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  1. Okay no so premature this time, but I managed to complete another successful raid over the border and bring this little 530d beauty home to sunny West Wales.
  2. Oh Crap! That's something my wife would do, actual does, last week it was the shed and both sets of keys were in there. She put me to the top of the stupid wife board in work !!
  3. Will the CCV affect the idle
  4. I like your thinking , not quite there yet still in the 40's ish
  5. I have just booked the Donkey in for a premium valet but only for the coach work, full on clay bar and machine polish
  6. Only to keep the damp away, if there is water getting in its a waste of good rice. However I went to great pains to make sure the boot was watertight and I,m smugly pleaseed with myself because i don't suffer with condensation on the boot lid any more. Not wanting to sound like an anul anorak on the floor under the tarp is a multilayer plastic/kevlar sheet, it was the wave former for an indoor surf machine which was replaced due to delamination. Although at the time I had no specific use for it I bought it home rather than see it go to the skip. I forgot to include it earlier
  7. I just aquired a 530d touring last thursday and I can definitely feel a unnatural movement when the engine first starts, fine afterward but my first thoughts were engine mounts. Are they readily available?
  8. So using that rationale if i leave the key in the ignition it will recharge!
  9. Oh Crap! So second stupid question of the day how is it rechargeable?
  10. Okay I know this is a stupid question but I,m going to ask anyway, for fear breaking something How the hell does the key fob open to change the battery, is there a battery in there? if i didn't know any better I would say its glued together.
  11. wow Is spring here? There's a lot of good stuff going on this weekend
  12. definitely worth watching it plain old common sense, so why have BMW not been brought to task as they clearly go against manufactures advise.
  13. Unfortunately yes it does live outside, the Dolly's live inside as a matter of seniority but once I finish the loft conversion this year the new garage is next. There are 3 covers on it, I buy a new Halfords extreme weather cover every year £49 and then one of these plastic frost caps you buy in Argos £13. that sits over the top . Finally I have a tarpaulin 5m x10m which goes on the floor drive the car onto it then I have a heavy duty gazebo frame 4m x 3m which I erect around the car but only at half height and wrap the tarpaulin over the top left to right with the ends open so it makes a tunel. It can not blow off even when Doris came along because the car is anchor. Bit of a phaf but worth it, and also dehumidifier inside, and 2 kg of rice in the boot inside the missus tights, but before anyone asks there not used, that would just make the boot smell a bit muffy
  14. NICE !!