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  1. time for a new CD changer then...

    been there done that got a new one i got one from a m8 from he's rover75 he was brakeing. but plenty on fbay get somebody to sit up front and press buttons to change disks and listen for noise mine kept jamming up when loading the cd cartridges. ps the cartridges are worth all most as much as the player
  2. M62 not starting

    i do wireing let me know month and year of your car and engine code mines a m54b25 6 pot yours is a s62???? if you look on realoem link in last post you can bring up the exploaded views of all the intake parts iam not so clued up on v8's lumpy bits but the wireing i can trace if i have above engine info edit. opps my fail above link was for wds hear is the one for realoem ( https://goo.gl/z2DLpS )
  3. M62 not starting

    hi have you got this sorted yet? re pic deffo should not suck air me thinks do you use realoem ? hear is a link if not ( https://goo.gl/GZJvUn )
  4. M62 not starting

    i just had a quick look at wds for a 09/1997 m62 // wires to maf = red + tracer colour blue from fuse 1+ (looks like a brown wire which will be the earth) wires to dme from maf = gray main colour + yellow tracer and gray + blue tracer info from 09/1997 diagram let me know m+y mfg also the plug with the springy clip deffo looks like a maf sensor connector if this is any help
  5. M62 not starting

    so solid colour wire no tracer colour then on wires yes ?
  6. M62 not starting

    what colour are the wires of the 2 plugs ?
  7. E39 facelift headlight adjuster

    facelift can't be seperated unless very early ones i beleve ,you have to do them from the back howto's on y-tube long thin torx screwdriver and fingers etc and a bucket load of patience i dnoe mine a few years ago 1st one 2 hours 2nd one 45 mins enjoy
  8. So you service your own car - newbie help

    another sorce for tis online ( https://goo.gl/uuGPRP)
  9. BMW 540i/6 Sport

    speck below Vehicle Identification Number WBADN52000BF06154 Type DN52 Model 540i - EUR Development Code E39 Chassis LIM Steering RL Doors 4 Engine M62/TU Displacement 4.40 Power 210 Drivetrain HECK Transmission MECH Color Sonderlackierung - 490 Upholstery Standardleder/schwarz - N6SW Production Plant DINGOLFING Production Date 2001-06-26 Standard Equipment 210 Dynamic Stability Control (dsc) Dynamische Stab. Control (dsc) 249 Multi-function For Steering Wheel Multifunktion Fuer Lenkrad 438 Wood Trim Edelholzausfuehrung 473 Armrest, Front Armauflage Vorn 520 Foglights Nebelscheinwerfer 534 Automatic Air Conditioning Klimaautomatik 555 On-board Computer Bordcomputer 661 Radio Bmw Business Radio Bmw Business 853 Language Version English Sprachversion Englisch Options 265 Tire Pressure Control (rdc) Reifen Druck Control (rdc) 302 Alarm System Alarmanlage 337 M Sport Package M Sportpaket 401 Sliding/vent Roof, Electric Schiebe-hebedach, Elektrisch 428 Warning Triangle Warndreieck 431 Interior Rr Vw Mirror W Aut Anti-d Innenspiegel,automatisch Abblendend 441 Smokers Package Raucherpaket 459 Seat Adjustm., Electr. W. Memory Sitzverstellung, Elektr.mit Memory 481 Sport Seats F Driver/front Passenger Sportsitze Fuer Fahrer/beifahrer 500 Headlight Washer Sys/intensive Cleaning Scheinw.waschanl./intensivreinigung 508 Park Distance Control (pdc) Park Distance Control (pdc) 694 Preparation For Cd Changer Cd-wechsler Vorbereitung 705 M Sport Suspension Ii M Sportfahrwerk Ii 710 M Leather Steering Wheel M Lederlenkrad 715 M Aerodynamics Package M Aerodynamikpaket 760 Individual High-gloss Satin Chrome Individual Hochglanz Shadow Line 775 Individual Roof-lining Anthracite Individual Dachhimmel Anthrazit 778 Door Sills W Bmw Individual Designation Einstiegsleisten "bmw Individual" 780 M Lt/aly Wheels Parallel Sp.mixedtyre M Lm Raeder Parallelspeiche 785 White Direction Indicator Lights Weisse Blinkleuchten 812 England Version England/irland Ausfuehrung 850 Add Fuel Tank Filling For Export Zusaetzl. Tankfuellung Export 863 Europe/dealer Directory Service Kontakt-flyer Europa 877 Deletion Cross-over Operation Ueberkreuzbedienung Entfall 880 English / On-board Documentation Englisch / Bordliteratur Individual Steuerung Individual Hinweisschild BMW Individual 0490 Lackierung Sonderlackierung "orientblau-metallic", wie Schl.Nr.: 317 as to price toooooo much me thinks mot history looks better than a lot i've seen but still not a 6g car 4 maybe but thats about it i did not look as to private or garage sale ? if i was in the market i would like to have it up on a ramp and under trays off ad check all brake lines as mot history shows slight rusting on some after only a few years but could just be a job worth tester? but looks like car has spent time up in scotland re weather etc
  10. Anyone renting out rear subframe bush tool?

    jimmy aka cable-shack has a touring one might also have a saloon one or know who has
  11. Well that was an easy fix!

    may or maybe not connected to your ploblems but search disa valve repair kit and related tails of flap brakeing up
  12. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    retro fitted xenon ballasts & brackets + a set of osram night breakers , changed oil & filter fixed doggy wiring in tailgate + a new handle 78 f'&^%ing quid in my oldest boys freelander
  13. Febi Bilstein Rocker Cover Gasket vs BMW?

    victor reinz oem for rocker gasget as far as iam aware i done mine 3 year ago all good still
  14. How can I find out my factory spec

    might be just pixels missing common prob with the high cluster if thats what you have if low cluster not such a problen i think might be worth swapping them around to see if its that not a hard job i dont think 3 screws in cluster cover and a couple of trim bits to remove all the switches in cover just un plug then u can winkle the cluster out i think
  15. e39 memory seat wiring loom part number?

    dont think there is one when i did my retrofit i made up my own. but if their is clavurion will know