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  1. zion

    E39 M5 Prices

    Hi, Having been keeping an eye on the prices for E39 M5s for a few years it does now seem that prices are regularly pushing 15k- low 20ks for lower mileage examples. Clearly there are much fewer examples around in good condition and with good history. However there is always a difference between advertised price and actual closing prices of course. Does anyone have any direct experience or intel on sale prices of late for the higher end cars? Has anyone sold one recently for more than 15k? 20k? Thanks in advance, Z
  2. Now on ebay for a BARGAIN £35: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/282053177440?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  3. Ah yes sorry - Wimbledon, SW London
  4. Great condition. Bag ONLY Offers please
  5. Hi, I have a pair of OEM Roof Bars with 4 x Bicycle Carriers, in good condition (a few scratches here and there). Two of the bicycle carriers are missing a plastic end cap each, and the small rectangular slide-in plate with the attachment bolt. The other two carriers are complete - keys are included. I'm sure the small plates could be fabricated easily and the end caps are purely cosmetic. The roof bars have all the bolts and the associated spanner. One bar is missing a washer (easy to replace). Offers please - these don't come up very often. Thanks, S.
  6. OK Flying Banana has first dibs.....unless the guy who was first in the queue last time gets back to me in the next 8 hours. Here are the photos (don't be put off by the colour - this is just due to my office lighting) - they are black!
  7. At least 8/10 I think these matts are pretty new. Photos tomorrow ...
  8. Hi, Sorry I didn't mean to put M5 in the title - they are not M5 specific just the OEM BMW matts (they have BMW on them). Z
  9. Very good condition. £50 collected from Wimbledon or Woking / arrange your own courier Thanks, Z.
  10. Good condition - please see photos. £30 delivered or £25 collection from Wimbledon in the evenings. Thanks, Z
  11. zion

    New M5 owner..shortshift advice please

    I had one on mine and it sucked. The change was notchy and irritating. I paid £400 to have it replaced with OEM and it was so much better. The standard throw is fine - maybe yours is worn?
  12. zion

    small braking vibration

    Be careful this is a rabbit hole and an expensive one. You can have the run out measured at a garage, with the wheels ON the car and then off and this will help you figure out the problem. it could be any one of 10 things