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  1. No have not balanced the wheels but it worth doing. Driving to Scotland next week so want it right, will check balance tomorrow. Done the tyre pressures and balance and it is a lot better. However I think you are right about the discs and this is why, the discs on the car are quality Febi Bilstein and are in good condition but there is a very slight edge on the disc on the outside and inside. I changed the pads to EBC and i think they are better sized to the disc than the cheap ones fitted. When applying the brakes at speed gently the pad catches the edge on the disc and causes a wobble if I press harder the wobble goes, so the edge needs removing.
  2. true! no eating or drinking in the car!
  3. i,m very conscious of holding the brake on because it creates hot spots but this is mostly a symptom of autos because its easier, this car is a manual 530d touring I bought 4 months ago so I have no idea how long they have been on but they are good. Funnily enough when I was doing rally events we would fit new brake discs, really hammer them then skim them up, I never had any warps after that.
  4. No have not balanced the wheels but it worth doing. Driving to Scotland next week so want it right, will check ballance tomorrow
  5. Just finished renewing the rear wheel bearings, discs, pads and shoes and also serviced the fronts which has fairly new discs and pads but there was a slight shake there before i started which can be felt more after 40mph and at any speed above and faster equals more prominent a shake, no noise? Discs seem fine no high spots that picked up when spinning the wheel, both calipers were changed recently and are in good condition, and move freely, checked the bushes and can't see any play, Any pointers?
  6. In for a penny in for a pound and all that stuff. I don't do fiddling and farting and working blind I got sausage fingers for christ sake! Plus I want to see what i am doing one slip of the socket and damage those stupid bolts and your in a world of pain son! The last time i looked my elbow only bends one way and my fingers are not 10 inches long
  7. Ah! stating the obvious but there are ways around that, captive nuts, threaded inserts, studs instead of bolts just to name a few. This is what it looked like This is what came off, nasty! and this is ready for tonight's new bits
  8. Too late!! its all off on the floor, shocks, air bags disconnected, drive shafts and all, everything what a load of nonsense!!! why couldn't the housing bolt from the outside into the hub instead of through the hub. This is why I still drive a 1973 Dolly Sprint, Simple Things done Simply with Common Sense
  9. Mine went pete-tong last night, I managed to disconnect the drive shaft from the diff but there was no way I could get onto the two upper bolts of the bearing housing. So i've ended up dropping the exhaust, deflating the air suspension. disconnecting the shock and removing the bottom shaft to allow the hub assembly to hinge upwards and pull the drive shaft out and this was on the side that had lots of play hence the wear on the inside of the tyre but it was quite and felt fine There was black grease all over the place but strangely no visible damage to the drive shaft gaiter On checking the other side there was no play but the bearing is really noisy, really really shagged, notchy to turn, fecked so i have to do it all again tonight after work and I can already see the splined shaft is going to be a right twat to get out.
  10. Tell me about it, they only went on in October !
  11. She's off, took me until 9:30 pm and a lot of persuasion and a new shinny 36mm socket
  12. This is my rural rumble for today Rear wheel bearings, before I take a hammer and chisel to the nut i have to ask a stupid question "are the retaining nuts left hand thread ??" And why the feck did some dozy twonk decide to use a 12 point nut instead of a std 6 flat jobby. 2hrs in to the job and the 3/4 drive power bar and obligatory steel pipe have not moved it one iota, its had the lamp, the plus gas and impact wrench not squeak! I'm already down one 1/2 to 3/4 Facom adaptor and a 36mm socket please please please some one give me an answer
  13. we're driving to Scotland for our hols in her touring next month so thought I had better have a look at the old brakes and stuff, now I wished I hadn't Rear drivers side wheel bearing is shagged and the tyre has worn through on the inside She must have been driving the pants off it ! when I asked about the noise from the back she said "What Noise? couldn't hear anything over the music. Doh!
  14. Your welcome
  15. Good Call I was being side tracked by the issue of disconnecting the battery for a period of time as there was absolutely no issues of faults previously