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  1. When you can't afford a supercar

    +1 for that
  2. New member

    hi and welcome to the 5 club
  3. NEW 2007 5231i (LCI) owner

    welcome lots of info around posting your question in the e60 section you will get some help and before somebody shouts pictures ! you can post some hear by edit to your post enjoy
  4. The BMW5 random picture thread

    spotted over ip6 this summer
  5. Alloy Wheel modification to fit E39

    yup aquired a set of 125s off a e60 from a fellow bmw5 member , 8x19 and 9.5x19 offset required 15mm spacers and longer bolt set allready done (well sort of )probably done with a dremmel noticeable vibration even after haveing them balanced twice so off to a machine shop bored out? and 74.1 inserts fitted much better and driveable useing as summer wheels and the org 17 66s as winter . genuine bmw so probably better made than a lot of aftermarket jobbies
  6. How Long Have You Owned Your E39?

    5.5 years aquired in july 2012 on 87000 ish now 115277 money spent LOADS selling anytime soon NO
  7. E39 Touring Rear Subframe Bushes

    Rear axle carrier with rubber mounts to body E36, E46, E83, E85, E86 M12 x 1.5 77 Nm E36 M14 x 1.5 140 Nm E38 127 Nm E39, E52, E53 163 Nm E60, E61, E63, E64, E65, E66, E67 165 Nm
  8. Running temperature 525d

    this any help? info below from interweb someware M52 = 92C, Mechanical thermostat M52TU and M54 = Map Control, Mechanical rating 97C (generally run at 92C - 98C at cruise, may drop down to high 80's briefly under load) M62 and M62TU = Map Control, Mechanical rating 108C (generally run at 95C? - 110C at cruise, may drop down to high 80's briefly under load) S62 = 79C, Mechanical thermostat Diesels = 88C, Mechanical Thermostat (I believe the 88C is correct) The Mechanical Thermostats should generally stay above the Thermostat rated temperature, unless going down long gradients using no throttle (lot's of airflow, but no fuel burned) - though that will usually only drop slightly and come backup quickly once fuel is burned in the engine. The Map Control ones will function like the mechanical thermostats above, except the ECU controls a small heater built into the thermostat. It can heat the thermostat up, forcing it to open more and pull engine temps down during heavy loads. The engine temp can vary a lot, but should never cool down much, for very long. Most of the time you should be in the ranges I stated above. Do be aware, with the Map Control ones: The small heater can burn out, and the ECU loses it's temperature control mechanism - it will them run at the High temperature that is the Thermostats mechanical rating, and should be replaced, ASAP. Diesels can have an EGR thermostat too, which can cause warmup issues. I'm not experienced with E39 diesels though. enjoy
  9. 55w HID Kits

    you must have had a lookee under my bonnet hippy dont think you can beat oem picked up a couple of ballasts of ebay , brackets from of all places italy (oem new ) d2s adapters ebay , and osram bulbs hefty price but wel worth it also mtec led halo bulbs total £200 ish but wife loves the inproved lighting so much now i dont have to do the tesco run now if its dark
  10. ATE discs and ceramic pads - anyone experience with these?

    i got ate disc's the ones with the wavie lines up front but normal pads which seem a bit soft as lots of dust but do stop well and no shudder etc will be doing rears with ate disc's next year but unsure what pads do use also thinking of changeing out the soft front ones
  11. Seat wiring help required

    hi this may or may not help i drew this one up from info on hear but mainly(from raymonds how to on retro fitting leckee seats ) ( https://goo.gl/ziU4pf )
  12. Mr

    Got some photos but keeps saying too large to attach get a photo resizer app/ prog i have to resize all fone fotoes if i need to send them as sms,mms
  13. The Darkbmwlord and his E39 on a shoestring...

    another day, another little bit of lerning, e39's are such fun but as said above , if you dont mind getting down&dirty with the spanners , costs can be kept in check. ps loved the sunday give away
  14. Wiring help

    never had any probs with crimped connectors in auto wiring or 240v just use quility ones and a good crimping tool in my day job i use crimped conectors on many repair jobs and tec mod jobs and the specks for the mod are devised by our qc dept on 12v crimps i also cover joint with heat shink and if a few wires in the loom i stagger joints then rewrap with loom cloth tape just done a chunk of loom in my boys freelander tailgate with no issues . and 3y ago the retro fit electric & heated seats mod and all good still.
  15. time for a new CD changer then...

    been there done that got a new one i got one from a m8 from he's rover75 he was brakeing. but plenty on fbay get somebody to sit up front and press buttons to change disks and listen for noise mine kept jamming up when loading the cd cartridges. ps the cartridges are worth all most as much as the player