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  1. supertramp101

    ABS hell (sorry)

    there is a way in inpa to calibrate sas , had to do mine a few years ago when i retroed seats and leckie column. it wa s a pita but worked .have a look in tis online see if any info about doing with inpa
  2. supertramp101


    thanks for that oberlointment, been reading a few posts about this prob we did get it working for a bit by unpluging, died again last week then came back on for a day , then died again looks like thats the boys xmas pressie sorted
  3. supertramp101


    hi all my boys 530d with sat nav etc has patchy audio meaning works when it wants to # replaced ingition switch , the bm54 unit is getting warm ( so has power supply ) is this problem likey to be the radio unit or the amp ? any pointers greatfull supertramp101
  4. supertramp101

    Tools for doing work

    +1 for that dan i buy for the amount of useage thay will get unless you are going to be doing everybodys car large priced tools is a bit of a waste in my eyes if doing suspension work read up about ball joint spliters / spring compressors etc the normal smaller car stuff will not do , due to the size of the spread of jaws required . i buy some silverline tools good enough for diy . think i got a 32mm oil filter socket for around a fiver on fbay and so on half moon spaners , also handy to have a set of very thin spaners for the drop links , the list goes on i have got to know my car inside out over the last 6 years use TIS (https://www.newtis.info/tisv2/a/en/) all the info you will ever need ,and them some also handy is the bentley manual available on the interweb as a pdf 1 other thing get your self some of the rubber jack pads and a jack with a flat pad , i got one of the sudo railway sleepers choped it up into 8 bits screwed 2x togather so you end up with 4x blocks about 300mm high jack pad on each one so if required all 4 wheels of trust them more than axle stands
  5. because the k72 relay in this case is for the mem seats + heat see hear (
  6. supertramp101

    Replacing headlight adjusters

    the hard way from the back , as stated very fiddly i do engineering as a my job so might have helped !
  7. supertramp101

    Replacing headlight adjusters

    done mine about 3y ago, 2 hours first one, 2nd one 30-45 mins its fiddly , but fun got a set of ajusters setting my shed for the boys 5 but he dont seem fussed at mo , bet he will now he driving home in the dark monday . if i remember lots of flufing about with the slotted one if defo the hardest one to do.
  8. supertramp101

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    thanks, for that chaps
  9. supertramp101

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    how far does a 15ml bottle go then ?
  10. supertramp101

    Radiator Vent Nipple

    lookie hear https://tinyurl.com/y8xdd4w5
  11. supertramp101

    MAF recommendations

    if its not right you should get a code for it when you plug in and read them just pulled the invoice for my maf (vdo siemens) total eur 199.90 that was 2016 ouch as to the lowe branded one if maf services are retailing it should be ok (as its what thay do ) maf,s maybe the vdo is now a bit to expensive now to fly off the shelves
  12. supertramp101

    MAF recommendations

    maf are like cam sensors only buy oem or you will be buying twice after a few months me thinks its the same in every aspect of life now cheep will = crap moor often than not vdo is the only way to go me thinks, if maf turns out to be the prob
  13. supertramp101

    MAF recommendations

    i got a new vdo one 3 years ago from germany -> (https://tinyurl.com/y86qemta) zero probs since one thing before shelling out £££ get codes read and check for induction air leaks all the rubber hoses ps i knew mine was f^*&^ because i broke it
  14. supertramp101

    M sports suspension II

    lookie hear https://tinyurl.com/y9b4mp39 and hear https://tinyurl.com/y9ol38oq
  15. supertramp101

    Gearbox oil

    well back in 2010 my trans fluid was changed by bmw when thay done the trans cooler that had rubbed at the front and split cooler was 270 ish labour and fluid took bill to just under £800 ouch a few eople have had an away day to germany to a zf service center and get it done there