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  1. All booked up and ready to roll Will be booking into the Premier Inn Eastleigh on Friday
  2. No, that would have been easier to find him, this was some delivery lorry in work reversing in the service yard, no visible markings. It reversed back caught the side and when he pulled forward to get out of there he ripped the bumper off. I managed to clip it back on but it's fecked, also you can't see it but the panel is gashed. CCTV camera has condensation inside the cover so I can't see the number plate either. This might be curtains for Dirty D
  3. You can't be too careful Big O ! you've got to have a contingency plan but I like to think of it as a support vehicle, I've even got a little yellow flashy light thing However if the Motor Gods are smiling on me and there's a fair weather window and the sparks are firing, the Brakes are stopping My cooling is cool I may depart sometime Friday and chance my arm with the Sprint but then there is absolutely no contingency and I could arrive on a flat bed See you there buddy
  4. I've done nothing to my E39 today But someone in a truck done this for me...................What A Nimrod !!
  5. Definitely strange i wonder if he was looking at the right part? even the same car?
  6. £32 hanger only no mounting rubber, plus the privilege paying up front, only 2 showing on the shelf somewhere in neverland, a 7 day wait because they can but if there are actually none there I would have to wait for the next lot and when I asked how long that would be, the chap couldn't say. No No No No No No step away from the counter. It's like the oil pump all over again except that was £285 and wait 6 months How long did you have to wait? Did you get the rubber mount also?
  7. Last week I was doing this Then this week I was doing this ........... Then i was playing with my new Wax Oil Sprayer.................Bang Tidy
  8. AaHH! I spent more time fixing bad installs than actually doing conversions, I only done the course with my best mate so that we could convert our own motors, then it went to family and friends, then people were turning up saying some guy down the pub had sent them "go see them boys down the back lane" phor talk about unsavory people!! At one point everyday people would be calling, big arse Mercs, Range Rovers, Discos, Shoguns, yank stuff, Jags but never many BMW,s Anyhow there were some horror stories because anyone can do the course and the local bodgers were painters and phone salesmen and knew sod all about fault finding or how engines work. However the biggest problem was the car owners, they thought you could buy some old bruiser with running costs normally way beyond their means and run it cheaply on gas, most cars were high miles. What I learnt and was absolute was that the car had to be running perfect before any conversion took place. Full health check Balanced compression, no leaking valves in the head, in fact all my cars had the heads done first, the ignition had to be spot on, new plugs, leads and anything else that needed doing and if they did not want to spend the money then bugger off, and in a nut shell that's why the majority of LPG cars have issues.
  9. Tried the steeler, they are without doubt taking large amounts of drugs. But found this little beauty on line with autosessive for £25, it even came with the rubber mount. Puka!
  10. Any ideas where I can get one from? I've tried all the usual places and no one can get one.
  11. LPG has a lower calorific value than petrol but a superior octane level, the basic calculation is that LPG will give you 20% less MPG however because of the cost difference your pounds go further, and if you were really of mind to save a little more then the LPG for household heating is exactly the same stuff but 15% cheaper again. NWJW, I here what you are saying but a single point venturi works just as well if set up properly. Issues I have found in the past for V6 and V8 engines are the vapouriser fitted in the wrong place, also too small and lack volume, I would also guess that the pipe from the tank to the filter and onto the vaporiser was 6mm (too small for big engine especially auto's), mixture set wrong at idle and fast je., possibly a leonado system fitted with a stepper motor using the lambda probe, i alway fitted a separate lambda, also some cars only sample the lambda (will not work properly with gas) LPG should never be used with a cold engine because it will freeze the vapouriser, min coolant temp should be 15 degrees.Backfire is caused by leaking valves (inlet or exhaust), the venturi fitted in the wrong place, air leaks and wrong plug gaps and running the lpg tank empty. Also a backfire should never get to the air box, there should be backfire devices in place, if the air box is affected then the MAF will have been damaged. Hope this helps
  12. When you say very few V8's on the road, we are talking about E39's
  13. I wish I've been looking for a project for a few years and missed a few, the last one I viewed was in high wycombe with that joker, Dan did warn me about HW and he was spot on, it wasn't worth the petrol to go and see it. That said the little Donkey will probably be finished to a good level this year and will need titivation only, then when I start Red 5 there will no 535i My last M535i was several years ago, I sold it together with my B9 to pay for the two houses I was renovating, I should have kept one and sold the Dolly sprint instead. However I have the slight possibility of being able to purchase an E36 M3 and a 4 door at that, requiring some loving and fettling, there has been some sounding out and positive comments, a little man bonding and social outings, so the ground work is done, so to speak.
  14. Both units are off now for a refirb so I think i'll remove the springs, I can't see them doing much or making a difference.