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  1. One of my bulbs has gone pink.. so i guess its on the way out.. Am I right in thinking they are "D1S" fitment? There are some super cheap ones on ebay ranging from £12-30 for a pair.. compared to £60-90 for a single bulb from a decent brand/website... False economy or worth a punt?
  2. IIRC , there was some marketing around the e60 being 'affordable' with regards to servicing. Given the condition based servicing system and the long oil service intervals you would essentially be hit with a £600+ (probably more from a main dealer) to service your gearbox on just your third oil change. Which makes it sound a lot less affordable, given that your third service will probably cost you well over a grand in total. The only way around that is to extend the service interval to 100-150k and call it 'lifetime'. The revenue generating from fooling people into buying a 5 series because it was as affordable to service as a mondeo is probably worth more than the additional labour charges at service time especially as more money is made via lucrative finance deals. Same with the options lists. Its all marketing.. "You can buy a 5 series for a tenner and service it for a fiver..." "Sir. you will need seats and a steering wheel with that, its now £40,000... did you want some ///M badges to make it look like an M5 whilst we are at it? that'll be £50,000".
  3. To be fair, anything with less than 6 cylinders does devalue the model
  4. This is where the Mosconi loom comes in handy. it intercepts the standard loom and allows you to use the high level inputs as RCA input for your amplifiers. I can't access FB from work, so can't post it here! let me do it from my phone! How about this - https://www.facebook.com/groups/546714105432197/permalink/901101899993414/?sale_post_id=901101899993414
  5. Fwiw - without trying to plug my kit , I have a mosconi wiring loom, Gladen underseat subs and hifi mids for sale (on the e60 facebook page). I also have an amplifier which I haven't advertised and some tweeters (exile audio - made by ex phoenix gold engineers) I was planning on keeping (with crossovers) if you are interested? That will basically allow you to amplify your system and really bring out the sound. For now, I have added the tweeters to the system without making any other changes (no crossover) and even that has made listening to music massively enjoyable. I would reccomend decent aftermarket tweeters, betters mids and a proper crossover as a minimum. But the standard amplifier runs out of steam pretty quick.
  6. 35w is adequate.. 55w might be a bit too bright for on coming traffic imo. I've only ever bought 35w iirc. Which is probably closer to the standard set too. Not a big fan of the newer cars with LED/super bright HIDs, as they are quite blinding when they approach. It makes it a little tricky to judge the gap between you and them at night when going through a pinch point.
  7. Mine stays on for 40mins and the battery has been OK. But I have also kept my IBS shizzle in place.
  8. That they are.. But the speed camera info is handy given that google maps doesn't give that info either (I know Waze does, but its not as clean as google maps) I managed to find one that I didn't see last time I looked? 2017 maps with speed cameras for £17.. happy days.. will see how good it is when it arrives.
  9. Mine is not only out of date but I keep getting the 'load dvd' error.. its either the laser or the 'backup copy' version of the satnav disc I have.. So I'll try the cheap fix first by replacing the DVD, but I can't seem to find a decent provider of the latest maps that also has speed camera info like my current version?
  10. pull the connector off the rear, crimp some spade connectors on to your wire and use it as is.
  11. I used the torch socket too.. the difference is that it stays powered until the car goes into sleep mode (around 40mins for me), which is not a bad thing as your camera will carry on recording if you go shopping etc. I might have more info in the link in my sig
  12. 3 gears is massively excessive. I've never 'needed' to activate the switch tbh.. it just takes the revs right up to just under the rev limit. To be honest, I find the system works pretty well as standard? it'll hold gears when I want, and if I need a little more urgency it'll drop a gear and lift its skirts. If I want a little more fun I'll depress the throttle a little more aggressively and get another downshift. i think I mentioned it in a previous post, but according to BMWs documentation the gearbox also monitors your throttle responses. ie. slow depress will cause it to avoid kicking down, an aggressive throttle input will encourage a kick down.
  13. Even without pressing the switch it will still downshift/kick down/set off in 1st. Without the switch the car will kick down 1-2 gears. With the switch depressed it will go into full-acceleration mode and downshift upto 3 gears. Tbh, mine holds on to gears really well. It will pull me up an incline from 1krpm without wanting to kick down.
  14. To be fair, thats about all they got right on an Audi
  15. It was the first thing the wife noticed. I didn't think it was much of an issue, but now and again it does create a blind spot when the screen is really mucky.. Just lazy cost saving on the BMW side I guess.. There are a few other annoying things imo too, like the sport box having to be pushed 'away' from the driver to enter manual mode.