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  1. Captain Beaky

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Well done there's plenty of life in her yet! mines nearing 290k
  2. Captain Beaky

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Jeepers Buddy that might have been a disaster !! that's lucky!
  3. Captain Beaky

    No DME Connection?

    My 535i has developed multiple flat spots while driving but it only occurs under 2k RPM it's almost like a miss, over 2k it drives okay, I recently done a 500 mile round trip and it was faultless except for this problem, it also give 32 mpg so i assume it can't be a massive problem. Anyway when i took the car to the local indy to be interrogated i was told that there was no connection possible to the DME, for some reason the computer would not link Has anyone had the same issue, can it be fixed?
  4. Captain Beaky

    E28 on Tour

    Well that was Thursday and it felt like the South of France! unfortunately i can't say the same for today it's more like Scandinavia Took an evening spin to Bangor yesterday and back across Thomas Telford's suspension bridge before the rain closed in.
  5. Captain Beaky

    E28 on Tour

    Still can't get a video to up load but here are some pictures going over the top of Capel Curig earlier today on our way to Betws-y-Coed Brilliant roads and lots of heads turning and nods for the donkey who needs a Lambo, in fact i think they were jealous
  6. Captain Beaky

    E28 on Tour

    So far so good I don't know if this will upload but here's a sneaky peak video of the type of roads and scenery Nop not going to work
  7. Captain Beaky

    E30 with a twist is finally on the road

    If you could hear it there would be no element of surprise at all, it's not stupidly loud like a scobby ( i can't believe i said that word, i going to have to wash my mouth) but its subtle until it's going then all hell breaks lose, turbo chatter, popping, bangging and flames out the back. Also the paddle clutch makes it almost impossible to pull off in the wet without spinning the rears. I want it to look standard from a distance but that is proving difficult already with the stance and poor choice of wheels and i've already had unwanted company on my drive.
  8. Captain Beaky

    E30 with a twist is finally on the road

    The bra is like marmite, you luv it or hate it, one thing for sure it can't stay on all the time because it will trap water. I don't like the black grille and want to change it for a chrome type, but its not as ugly as the 2 inch holes i might have to cut in to the front panel for the intercooler but its early days yet The badges were done in a hurry, cheap nasty things that fell off the backing film as soon as I opened the packet and i don't know if i like the matt black or will get chrome numbers to match the nismo badge you definitely won't like the big red R badge for the front grille then! At the moment I just want to use it for the summer months because its nutts! then it's back to work, there's loads still to do, which includes the exhaust manifold and brake servo coming off, plus a new MOT
  9. Captain Beaky

    E28 on Tour

    Cheers buddy I can't wait to drive up through the pass and over the top
  10. Captain Beaky

    E30 with a twist is finally on the road

    each to their own
  11. 10mts of head work breakdowns, random stopping, bone shaking and sweat but she is finally on the road and first stop the Dyno 268BHP on low boost unfortunately she was spinning the wheels on high boost and we could not get a reading.
  12. Captain Beaky

    E28 on Tour

    Thanks Big O, have a good trip yourself and enjoy the old friend!! So we are ready to go all packed and juiced up .
  13. Captain Beaky

    E28 on Tour

    Its a while now since I posted anything on the forum but today was worthy off a few lines once I got in Been out for a spin up the Tywi Valley for a few hrs this morning in the Little Donkey, left at 07:30 and not a sole on the road just the odd cyclist and other like minded persons, Mk2 Jag and a Jenson, Brilliant!! I am sorry no pictures before anyone asks i was to busy enjoying myself fantastic roads. That's the pre drive done because she's just had a full service done ready for our hols to Snowdonia on Monday, Me and the Little Donkey and the wife and kids in the E39 Touring as support vehicle LOL! So if you see us BEEP loudly !! Pictures to follow
  14. Captain Beaky

    What have you done on your E28 this week........

    What a day, it doesn't get better !! The drive home from Bethesda in North Wales down through Capel Curig was spectacular and made all the more better when you're driving a classic, i@ll let the pictures do the talking, they were just on the way to the summit before dropping into Blaenau Ffestiniog.
  15. Captain Beaky

    What have you done on your E28 this week........

    Its been a ball ache after fixing the flywheel trigger, the heater valve started to leak so I had to make a new main seal, then trying to be good by flushing the system the top hose connection broke off the radiator and finally then the spark plugs needed renewing because some were fouled after the trigger snapped off. That's the beauty of keeping spare parts I suppose. All said and done she drove faultlessly all the way to Bethesda in North Wales today and did not miss a beat nearly 190 miles, stunning scenery and some brilliant roads. This is what happened the day before we left for Snowdon