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  1. sjs

    Shipping a seat to Uruguay - help!

    I would suggest giving a refund and saying that the shipping costs are too unreasonable to proceed. As mentionned above, if something went wrong you would be without seat and probably have to refund the value. Too much hassle, sell it within UK and Ireland.
  2. sjs

    e39 M5 brake discs/calipers

    Just to complete the circle on profiteile . I received my replacement front disc a few days ago...all good. I did have to ship the faulty disk back to them but they were quick at sending a correct replacement. Front and rear disks, shoes and spring kit for 405 delivered. Not bad, although a little bit of hassle involved.
  3. sjs

    e39 M5 brake discs/calipers

    The disk arrived to me with black banding around one of the boxes, but not the other. The black banded box was the incorrect APEC disk. I have had a few email responses from them this morning but have told them that the disk is not worth the expense of shipping back. Looks like the items Kieran returned got put back onto the shelf without anyone checking....and they've now been shipped back out again. Its probably an honest mistake...good customer service is how you fix these sort of problems though.
  4. sjs

    e39 M5 brake discs/calipers

    I have ordered front and rear discs from profiteile and received them today. The rears were fine and one of the fronts was fine, the other is a APEC disk! looks like i got one of the ones Kieran returned! What a mess....will see how they respond when i email them tomorrow....