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  1. BMW E60 520d SE Automatic. £3250.ono

    Photo added. Boots
  2. Auto gearbox specialists in north west

    Afternoon, Preston Automatic Gearboxes, Preston. Come well recommend and I have used them circa £300 all in extra if they change a plastic sump for a metal one. Yes they are the ones! Boots
  3. Hi All, Time to sell my car due to the purchase of something more suitable. BMW 520d SE. 4 Door. Automatic. Basic Information. Paint Colour. Olivin Metallic 349. Interior Colour. Stoff Fluid/Beige 3 (Alba). Beige trim and cloth. Wheels. Sq set 69s. Tires. Mid range, F 3+mm, R 7mm. Spare wheel. Full set of space saver wheel, jack tools etc. Owned from. 04.02.16. Built. 11.04.06. Registered. 01.05.06. M.O.T. 24.10.18. Mileage. 91k. Key Fobs. 2 in working order. Documents. Full handbook pack etc. Service History. Part main dealer/private garage/owner service. Mechanics. Engine Type. M47/T2 CC Breather Kit. 13.02.16. @ 82???k. Invoice supplied. New Battery. 24.04.16. @ 82???k. Invoice lost. Gearbox Service. 23.06.16. @ 82310k. Invoice supplied. EGR Thermostat. 21.03.17. @ 87342k. Invoice supplied. Main Thermostat. Due a change? MPG has dropped below the usual 40/42. Air con. I never use it. It wasn’t ice cold when I checked. In my ownership oil change every 5k with filter change every 10k, due oil/filter in 2k approx. Bodywork. Paint is (olivine metallic 349) a very pale metallic green that depending on the weather conditions can look bronze(ish), grey/silver(ish) like having a new paint job every other day! Some stone chip marks and the odd car park dent. Boot lid lip has a rust scab ¼ x 1”(ish) that has been touched up in the past and could do with attention soon. Fitted with Front mud flaps, excellent in rural areas. Fitted with Black kidney grills, original silver ones supplied with the car. All doors & the boot work on the remotes. Overall appearance (in my opinion) good/very good for the age, new f/r number plates would add to the overall effect. Car is supplied with an aftermarket boot lid ‘lip’ type spoiler that would need fitting/painting it is of reasonable quality and fit. Interior. Front Seats, are Stoff Floid/Beige 3 (Alba), that’s beige cloth to you and me!, electric and undamaged. Seat bases have a few water type marks the backs are unmarked. In my ownership they have had seat covers on, supplied with the car. Rear Seats, beige cloth, undamaged with a few water type marks on the base and unmarked backs. Seats three snugly or two with the arm rest/drinks holder down. Floor Mats, full set of black rubber ‘grit holder type’ with the two in the front secured with the correct fittings, spares supplied. Full set of aftermarket cloth mats with the correct fittings supplied. Fitted with the usual type of C.C. single CD infotainment unit. Everything inside works as it should, the seats, being all electric/cloth covered are comfortable/warm in use. The colour scheme makes the interior a light and airy space and long journeys relaxing and stress free (in my opinion). I think we all know what an E60 looks like but I’ll take and post some photos soon. I usually forget something, if I have just let me know and I’ll sort it as soon as possible. Edit: Vehicle is SORN’d at the moment. (1st ) Cheers Boots £3250. (But like everything else in life it’s open to negotiation!) I’m @ Lancaster, M6, J33/4, LA15US. Brews ‘n’ Biscuits always available.
  4. Considering a 'vert

    Just to stir the pot a bit, as a ‘taster’ try a Saab vert. Plenty of choice both in price, condition and fuel type. A saloon with soft top benefits and plenty of rear leg room, boot space? let’s say ‘good enough’ ! Cheap enough to buy and always easy to sell on (as long as the roof works!). Boots
  5. Gold Membership

    All sorted now thanks to Mr Sandip. Boots
  6. Gold Membership

    Hi Mr D, I have done that and found my previous ‘Gold’ membership renewals but unable to pay again. It was by s/o with PayPal but that has been lost/superseded by something else. So still looking/trying! Boots
  7. Gold Membership

    Hi All, Looking to renew my gold membership. Anyone point me in the right direction please. Cheers Boots
  8. Pictures in a post.

    Hi Mr D, Cheers for that. I was ‘gold’ must have lapsed! Will sort next year, sounds a long way off Boots
  9. Pictures in a post.

    Hi All, Have checked/searched the topic but it all appears out of date. Anyone point me in the right direction to include/add photos to a thread or sale posting. Cheers Boots
  10. Parts request

    Morning, Many thanks for the prompt reply. Will the unit be ‘plug & play’ or require coding or similar? Cheers Boots
  11. Parts request

    Morning Cotswold, Checking on price and availability for: bmw, 520d, automatic, PK06FEO. A replacement Radio/cd information unit. The unit bit that provides radio, cd, and all the infotainment for the car, but not the screen that displays it. Sorry not sure of the correct term. I am hoping that the part is available at reasonable cost due to the age of the vehicle. Many thanks Boots
  12. Can you feel your car change down?

    Afternoon Mr MJ, On mine I found that although it drove well @ 85k ish I wasn’t aware of it changing down. However once I had the auto box oil changed I am now aware of it changing down no jerking or similar just able to tell it’s changing. Boots
  13. That's what I was recommending. Cheers Boots
  14. Hi Mr A, Unable to recall the link but, go to Rover MG owners site, Rover 75 has same BMW engine, search vortex breather and a link to a Landrover parts site should come up, go to them and it's £13ish for the kit delivered. I found it was identical to the BMW one, comes as a kit with all parts and fits the 2ltr engine and also the 3ltr e39 engine so I should fit yours as I believe it's the same one on all the Diesel engines. Have fun. Boots
  15. Spare Wheel Options.

    Hi Mr D, I replace the wheels on my 2006, E60, 520d and sold the original wheels fitted with run flats. I kept checking for a spare wheel set on eBay and after a month or so came to a deal with a seller, wheel, jack and all the bits £115, as new inc delivery, seller had wanted £125 collected but came to a deal when the set didn't sell. May be worth making an offer on ones for sale, after all lower cash is better than no cash. Cheers Boots