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  1. have a read of this ( ) you might have to sign up but wlell worth it as dennis said on the list of things to do there is a rear kit with twin outlets on 700-900 euros last time i looked that curves around the boot well on the tourings
  2. PRESS THE BUTTON give yer somthing to do next weekend
  3. mine setup is still work in progress all 51/4 focal 60 and 70w slim fit were about 70-90 quid a set the fronts are componet's managed to squeese tweets into door piller where org's were as a touring the rear's are a bit of a waste of time as fireing into rear seats and no sub or amp at the moment, and still to cold to rip out the innards to run the rca's etc from the fr and still pondering on which amp to get and where to mount it also got to sort the doors with some sound proofing from what i read it a good idea to realy go to town on them in that respect dennis on hear has made a set of d piller mounts up i think and housed he's rears pointing foward maybe something to think about when i have run out of things to do
  4. i got the e39 fit xtron unit 4 month's ago no dab as yet but rest works fine inc reversing cam via wirless link , loaded power amp app insted of stock player and sygic satnav app, one thing i have notice is that if you leave wifi turned on and sit out side yer house as soon as the unit has started up and wifi connects it can over load the system with apps downloading data etc and slow things up for bit eg volume responce so i now have turned wifi off and only connect it to the home wifi under my terms bluetooth works fine with my z2 on android 6.0.1 connects ok with fone still playing around with it may add dab and obd later steering wheel link all works as expected but i would think you would loose your factory fit bluetooth after instaling still over all i'am pritty happy with it so far
  5. l&r on the b8's i fitted last year i think also it has something to do with the spring seats see hear strut install.pdf
  6. happy days no on comeing flashers thinking you are on high beam ?
  7. thats not to bad think i might be going f bay .de .uk shoping later if the misses falls a sleep then ill have a bit more of an excuse to get in a lcm iv to have the angles on as d r l 's
  8. i got all the bits of piper quite a wile ago but as yet not took the dremell to the bumber yet like you have done i would rather go down the oem as poss route so you might have given me a little kick to get things moveing on that front whats a ball park figure on all the bulbs and ballasts etc i was thinking even at 150-200 still lower than a set of zenons off f bay loveing them 5k mtec crees no blueish tint then (one of my pet hates ) nice mot history you do less miles than i do
  9. look great hippy. like to see some night picks, so if i have got it right you converted the standard halogen lamp assy, just by adding the ballasts and the d2s bulb holders + bulbs etc but did not start with xenon lamp assy are you also going to fit the head light wash aswell ?
  10. 26117572664 listed for manual 26111229065 listed for auto according to real oem /// go hear ( )
  11. got these a couple of yesrs ago ( ) but will be swaping pads out this summer a bit to much dust now
  12. i once disconnected my big plug and same thing happened insted of disconnecting the battery first done what i said and all good might be position 2 on ingition switch just dont start engine
  13. if every thing is connected back up turn on ingition to position 1 and leave for 30 seconds or so should go out if every thing is ok
  14. if your temp is ok and your needle is allways reading at 12 o clock all is ok, e39 do run at high pressure mines the same this is why e39 have such a flakey cooling system google picks of rads with a bow in the bottom you will see what i mean and dont over fill expansion tank + check every week as least
  15. ill be doing the rear with the b6's and all the other bits but still not sure about the trailing arm bushes and diff ones well thats at least 2 tourings around for another year