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  1. DC3

    E60 LCI Parts

    Hi Phil, Could you please price the following, don't cost postage until I decide what to follow through with. 51317027916 rear window cover 36136781150 wheel bolt 36112228660 "M" badge 36136783536 wheel centre cap 51717110995 quick release screw 07149156623 screw ST 4.8 x 13 07146954937 sheet metal nut 51471945266 push button 51477068930 tie down boot 52108161962 torx screw M8 x 19 07119904309 sheet metal screw st3 5 x 13 51416983646 arm rest r/h cream beige 51416983710 handle recess cream beige Many thanks, Dave
  2. DC3

    Airbag recall

    Mazi, The cover referred to is the horn push with emblem. No cost to me. Thanks for the advice on parts, I'm in New Zealand and they can be expensive here. Enjoy your Xmas.
  3. DC3

    Airbag recall

    I had mine replaced today, included cover and emblem. I replaced the steering wheel earlier so all looks mint now. Can you guys advise me where you buy parts please in the UK, I have in the past bought from BMMinispares but they don't quote anymore. Thanks Dave
  4. This will be of interest to you... http://5series.net/forums/e60-parts-accessories-mods-22/sportautomatic-sat-retrofit-55056/
  5. Haha, yeah guards are back on again.
  6. I bought an E39 M5 from Ben (David to me) in 2013 and I live in New Zealand so imagine how wrong that could have gone. From my experience you need to ask plenty of questions and ask for plenty of photos which I did and he obliged. Don't expect him to tell you the negatives, we all know he's a salesman. . I've had to spend money on it which included a repairing a cracked bumper. Also some paint work due to fine scratches in the paint work. I've also replaced rear discs and pads for compliance when it came into NZ. Plus a few minor wear and tear items. I contacted the previous owner that had owned the car for 8 of it's 10 years, Ben only had it for barely a year. They were second owners from 5000 miles. The explanation for the scratches was the car had been kept under a car cover. They also told me the only reason they sold was that there 2 sons were starting to drive and they couldn't get insurance. But I am delighted with the car I bought from him. It's now done 90k miles and drives like a new car, everything feels tight and responsive. Even the leather is still in great shape. As everyone has observed he has nice (mostly) cars, be warned but don't be put off by his reputation. Judge the car by thorough inspection. Good luck
  7. DC3

    Traffic Management?

    Richard and Jamie, many thanks for the detailed instructions. Gratifying to know that even though you two are on the other side of the world help is only an instant away. Regards, Dave
  8. DC3

    Traffic Management?

    It was 2 years ago. Thanks man, help appreciated.
  9. DC3

    Traffic Management?

    Hi guys, I have bought and exported an M5 from your country to New Zealand and it has a push button and knob where the cup holder normally fits. It's of no use to me and I would like to remove it. And this is behind the CD player. This is the car, 2003/89k miles, is in lovely condition and I'm very happy with it. Any help is appreciated. Regards, Dave
  10. DC3

    E39 M5 - Detailed production stats

    I too like production info, very interesting and thanks for making it available. I bought my M5 from an advert on Pistonheads just over a year ago. I live in New Zealand so had to have a bit of faith in the m5 enthusiast seller. I was keen to get a "last year of production" car and as only 2 were sold new in NZ they are pretty thin on the ground here. It all worked out ok and I now have 2003 in really good shape. I was also keen to get a car with oxford/caramel but over the period I was looking, nothing with that combo appeared. I settled for carbon/caramel (CB37505) and have found out the following since.... Year 2003 VIN-range CB37488 - CB37594 WALK NAPPA/CARAMEL (M3CR) = 7 carsWALK NAPPA/CARAMEL (M1CR) = 1 car CARBONSCHWARZ METALLIC (416) + M3CR basic M5 leather = 5 carsLE-MANS-BLAU METALLIC (381) + M3CR = 1 car (CB37574)OXFORDGRUEN 2 METALLIC (430) + M3CR = 1 car (CB37589) CARBONSCHWARZ METALLIC (416) + M1CR (full leather) = 1 car (code 810 Australia version VIN CB37537) CARBONSCHWARZ METALLIC (416) - 2003 MY in total = 33OXFORDGRUEN 2 METALLIC (430) - 2003 MY in total = 2 (the 2nd one has the Black/Silverstone leather) Incidentally I see it (CB37589) advertised in pistonheads at the moment http://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/bmw/m5/2003-03-e39-m5/2226395 For your records there are 2 cars that have bitten the dust in NZ, BJ10151 and BJ10290. I have had some exhaust parts from both cars and I believe both engines have been put into E46 chassis. Also there is one less E39 m5 on UK roads. Thanks again, Dave