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  1. Yep ! In the event of a claim or accident. it won't take much for a insurance company to wangle out if they can. I spoke to DirectLine and they didn't mind the alteration in wheels and tyres ALTHOUGH they said they would only pay out to the value of original spec in the event of a claim. Makes me laugh that the boy racers who change exhausts and performance of their cars are HIGHLY UNLIKELY to be covered and in the event of an incident their Insurance Company's will not pay out and THEN they can be prosecuted for not having valid insurance. Insurance Company's need to know EVERYTHING, no matter how big or small a mod. It needs to be documented in order to have full, legal insurance cover. EVEN if we change the air filter to a non standard, their need to know.
  2. Stuck with the standard MV2's I was kinda stuck with 245's, runflats. Coming from a Sport E39, I was very disappointed with the ride, comfort and handling of the E60. FINALLY got wider wheels and wider standard tyres and was amazed with the difference..."back to the E39 days basically". It amazes me how BMW would down grade their cars merely to lower omissions and attempt to sell more vehicles. Least they could have done is to give buyers a letter to the effect of " Once purchased we would highly recommend you get rid of the shitty tyres and wheels we've given you IF you want the car to handle correctly".
  3. Easy answer here. Runflats totally ruin the ride of a E60 although worth their weight if you get a puncture. I've just changed my wheels and tyres with new alloys and standard tyres.. 245/35/19's on the front and 275/30/19's on the rear. Its a completely different car now. FAR more stable, far more comfortable and quieter. My 530i sport now is as good as my old E39 was, better in fact. Best thing I've ever done although I had to go out and buy a 17" space saver for the boot !
  4. Hoorah ! A better result. A local BMW specialist sais the new parts will cost £120.00 so he'll do the pipe mod for £ 220.00 all in. He DID mention that there is a fuel line suppressor available BUT think I might as well have the whole thing done, pipes, clips and housings for the £ 220.00
  5. I've done just that Boots. £ 159.00 in the end. They seem in short supply !
  6. BMW have "investigated" the problem and my local main dealer can carry out the work for £ 484.00 inc. VAT. New pipes, clips and housings I believe.
  7. Darkhorse ! I CAN NOT thank you enough, honestly. Love the car but have come SO close to jacking it in over this. In my case she only does it when stationary or when driving with my foot off the throttle BUT the piggin noise is EXACTLY the same. OMG ! She has been into a BMW Main dealer, a BMW specialist AND a private garage and NONE of them found the cause of it although the specialist DID mention, in passing, that he once heard of a fuel pipe link to the noise. Holy fook.....I just can't believe it, after ALL this time and sleepless nights and worry !
  8. What EXACTLY did BMW do ?   Did  they swap ALL the fuel pipes and mountings, between where and where please ??

    1. DarkHorse


      Sorry I completely missing your message until today. LOL. Hope you got rid of the noise by now.




  9. HOLY FOOK ! You are the first person EVER to confirm this. That I'm not going mad. EXACTLY the problem I'm having. EXACT sound and EVERYTHING. Will send your reply to BMW Main Dealer who said they had no idea what was making the noise. You are my hero.
  10. Ok ! SLOWLY getting there. Under the passengers feet, under the car run 4 pipes. 2 appear to be steel brake pipes, 2 appear to be rubber fuel pipes.. The fuel pipes, on most occasions, vibrate quite a bit, producing a VERY annoying noise....it gets louder as the pipes run up the wheel well and into the engine and yet can barely be heard from an open bonnet. I don't think the cause is the fuel filter and pump as I believe they are both at the rear where all is quiet. Despite how it sounds, the fuel pipes vibrate "in tune" with the noise. Any ideas please as I'm going bonkers over this. 20161214_171042.mp4
  11. Many thanks Mr Happy... somewhere to start from.
  12. Brilliant Mr Happy. What size is it...my well is 600mm across. Could you please be so kind to photograph the wheel so that I can match it or see if it has any inner codes on the wheel itself. Driving around with a full MV2 wheel/tyre stuck in the boot isn't the way to go...long term.
  13. Could you check the overall size please. If outer tyre to outer tyre, at the widest point, is no more than 600mm ( 23.5 inches) then it will fit in the well. That said, are the 2007 calipers larger than those on the 2004 model.
  14. Hey...Thank you VERY much for the Realoem suggestion Andrew. Very interesting. 16"'s DON'T appear at all so guess its 17's then BUT the well is a maximum of 600mm across. An 18" with tyre is 640mm SO unless a spare alloy has got skinny tyres not sure even a 17" will fit. Wouldn't surprise me if BMW designed it so !
  15. Yeah ! I DO see suggestions that 16" won't fit over the calipers. 17" perhaps. Has anyone used a 17" alloy as a spare although not sure it will go in the spare well in the boot. Fook me....Guess BMW were out to get a fortune selling space savers.