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  1. haha.. I doubt anyone else has ever put their key in the lock manually! I also bet there is a large % of owners who don't realise the physical key slides out of the LCI fob!
  2. Anyone happen to know the steering rack ratio for the e60 model (not the variable rack). Not sure if its different for UK and other regions?
  3. As per my previous comment, you can check the link in my sig for more details on how I changed mine just so you have an idea. In fact, here you go - Its relatively easy, but if the pins that hold the connections together are corroded you will have a bit of fun getting them apart (same as I did). In my case it became a 2 man job at that point. You can always try up until that point, if you can't get the connections apart, put it back together and get someone else to do it.
  4. Maybe get someone to compression test it? If its getting enough air and fuel, I can only think its losing power via low compression.
  5. Someone else may be able to find the additional power, but the last thing you want is for someone to whack everything up to max without understanding the underlying issue. On a slightly separate note , is your engine quite mechanically noisy (not necessarily anything wrong) or quite quiet?
  6. Most likely a pin hole in the condenser (check my sig for replacement details). You can check to see if the clutch is engaging on the compressor with the engine running (it will spin periodically and then stop). If its constantly engaged it could be the compressor has failed (unlikely and expensive). If it doesn't engage at all, most likely the gas has leaked and the system is no longer engaging (due to low pressure).
  7. In fact, just having a look on the website and it lists front and rear diffs.. I remember my friend complaining about the cost, so maybe he did more than one! It is a bit odd on a 4wd, but I guess the added benefits are than it will prevent the wheel slip across the same axle (not just front and rear, where non-LSD'd 4wd comes into play), and reduces the final drive ratio to make the car feel quicker.
  8. I was wondering too, but just assumed the centre diff would sort out the difference in turning speeds. I'm also guessing the X5 isn't permenantly 4wd either? I thought it wasn't a bad price fitted tbh? Most retrofit torsen diffs seem to be in the region of around £1500-2000 fitted
  9. Friend of mine had one fitted to his X5. Said it really transformed the car. I think it also shorted the final ratio, so it felt quicker too. I'm surprised the 3.0 cars don't have an LSD as standard, but I guess its cost saving. Probably well worth it on a modified 535d / 545i upward.. but too costly for the other imo. To be honest, they don't seem to fit LSDs on many cars any more.. its an option on AMG mercs, non-existent on caymans, early XKRs etc..
  10. Thanks for the info guys Replacement looks like a headlight out jobby?
  11. One of my bulbs has gone pink.. so i guess its on the way out.. Am I right in thinking they are "D1S" fitment? There are some super cheap ones on ebay ranging from £12-30 for a pair.. compared to £60-90 for a single bulb from a decent brand/website... False economy or worth a punt?
  12. IIRC , there was some marketing around the e60 being 'affordable' with regards to servicing. Given the condition based servicing system and the long oil service intervals you would essentially be hit with a £600+ (probably more from a main dealer) to service your gearbox on just your third oil change. Which makes it sound a lot less affordable, given that your third service will probably cost you well over a grand in total. The only way around that is to extend the service interval to 100-150k and call it 'lifetime'. The revenue generating from fooling people into buying a 5 series because it was as affordable to service as a mondeo is probably worth more than the additional labour charges at service time especially as more money is made via lucrative finance deals. Same with the options lists. Its all marketing.. "You can buy a 5 series for a tenner and service it for a fiver..." "Sir. you will need seats and a steering wheel with that, its now £40,000... did you want some ///M badges to make it look like an M5 whilst we are at it? that'll be £50,000".
  13. To be fair, anything with less than 6 cylinders does devalue the model
  14. This is where the Mosconi loom comes in handy. it intercepts the standard loom and allows you to use the high level inputs as RCA input for your amplifiers. I can't access FB from work, so can't post it here! let me do it from my phone! How about this - https://www.facebook.com/groups/546714105432197/permalink/901101899993414/?sale_post_id=901101899993414
  15. Fwiw - without trying to plug my kit , I have a mosconi wiring loom, Gladen underseat subs and hifi mids for sale (on the e60 facebook page). I also have an amplifier which I haven't advertised and some tweeters (exile audio - made by ex phoenix gold engineers) I was planning on keeping (with crossovers) if you are interested? That will basically allow you to amplify your system and really bring out the sound. For now, I have added the tweeters to the system without making any other changes (no crossover) and even that has made listening to music massively enjoyable. I would reccomend decent aftermarket tweeters, betters mids and a proper crossover as a minimum. But the standard amplifier runs out of steam pretty quick.