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  1. Captain Beaky

    Wanted E3 Engine

    Hi Dave not required but thank you very much for the offer, i think keeping the original engine is the best options Clive
  2. Captain Beaky

    Wanted E3 Engine

    Well you won't believe this but out of the blue a full set of AE pistons, rings and pins +.50 all for £150 what an absolute bargain. So the block is coming out!
  3. Captain Beaky

    Wanted E3 Engine

    Dead Right it's on the head
  4. Captain Beaky

    Wanted E3 Engine

    We can alway add a low pressure fuel pump to the E3 it's a known mod so it negates the need for a take off for mechanical
  5. Captain Beaky

    Wanted E3 Engine

    Ah! got you That's a shame, but looking through the history of the M30 it does not mention this fact, i know in 76 they added fuel injection but would they have done a block mod?
  6. Captain Beaky

    Wanted E3 Engine

    Evening Sir Anthony Correct me if i am wrong but the plan was to use only the block to rebuild an engine and keep the carbs
  7. Captain Beaky

    Wanted E3 Engine

    Brilliant How much do you want for it Dave?
  8. Captain Beaky

    Wanted E3 Engine

    Hello Everyone I recently bought an E3 and what do ya know the engine was full of water??? So i'm on the prowl for a big block motor preferably a 2.8, if i can't get a engine then pistons will be good, i have been told the 2002 pistons will fit and first glance on paper they may well do the job. Any helpers out there?
  9. Captain Beaky

    E39 530D Breaking or Sale

  10. Captain Beaky

    E39 530D Breaking or Sale

    Bump £600 take it away the parts alone are worth that surely minus the spring set i am keeping these now
  11. Captain Beaky

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    it's a good kit i bought one and if you are careful you can do a couple of sets
  12. Captain Beaky

    E39 530D Breaking or Sale

    Old Faithfull for sale or Breaking I finally decided to part with Dirty D, the plan was to keep it for spares for Mari's 530D touring but i am planning on something else. It has a short mot remaining and was bumped on the rear passenger wing by a delivery lorry in work last January, it has not been subject to any insurance claim as the lorry could not be identified. The damage is limited to the back door lower rear wing and rear bumper. I continued to use the car until the passenger front spring failed. I will break the car if there is enough interest, however I would like it has go as a whole and I have priced the desirable parts accordingly which is less than the sum of its parts It has a very good engine and also has a chip module, it pulls like a train and does not smoke, the auto sports box works well and does not suffer with any hesitation issues, the electric sports seats are in good working condition, cruise works okay, privacy glass as standard, i was completing regular 250 mile trips to Southend twice a month and returning 48mpg. I replaced all the brakes 18 months ago, the two rear tyres are brand new 150 miles at most, the turbo was renewed 2 years ago approx 10k see the picture. there is also a set of new sports springs with the car. This is an original 530D SE with M specification to order from new. see list below, i think that these are reasonably priced and shows the value of the car should someone wish to break it. M-Sport Full interior, electric memory seats, door cards, and various trim (300) Fitted Carpets (30) Charcoal headlining (50) M-Sport multi function steering wheel (100) Good non faded rear parcel shelf (80) Privacy glass from factory (180) 17" M-Sport alloys x 5 (250) £50 each Xenon headlights (180) X 3 Rear Lights (50) M-Sport suspension with an additional set of new springs(200) Rear boot spoiler (100) 2.9 engine with replacement turbo (300) Automatic sports gearbox (150) I want £800 ono less than half the cost of all the parts listed above, perfect if you want to spec up your std E39 or just want a complete catalogue of spare parts For obvious reasons the car must be trailed away due to the broken front spring, however i am willing to replace the spring at a cost should it help, so that the car may be driven. In addition any of the larger items will need to be removed by the buyer Finally for any forum member if it helps guys I will trailer the car to the seven bridge because i appreciate its a pain in the arse to get down to me.
  13. Captain Beaky

    E28 535 turbo

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bmw-E28-535i-Turbo-Manual-E24-E30-E34-M30b35-Drift-Track-M535i-Dismantling-M5/123346430977?hash=item1cb8052c01:g:XtsAAOSwpspbiyLY This just popped up on flea bay ???? Breaking but the wording is a little random.
  14. Captain Beaky

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    My brake judder was down to the below and these were girling lockheed discs premium? 18 months old but less than 10k