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  1. if you fancy diveing under the dash i could do with the plugs from the lcm and gm3 and any other ones you can get at with some wire attached to them
  2. running an extron unit e39 spec last 6 months no probs so far also swaped out the stock speakers for some focal slim line 60/70w but could do with a seprate amp to make the most of them price after discount was 285 GBP from website
  3. + 1 for i6 kit came with the torx bolts i think also, and you will need a tube of high temp gasget for the corners see y tube vids and hear ( )
  4. how much service records have you got ? at that sort of mileage rear subframe prob shot and also the hub bushes etc etc does the car seem to tramline? , part numbers hear ( )
  5. i would haggle a bit if you can 600-650 sounds better and as above if heated you will need to do some wiring (how to guides on hear ) and correct switch center
  6. my money is on the slip ring / clock spring had this a few months ago but not every thing stoped working aka no air bag light but did stop cruse and radio buttons if it turns out to be slip ring its a fairly cheep fix via fbay
  7. as above 97-99 bmw like to keep the head area hot for better combustion = better emissions and fuel economy NORMAL ENGINE RUNNING TEMPS.pdf
  8. i got 2 a wile back well it was 3 i got one of the boot handle ones aswell but no good for a touring shame as quite neat . anyway one requires a hole about 20mm and one less than 10 mil-ishi went for the small one the big hole one ( ) the small hole one ( ) and one of these ( ) all good very clear picture on screen but might hard wire if and when i ever rip out the innards to run audio rca's to the rear and some proper speaker wires ps iam not senile but didnt read your quote mines going in the tailgate next to the handle got to get a live to power a relay and taking a feed from the reversing light to trigger the relay so the power from the reversing light does not trigger dash light warning for lamp out
  9. got this one last week ( ) not recomended for humping out of a basement but built like a tank and as heavy as me thinks but ok if you are just dragging it out of the garage i think in the price £100-150 all about the same just a different mfg name on it hay ho i was over at my local garage have an mot and they had a blue point one looked the same apart from the colour £300+ i was told
  10. will not fit the tourings got one b4 checking now chucked in draw now about to fit a stand alone one had it temp riged up via wirless sender and recever all good at the front on my xtron unit
  11. there you go it's what the forum is all about all ok i see happy days me to but didnt want to say that as it might have put you off till you had hid your head a few more times
  12. i fitted a victor renz which i beleave are oem 2 years ago no probs since, or dealers for it and as above liquid gasget for the for the half moons on vanos unit i used (abro blue)
  13. have a read of this ( ) you might have to sign up but wlell worth it as dennis said on the list of things to do there is a rear kit with twin outlets on 700-900 euros last time i looked that curves around the boot well on the tourings
  14. PRESS THE BUTTON give yer somthing to do next weekend
  15. mine setup is still work in progress all 51/4 focal 60 and 70w slim fit were about 70-90 quid a set the fronts are componet's managed to squeese tweets into door piller where org's were as a touring the rear's are a bit of a waste of time as fireing into rear seats and no sub or amp at the moment, and still to cold to rip out the innards to run the rca's etc from the fr and still pondering on which amp to get and where to mount it also got to sort the doors with some sound proofing from what i read it a good idea to realy go to town on them in that respect dennis on hear has made a set of d piller mounts up i think and housed he's rears pointing foward maybe something to think about when i have run out of things to do