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  1. billy2981

    E39 body parts

    HI guys, Could I get a price on the following parts please. E39 sport/M5 front bumper with washers: Passengers side front wing: Left side lower sill cover: Right side lower sill cover: Boot lid: Sport wing: Thanks V354EJT
  2. Hi guys As title says. I need a good sport boot lid rust free. Colour not bothered as Ill get it painted. Also need an oem front sport bumper. Colour not bothered but no cracks or repairs. Anyone breaking a carbon schwartz M5 let me know. I could do with both passenger side doors too Tia
  3. billy2981

    E39 HVAC buttons

    could you price up the button set for the HVAC unit please. 64116915812 2001 530d cheers
  4. billy2981

    e39 Accelerator pedal base plate

    Awesome cheers Funds sent now via PP gift
  5. billy2981

    e39 Accelerator pedal base plate

    hello. any chance I could get a price on 35426772702 it should just be the base that the pedal slides on to. also what sort of time frame? cheers billy
  6. billy2981

    E39 Ignition switch

    hello. any chance of a price for 61326901961 please? it should be the ignition switch for an E39 should all be the same? thanks
  7. billy2981

    e39 M5 Carbon Black front passenger door

    damn mate, your too far away for me.
  8. billy2981

    E39 under tray bits

    hi Phil any chance of a price on 51712498989 and 51712498990 also a price on the ones with the air duct hole in them please. cheers
  9. billy2981

    Andrive E39-3

    Is this for the none sat nav cars mate? iirc the cars that had nav needed a loop back cable or something?
  10. billy2981

    Only gone and done it!

    hi guys, not been on here in ages. I just had to say Ive gone and done it! I have wanted an E39 M5 for 5-6 years now and back in 2014 I got one. A 2000 car that had FBMWSH and only 87k miles on her. She was always used as a toy be both the previous owners and did need some work but mostly was great. I spent a few k doing the suspension overhaul, seals and engine work. still had one or 2 things left to do but I did something stupid and took her out in the rain at the end of 2014. I always drove in sport mode (preferred the heavy steering and throttle response) and I had DSC off (stupid) unfortunately I lost the back end in the wet where there was fuel/oil on the road and the insurance wrote her off. I then bought another one dirt cheap that needs a lot of work and I had her in the garage for 2 years up till yesterday. Ive been buying up all the bits needed and just never had the drive to do the jobs. All in all I have £4k of parts (suspension and engine bearings timing wise) the main thing that needs doing is the jacking points and the bodywork. This is what has put me off. Well I have just booked the car in for MOT on Tuesday next week and purchased fully comp insurance with 8k mile, 2 claims (1 fault [M5 write off], 1 none fault[muppet hitting my 530d]) social and commute 9 yr NCB for £361. so Ive gone and done it Ill be driving the M5 about for a bit. Ill be going to get quotes on the body work and using her while I sort out my 530d and fit all the black sport interior in to her and put the sport bodywork on her off the 525i I am breaking. also use her while I do the clutch and flywheel on it too meaning I don't need to rush the jobs on my rest days. Ill also be weighing up if its worth getting the M5 bodywork done fully and then doing all the jobs on the suspension and drive train I want to do then save up and send her in to CPC or mr Vanos and get them to fit all the timing chain guides and tensioners and big end bearing bits I have rather than risk doing it myself as the vanos is putting me off and its an expensive engine to F*** up if I get it wrong. just had to say I am back in my all time favourite car again. cheers hope I didn't boar you too much Billy
  11. billy2981

    Breaking E39 525i Auto

    Hi guys I am stripping a 2001 e39 525i Auto. 185k miles Please don't ask for parts as I am using most of the sport bodywork and Black sport interior in my 530d se. Ill list items as I get them off. Parts: 2.5l engine £200 Engine has done 185k miles but is smooth as silk and really pulls. Previous owner said there is a very small oil leak from the rear rocker cover gasket just above the exhaust manifold. I believe a fairly easy swap if the motor is out? (would love to put a turbo on this and throw it into a smaller car) 5 speed Auto Gearbox £225 Gearbox is lovely and smooth and changes really nicely. No funny noises. The cooling system will be up soon as I get it all off and checked out, it all looks really new and some of the dates on the top pipes suggest it has had the work done recently. thanks for looking, I am open to offers as I got the car mainly to sort my 530d out after someone hit into the side of me and the insurance payed out. billy
  12. billy2981

    Few E39 bits

    Mucho Gusto, Thanks Payment been sent Cheers again Phil
  13. billy2981

    Few E39 bits

    cheers Phil that is the price for the quantity? not each? if so, 3110 6 779 382 Washer X2 £15.49 3133 1 096 664 Front Upper Spring Pad X2 £7.39 3133 1 091 864 Front Lower Spring Pad X2 £6.04 3353 1 133 671 Rear Lower Spring Pad X2 £11.71 5131 8 159 784 Front windscreen seal £25.43 5131 8 159 785 Rear Upper Seal £25.43 5131 8 159 786 Rear Lower Seal £17.00 1112 1 747 162 Nut X2 £ Ill go with just 2 that I need rather than replace them.
  14. billy2981

    Few E39 bits

    Hi, could I get a price on the following bits please? 3110 6 779 382 Washer X2 £ 3133 1 096 664 Front Upper Spring Pad X2 £ 3133 1 091 864 Front Lower Spring Pad X2 £ 3353 2 229 913 Rear Lower Spring Pad X2 £ (M5) 3353 1 133 671 Rear Lower Spring Pad X2 £ Mainly after prices on these: 2612 1 229 431 530D (GV51EVG) Manual Centre Prop Bearing mount £ 5131 8 159 784 Front windscreen seal £ 5131 8 159 785 Rear Upper Seal £ 5131 8 159 786 Rear Lower Seal £ 1112 1 747 162 Nut X4 £ (can you confirm they are the nuts that hold the vanity covers on the spark plugs on a M5 S62?) Cheers
  15. billy2981

    E39 "M5" Style 66 alloys

    Anthracite is a nice colour