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  1. spotted in ip6 8** blue touring forum sticker in d/s rear window (HELL0)
  2. not sure if this is any use but i have had a scan of the various starter circuits and prity much all the petrol one are like below starter diagram ( dme motor electronics me7.2 man trans rhd).pdf
  3. prob not gonner be pnp ( ) lookie hear enjoy and hear ( )
  4. you wish misses got letter today as well my boy said get it booked in as you might get it washed as well maybe
  5. thanks clavurion for that info i see what you mean took a lookie at wds
  6. would useing a xenon lcm make any difference , or create more problems because of the auto lower function ? when most have wheel on dash that comes with the oem candle / halogen ones that are being upgraded
  7. what off set would thay be?
  8. could be the diversiey module going south or a brake in the wire/coax from the aerial in rear screen diagram from wds diversity module.pdf
  9. if you fancy diveing under the dash i could do with the plugs from the lcm and gm3 and any other ones you can get at with some wire attached to them
  10. running an extron unit e39 spec last 6 months no probs so far also swaped out the stock speakers for some focal slim line 60/70w but could do with a seprate amp to make the most of them price after discount was 285 GBP from website
  11. + 1 for i6 kit came with the torx bolts i think also, and you will need a tube of high temp gasget for the corners see y tube vids and hear ( )
  12. how much service records have you got ? at that sort of mileage rear subframe prob shot and also the hub bushes etc etc does the car seem to tramline? , part numbers hear ( )
  13. i would haggle a bit if you can 600-650 sounds better and as above if heated you will need to do some wiring (how to guides on hear ) and correct switch center
  14. my money is on the slip ring / clock spring had this a few months ago but not every thing stoped working aka no air bag light but did stop cruse and radio buttons if it turns out to be slip ring its a fairly cheep fix via fbay