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  1. What have you done on your E28 this week........

    Cheers BIG O I am pleased it's almost like a second opinion or an independent validation of the car There's always a little doubt when going to a new MOT station, a big step for me Richie No Phone has been my man for 17+ years, he has looked after all my tests, as well all the others i have taken to him, family, friends so on, unfortunately he's gone a little AWOL ??
  2. What have you done on your E28 this week........

    The Little Donkey passed its MOT first time yesterday at a new MOT station, feeling really pleased!
  3. 530d pollution

    This may seem a simple question and i'm just looking for some feedback before diving in but the missus 530D is smokey as hell on full throttle and sometimes half throttle depending on gear selection and driving style. She's a 2002 touring with mega miles 276k The smoke is black and on full throttle there is lots and lots of it, none under normal light throttle driving, half throttle on an incline you can see it starting to build. She does not use oil, there is plenty of power but if i am honest it does feel a bit flat at low revs or it could just be me and on a recent trip to Scotland she was returning over 50 mpg therefore i am quite confident that the engine is good. So I am thinking injectors are worn out?
  4. New Addition to the Family

  5. New Addition to the Family

    Hello my name is Captain Beaky. I am a self confessed BMW addict and a weak man. Meet my latest Baby an E30 type R She,s a little rough around the edges and needs someone who is sympathetic to fettle her and just add some finesse to the job, so i couldn't help myself. The missus (Her in Knickers) thinks differently and says I need to grow up and I can't drive them all !! but I'm sure if i try really hard enough I can. Anyway this is the best bit, if you are a purist look away now or hit Esc
  6. Thinking of selling my 535 se

    really i would never have said that, I will get some more pictures it will be next week at the earliest.
  7. Thinking of selling my 535 se

    Haven't had a real chance to do anything recently. I had planned on the end of the month but it will probably be another week or two then there will be pictures
  8. Thinking of selling my 535 se

    None i know off, mot was clean but to be straight up there are two stone chips on the front that needed touch up
  9. E28 525e - Etas Ready to Deploy to Nova Scotia

    Big "O" Only now the penny has dropped about you emigrating, I don't know how I missed it, just skimming messages I suppose. Well it's our loss and a canadian gain having two such stunning examples touring their highways, there will be plenty of heads turning.
  10. Thinking of selling my 535 se

    Cheers loadmaster ======================================== Vehicle information ======================================== VIN: WBADN220X0GE70393 Type code: DN22 Model: 535I (EUR) E-F-R series: E39 Series: 5 Type: LIM Steering: RL Doors: 4 Engine: M62/TU Displacement: 3.50 Power: 180 (245 hp) Drive: HECK Transmission: AUT Paint code: 475 - BLACK SAPPHIRE METALLI Upholstery code: N6TT - STANDARDLEDER/GR Prod.date: 2003-05-23 S202Steptronic S210Dynamic stability control III S216HYDRO STEERING-SERVOTRONIC S249Multifunction f steering wheel S255Sports leather steering wheel S302Alarm system S428Warning triangle and first aid kit S431Interior rear-view mirror with auto dip S441Smoker package S456Comfort seat with memory S459El. front seat adjustment w. memory S470Isofix-System S473Armrest front S488Lumbar support, driver and passenger S494Seat heating driver/passenger S500Headl.washer system/intensive cleaning S508Park Distance Control (PDC) S520Fog lights S521Rain sensor S522Xenon Light S534Automatic air conditioning S555On-board computer V with remote control S601TV function S609Navigation system, Professional S644Preparation f mobile phone w Bluetooth S694Provisions for BMW 6 CD changer S773Fine wood trim S775Headlining anthracite S780BMW LA wheel, M parallel spoke S785White direction indicator lights L812NATIONAL VERSION GREAT BRITAIN S850Additional Export tank filling S853Language version, English S863Dealer List Europe S877Omission of non-combined operation S880Operating instructions, English
  11. Thinking of selling my 535 se

    Thanks i,ll get onto that. Sports suspension i really can't say, to me it needs to sit lower on the 18" rims it definitely firm however I have a 530D Msport and its better in my opinion and lower on 17" rims
  12. Thinking of selling my 535 se

    Thoughts have strayed to selling my E39 535se So she's going for the obligatory valet this week and a photo session with a funky backdrop Basically she's a 535se with smokers package, black headlining, 18" M-parallels, m-Tec multi function steering wheel and xenon headlights all factory fitted, still trying to figure out how to get the build spec 121K strong engine, sports auto Will be Looking for £2500 Anyone interested? Will probably be for sale here by the end of the month, however I am up in MK next weekend and could bring it with me, just a thought
  13. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Cheers Bud
  14. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I would like to swap my Vavona out for alu or gloss black it doesn't go with black interior and does look dated, I'm not ready to driving a gramps car yet How much of a job is it ?
  15. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Arrived home from Troon yesterday very pleased with the old girls performance, 50 mpg not bad for 275k it was well worth the effort to renew all the brakes and the rear wheel bearings before going and giving her a full service all fluids, there were only two issues that came to pass, one was the front left tyre losing pressure slowly 4 psi over 1000 miles and it shows as wobble on the steering ?? The other is more of a conundrum, i noticed last week the oil was not exactly the right colour, not milky but somethings not right, she,s not losing water, no over pressure the engine seems spot on and the oil level is consistent. However i have come to realise that the Molyslip additive I used during the oil change does say for mineral and semi synthetic fluid and ive used Gulf ULE full synthetic so I am wondering if there is a compatibility issue?? Any one come across this before??