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  1. supertramp101

    MAF recommendations

    if its not right you should get a code for it when you plug in and read them just pulled the invoice for my maf (vdo siemens) total eur 199.90 that was 2016 ouch as to the lowe branded one if maf services are retailing it should be ok (as its what thay do ) maf,s maybe the vdo is now a bit to expensive now to fly off the shelves
  2. supertramp101

    MAF recommendations

    maf are like cam sensors only buy oem or you will be buying twice after a few months me thinks its the same in every aspect of life now cheep will = crap moor often than not vdo is the only way to go me thinks, if maf turns out to be the prob
  3. supertramp101

    MAF recommendations

    i got a new vdo one 3 years ago from germany -> (https://tinyurl.com/y86qemta) zero probs since one thing before shelling out £££ get codes read and check for induction air leaks all the rubber hoses ps i knew mine was f^*&^ because i broke it
  4. supertramp101

    M sports suspension II

    lookie hear https://tinyurl.com/y9b4mp39 and hear https://tinyurl.com/y9ol38oq
  5. supertramp101

    Gearbox oil

    well back in 2010 my trans fluid was changed by bmw when thay done the trans cooler that had rubbed at the front and split cooler was 270 ish labour and fluid took bill to just under £800 ouch a few eople have had an away day to germany to a zf service center and get it done there
  6. supertramp101

    Jack pads and sill condition

    https://tinyurl.com/ydavg5dr (i got a few of them ) look like recycled tyres
  7. supertramp101

    ms43 error code

    mine turned out to be the slipring/ clock spring under the steering wheel
  8. supertramp101

    paint colour

    BLACK SAPPHIRE METALLIC (475) how many touring in this colour ? my oldest just picked up a 530d in the very same
  9. supertramp101

    Passenger Mirror not working??

    re check the plug from mirror to the passenger door module is located ok i have a set from ssdd and tried both of them on the drivers door just to see if thay worked ok when i got them if i remember correctly, you could try that as a quick check if it works ok. if so then its car related
  10. supertramp101

    Recommended Spacers

    dan can you get locking nuts, with a stud conversion ?
  11. supertramp101

    M5 mirror rubber gasket part number

    i would take a guess that if somebody did start knocking them out thay would be a market for them, hell if we shell out 500 quidish for a set of sport under trays now how much is a part worth you can't get kickstarter hear i come shame. thats a real pain i wounder why no part number i bet the 3 pointed star outfit do rubber bits for there older cars what about contacting alpina direct?
  12. supertramp101

    Lake victoria behind driver's seat

    you realy need to lift the carpet a bit to check the foam underlay not soaked as well, and check the front as well as on the drivers side by right hand side of seat under carpet and underlay there is a fuse distro box houseing high capicity fuses if water gets in there it can play havoc with the electrical systems on e39s
  13. supertramp101

    Lake victoria behind driver's seat

    behind door card loads of info on hear about this problem done all 4 of mine when i found a lake behind drivers side seat remove door card and you will see a fome membrain attached to inner door this is sealed with a soft mastic if not applied well a the factory it is then not water tight and water ingress is into car between door card and the membrain and bottom of door cards will show signes of getting / being wet
  14. supertramp101

    M5 mirror rubber gasket part number

    that part on real oem defo looks like the part even says gasget ?
  15. supertramp101

    Exhaust upgrade help

    if you have a touring its not a walk in the park to fit twin outlets left and right i think you have 3 options 1/ cut boot floor pan 2/ branch off org round back of spare wheel well and custom brackets 3/ bumper burner aka link accross behind bumper all versions can be found on you-t i think (schmiedmann) do/did a kit for about a grand there is a 540 touring up in my neck of the woods but not a club member etc ,etc ( keep wanting to knock on door and ask if i can take a look ) i see it a lot mostly mored in a garden off the bypass in ipswich it never seems to go anyware if you go ahead with this put some picks up please there is a exaust fab place a few miles up road from me that do custom ss systems but other things need doing first would look epic but not a must at the moment good luck with the project