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  1. I have Carly and BimmerCode - both great, BimmerCode is better laid out for coding seeing as it's a coding specific app - Carly is great for DPF Forced Regen, Reading fault codes, service history, installing batteries etc. So so far on my F01 LCI I have made the mirrors fold immediately upon locking (rather than hold the button for 3 seconds), activated alarm chirp on arm/disarm plus adjusted the length of beep on arm/disarm, I have a digital speedo, ///M Splashscreen, DVD in Motion, rear lights on via DRL for winter, power/torque displays, boot lid open/close via button, auto high beam as default (I think that's it, so far). Others ive noticed are Eco-Pro as default, I only use Eco-Pro on long motorway journeys - so I've left that one.
  2. If your ever down this way (M8 Newhouse/Glasgow) - I'll do it for you via Carly/BimmerCode.
  3. Be wary of burning smells, I'm glad I did! i was on a motorway at 60 mph, smelt burning so prepared to pull onto the shoulder, then loss of power and smoke etc, the result below.... EGR jammed open, and melted the intake manifold - burned through some sound proofing. thank goodness for warranties!
  4. Petrol F01's are not very plentiful though - especially LCI ones, as at the time I was looking at both - very few at the time, non took my fancy as I wanted the LCI Sport model (I know, sport and a land barge 7 series lol) @Dr Taylor - they do look similar, until you park next to one - then the 7 looks like he's ate ALL the pies....
  5. Thanks guys - appreciate the comments.
  6. Hi guys I've owned a few 5 series (e39 530i Sport) and recently bought a 2013 730d M Sport (LCI). I had had a look at 7 series forums and they are not as active as in here, hence I'm being a traitor and looking to join here, go on..... let me in.....5 series....7 series, if you squint they look similar Anyway, I'm in Lanarkshire just outside Glasgow, recently started carefully coding the 7 series and I'm over the moon with the small differences it's made (Alarm beep on, Sports display, MPH display, ///M Start up etc) Cheers Charlie
  7. No probs - thanks for replying.
  8. Hi, is this sold?