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  1. 19" alloy tyre sizes

    thanks dan ill do a bit of reserch thinks
  2. 19" alloy tyre sizes

    did'nt relise thay could be a problem with 10s
  3. 19" alloy tyre sizes

    iam on style125s for the sunshine 8 & 9.5s et20 and 32 was on 15mm spacers at rear, but a bit to close so going to 10mm on rear this year as dennis said tyre sizes are good alpina 19s wheels are et is 20f and 25r i think
  4. Steering wheel swap - Controls not working

    you will maybe need a newer slipring/clock spring, under the wheel. do a serch for prefacelift/facelift replacement steering wheel swap also later wheels had a 2 stage airbag i noted that you have no light on but that does not mean every thing is ok i had my wheel controls pack up a couple of years ago 12 quid for a second hand one every thing all good cross ref in real oem the slipring part numbers see if the same
  5. Different oil brands - condensation issues?

    i get it as well in the winter short runs / cold days etc, goes once the weather warms up and car get used a bIt more. useing millers oils xf longfife 5w30 BTW
  6. extra £200 for a dealer stamp 8y old car i think not. if the local inde has a good rep than why not. if you are not into diy example the guy i got mine off some 5 and a half years ago a e39 2004 sport touring , had large part bmw and part inde he owned the car for over 8 years and he used both history that shows correct service, i did not give it a second thought, that it was not a dealer had done all the servicing a local car and i know the garage where the work was done. and for the last 5 years it has not been near a dealer or inde as i do all my own servicing and all recepts for oil filters pritty much every penney spent, etc and anyone can check mot history now and that says a lot how a car has been looked after
  7. Seat Heating Retrofit: Open Circuit

    so between p3 and p1 of heat pad you should see a resisrence value if none then pad is open curcit and between 2 and 1 you should see a resistence value of anything between 5k and 20k i would think
  8. 2000MY sport memory seats in 1998 comfort memory seat car

    check out raymonds how to on hear also in my pic on hear there is a wiring diagram that was put together from raymonds and other places inc wds as you are going back in time the plugs might nogt be the same your later type will be yellow me thinks and the older will be black i think also later ones stored memory positions in the module by the motors i retrofitted heated men sports to my bog stanard 525 so nhad to do a lot of wiring but yours should be less of a problem as you should already have power to the motors via your comforts
  9. Auto Transmission on a 1997 BMW E39 523i

    so bbs made the 66's m parres then ? well never knew that
  10. When you can't afford a supercar

    +1 for that
  11. New member

    hi and welcome to the 5 club
  12. NEW 2007 5231i (LCI) owner

    welcome lots of info around posting your question in the e60 section you will get some help and before somebody shouts pictures ! you can post some hear by edit to your post enjoy
  13. The BMW5 random picture thread

    spotted over ip6 this summer
  14. Alloy Wheel modification to fit E39

    yup aquired a set of 125s off a e60 from a fellow bmw5 member , 8x19 and 9.5x19 offset required 15mm spacers and longer bolt set allready done (well sort of )probably done with a dremmel noticeable vibration even after haveing them balanced twice so off to a machine shop bored out? and 74.1 inserts fitted much better and driveable useing as summer wheels and the org 17 66s as winter . genuine bmw so probably better made than a lot of aftermarket jobbies
  15. How Long Have You Owned Your E39?

    5.5 years aquired in july 2012 on 87000 ish now 115277 money spent LOADS selling anytime soon NO