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  1. dinan5m3

    Intravee switch firmware update?

    Hi, Anyone know if Intravee support is dead? Asking since Richard P. is usually responsive. Thanks,
  2. dinan5m3

    Intravee switch firmware update?

    Hello, After some searching i'm finding that the latest Intravee firmware is 6.02-7146. As for the Intravee switch firmware update, reading the post below, am i to understand that rarely we need switch firmware update? The two switches i have whatever the version they were flashed several years ago purchased. I'm now gearing up to add a switch with 1 AI-Net and 1 Aux. And was wondering if proactive in switch firmware update? Or, not? I don't think i've seen prior post that fixes or addresses problem from updating the switch firmware, so i'm guessing what i have there now from day 1 is okay, especially for my application. Thanks much.