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  1. mac27040

    iPhone X and Intravee

    pm me and i can send you a link so you can get developer profile and latest beta
  2. mac27040

    iPhone X and Intravee

    right i'm running iphone 8 with latest developer beta version (11.2.5 beta version 15D5049a) and intravee firmware v6.02-7146, only issue is that when selecting intravee on source (CD) it all works but reverts back to sat nav screen on its own after a few seconds if you dont do anything but still plays music fine.
  3. mac27040


    Yes intravee does unlock the car.
  4. mac27040


    Hi Richard, The issue: Remote unlock the book, accidently put your keys in boot then close lid !!! happens to often. As the Z4 doesn't have a boot handle your stuck, also no access through from cabin. Solution if possible: can the intravee send codes so when you unlock boot only it also unlocks central locking doors and delays locking central locking after boot is shut or you have to lock central locking via remote after boots shut.
  5. mac27040

    Rain sensor roof close

    Hi, is it possible for intravee to activate close roof on convertible if rain sensor detects rain?
  6. mac27040

    intravee clock

    Richard, the intravee clock setting dont seem to update or if they do dont retain? this is an issue in the bmw Z4 /E46 type 1
  7. mac27040

    Z4 sat nav screen

    ok thanks for the explanation
  8. mac27040

    Z4 sat nav screen

    Hi Richard, reading the info on the wiring diagrams it does say the CID is controlled via the K-Bus. Automatic positioning: The Central Information Display (CID) is folded up or down automatically when a function of the Central Information Display (CID radio) is activated. The activation is triggered at the Central Information Display radio (CID radio) via the right-hand rotary pushbutton (DDK) ”Navigation ON/OFF” or the left-hand rotary pushbutton (DDK) ”Radio ON/OFF”. Exchange of information takes place with data telegrams via the K bus. For the LC display, the following positions are defined: 0 degree position: Resting position; the display is folded downwards into the recess 30 degree position: minimum position 100 degree position: normal position 108 degree position: maximum position; the display is complete unfolded When switched on, the LC display is first moved into the ”Last Function Memory” position. When terminal R is disconnected, the Central Information Display (CID) is always folded up and the last position is stored. Last Function Memory: This function means that, when the system is started up, the Central Information Display (CID) resumes the function last set on the system prior to switching off. Depending on the last stored position, when the ignition key is inserted the following occur: As of ignition lock position I (terminal R On) and LC display previously folded down: The LC display is automatically returned to this position (Last Function Memory position), as the navigation menu also restarts with the last detected menu. As of ignition lock position I (terminal R On) and LC display previously folded up: A distinction is made between two cases: Route guidance (navigation) was switched on (route guidance pr voice output continues even if the LC display is folded up). The LC display must fold up again automatically (menu item ”Resume route guidance” appears on the LC display). Route guidance was switched off and the LC display folded up. The LC display remains folded up until operation of a button/DDK on the CID operating unit causes a change in the information content of the LC display (not, for example, volume control) or the ”Open/Close” switch on the recess is operated. Fine adjustment with switch: From the ”Last Function Memory” position, manual positions changes are possible. The inclination of the LC display can be changed to improve legibility. The left-hand switch on the recess can be used to change the inclination in 1.2-degree steps in the range from 85 degrees to 108 degrees. The signal from the switch has a direct effect on the servomotor. The new position is stored. Folding up and down with switch: The LC display can also be folded up and down using the right-hand switch on the recess. If the LC display is folded up manually or electrically while the vehicle is being driven, the LC display remains closed when the next trip is started (Last Function Memory position). The LC display must then be folded down using the right-hand switch. Manual positioning: The LC display can also be folded down or up directly by hand without switch operation. The position of the LC display can also be changed manually when folded down. The last valid position is stored. In the case of movement by hand beyond 30 degrees towards 0 degrees, the LC display is folded up automatically. In the case of adjustment by hand from 0 degrees towards 108 degrees, the LC display automatically moves to the previously valid position after the limit of 30 degrees is exceeded.
  9. mac27040

    Z4 sat nav screen

    Hi Richard, is it possible to have an option to keep the sat nav screen from closing and be left up, the reason for this is that it common for the motor to fail and if we could always have it upright / open this this would reduce the wear on it.
  10. mac27040

    strobe hazard lights

    have got it coded no
  11. mac27040

    strobe hazard lights

  12. mac27040

    strobe hazard lights

    Richard, is it possible to incorporate this as an option as in ncsexpert for E46 models "BLINKIMPULS_WARNBLK" change wert_02 to 04 I have tried altering it on my Z4 E85 which is has the line but it wont do it.
  13. mac27040

    Brake force display

    Hi Richard, not sure if this has been requested before but can the intravee replicate brake force display (flashing brake lights) under heavy braking, could work of G force level to activate it
  14. mac27040

    Move mirrors?

    not possible on the Z4 as it doesn't have mirror memory modules like the E46, however a mate of mine has got this working on a rasberry PI setup along with foglight / indicator light up
  15. mac27040


    Hi Richard, on the Z4 when you double press the unlock button on the remote the drivers window drops to help you get in in tight spaces, can the Intravee auto close the window when door shuts without the need to put the ignition on and press the window button.