ quid american unit looks good but iam not sure if its that good i will have a think about what i realy want in way of audio, i dont use sat nav much and any way i have a standalone unit i use in van so not a problem is needed so maybe a high end single din is the way.
  12. E39 Latest Multimedia Head Unit Options....

    thanks dennis (don't know about you dennis but i DON'T do apple ) so that part not fussed about i have had my xtron unit (pf7539bap) coming up for 2 y now and no real problems apart from lousey fm/am reception ( got a dab usb unit conected as well so not all bad on the radio front) also slow responce from the volume etc for the first few mins of turning on ( i posted a queston a few days ago in audio and 39 sections about the powered antenna amp in d piller but no answers as yet i'am not looking to sell car if ever just had this years mot all good etc. i like the look of the units but is it £ 300 + better than what i paid for the xtron iam not sure . to go to the next level in audio world i need to amp up the focal speakers i fitted along with the above unit and get a sub in there someware so yes iam am thinking if i go dsp + amp + sub i might as well have a real good looking head unit, it just weighing up the pro and cons of an extra outlay at that time . as iam having the interior out this summer to finish the reversing cam, headlight washer's, proper headlight selflevel sensors ,i might as well do all the wiring for the audio in one go also i need to get some paint done and fit the boot spoiler i have had in shed for last 4 years remember the group buy so shapeing up to be a bisy summer
  13. E39 Latest Multimedia Head Unit Options....

    thanks dennis round about what i thought incidentally how much better quality wise are they than the chinese ones are they do you reccon
  14. E39 Latest Multimedia Head Unit Options....

    OOOOO thats nice dennis how much landed do you reccon
  15. antenna amp wireing

    hi all could any body tell me what the white .05 wire on pin 13 on n9 to n8 antenna amp purpose is ? (pic below) because in wds the antenna amp has a live feed from fuse f53 iam thinking its a live from when radio is on to wake up the amp as my extron unit does not receve fm very well at the moment when the black antenna lead back of dash is pluged into it i have also posted in e39 section sort of heageing me bets