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  1. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    cleared snow off it before i was to lazy to go outside to take an after pic
  2. my wee 530i

    WOW .. been over 2yrs since ive been on this forum! think i should update my thread in the past while i installed electric sport seat's, silver interior trims, sport S/wheel, individual kick plate's AC Schnitzer door mirrors, fitted LED lights to interior & exterior door handles only pic i have with the AC mirrors fitted
  3. Hi, are you Ian that lives in Dumbarton area?


    if so I'm Andrew who met you outside Euro car parts In Glasgow when you had your first silver E39 many many moons ago now.


    if not sorry bud.



  4. 3 Scottish BMW Facebook clubs have been in discussion to try and make Scotland biggest BMW only meet where they are trying to get as many BMW owners to attend as possible Coatbridge showcase g697tz Sunday, May 29 at 2 PM - 5 PM
  5. vanos or solenoid?

    thanks rdl
  6. vanos or solenoid?

    ive just replaced both cam sensors on my 530i now ive noticed it has a developed an intermittent clicking sound coming from either the vanos or a Solenoid, i spoke to a neighbor who is an ex BMW technician & now an AA engineer, he said ask about as it's been a while since he heard the noise but he's 99% sure it's a solenoid thats making the clicking sound he say's if it was the vanos it would not be as intermittent and a lot more noise would be heard... also, i'm unsure if the clicking sound was there before i replaced both cam sensors & i did have one of the solenoids off to get to the cam sensor so like he said "ask about" so what do you think?
  7. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    i replaced the rocker cover yesterday then i changed the engine oil & filter this morning then i added a fresh coat of polish
  8. Forth Road Bridge closed until New Year

    rush hour at Edinburgh/Waverly was a bit more hectic than usual!
  9. The diecast thread.

    i went on a mad collecting spree in the 90's and managed to put a collection of about 1800 di-casts, some are set's (Lledo, Vangaurd & Corgi). most are 1:43 scale most are hidden away, my wife say's i should just sell them all and put the cash towards a real car! these are the only ones i have in a cabinet (very messily stored) one of the many BMW's i have E34 M5
  10. P0365 & P1351

    came out of work tonight my car started with no problems as normal. Then as i went to pull away it was missing a cylinder (or 2?) EML came on so i stopped straight away & then it had rough idle. switched it off, restarted it and it was fine, drove home and pulled out both these code's P0365 : Camshaft Position Sensor "B" Bank 1 Circuit Malfunction & P1351 :Misfire Cylinder 5 With Fuel Cut-off would the main fault of these 2 code's be the camshaft sensor? & what one is "B" Bank 1? thanks
  11. name this part? .. (please)

    spot-on, many thanks
  12. name this part? .. (please)

    am i right in saying the flat bar part is actually part of the locking nut but it's designed that way for easy attachment of the bolt as it's tight to get a spanner in to the locking nut? anyone have a proper picture of this locking nut?
  13. name this part? .. (please)

    is it the locking nut? it look's like a piece of flat bar that sit's through a elongated hole .. which is missing on one side of my car.
  14. hi just wondered if you could help? ive a question on another area of this forum .. link to my needed parts http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/116241-name-this-part-please/ My car is: Jan/2003 E39 530i, Auto, saloon thanks