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  1. We had an 80,s day out, and it was dam hot!! it was so hot you could have done some crash pot cooking in your pants Dunc B7s as in E28 B7 ?
  2. Oooooops sorry Sorry Lads Just photo bombed the forum by accident, I don't know how on earth the pictures have ended up as topics, I just wanted to add a Gallery Album Feel free to scratch them ADMIN
  3. Well done BIG "O" ..........................What a puka day out and the only time i've ever been happy to be in the company of so many Shark's. The quality of machinery on display was truly awesome, and lets not forget our fellow fiver's honorary Sharks the 12, 24 and 39 ers. Really pleased to meet so many fellow enthusiasts, This was a good day!! made even better with the amazing Result of the Ruga Pro 12 final in Dublin Scarlets 46 - Munster 22 Star Car for me was E313 XWL What a little beauty and an inspiring surprise, for a good while now I have longed for another 535I whether an Mtec or another, I just had an itch to scratch fueled by the regret of not keeping 2 previous chances to own such an iconic car .................short sighted or young and dumb ??? I wouldn't like to choose. But hey what's this 2.7......! and manual!! and throttle bodies wow !! Sounds fricking awesome to boot. Is this a Q car? Because there is nothing more smug than a car than Q car, probably one of the star cars from my past was a little 3.1 V6 Talbot Sunbeam I built, many an RS turbo and Cossie kissed them twin janspeed's in them days So i,m inspired to look again do I need to spend 5k on a car to fettle or just create another Q car ??? Here's a few highlights from the day and I have dropped a load on a Gallery link on the Fort Nelson thread...................Cheers lads here's to next year.
  4. Hope this works, here is the link to my Gallery photo bomb.
  5. From the album Fort Nelson 2017

  6. From the album Fort Nelson 2017

  7. From the album Fort Nelson 2017

  8. From the album Fort Nelson 2017

  9. From the album Fort Nelson 2017

  10. From the album Fort Nelson 2017

  11. From the album Fort Nelson 2017

  12. From the album Fort Nelson 2017

  13. From the album Fort Nelson 2017

  14. From the album Fort Nelson 2017

  15. From the album Fort Nelson 2017