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  1. Where to find a decent e39 M5

    Its funny how many people are on here and also on the M3 Cutters site. the M5 above does look nice, however the SORN concerns me a little.Plus I think I kind of want an M3. If nothing turns up, then I'll go back to looking at M5's I suspect.
  2. Where to find a decent e39 M5

    Gents I'm no longer in the market. I've driven some M5's now and a couple of M3's and whilst the M5 is more practical, I prefer the drive of the M3, so am going to focus my efforts there. Appreciate all the help in the interim. Now on the lookout for an LSB E46 M3...
  3. Where to find a decent e39 M5

    think I am also back to considering e46 M3's as well. 2 doors will be a hassle whilst the kids are v young, but I would expect that in a year or so when they are 2 and 3, they should be able to climb in and out largely by themselves, leaving me to just clip them in.
  4. Where to find a decent e39 M5

    Tried to see it over the weekend but seller too busy to allow a viewing in daylight on Saturday or return calls on Sunday... so clearly not motivated. In other news, the M5T drove away on Sunday. So now in the unusual positiion of having cash but no car to buy...
  5. Anyone running m5 over the winter?

    If / when I find one to buy, I will be running it daily.
  6. Where to find a decent e39 M5

    fair point. And its not too far away. Will give him a shout and see what the score is.
  7. Where to find a decent e39 M5

    No mention of work undertaken though. Anything getting to that mileage is going to need shocks, bushes and the other usual stuff needing doing.
  8. Where to find a decent e39 M5

    I'm on cutters, as I was initially keen on an M3, till I saw how much space there is in the back for kiddy seats. Hence back to the M5 idea. Agree that green car looks v nice, and I've got the money. The reality is that every bit I spend on the car removes funds to build the garage. Happy to be somewhat flexible either up or down for the right car, but I need to be fairly disciplined in my approach to make things work. As others have said, they have bought low mileage BMW warrantied cars for around £11k. North of that seems optimistic. Likewise, the stuff for £5-6k looks a bit ropey. £8 seems on the money for a slightly over 100k car in decent condition.
  9. Where to find a decent e39 M5

    Or this (acception you'd need to rebuild service history) https://www.gumtree.com/p/bmw/bmw-e39-m5/1138726852
  10. Where to find a decent e39 M5

    I never thought of gumtree. there's a couple for sale on there. Any thoughts on this? https://www.gumtree.com/p/bmw/bmw-4.9i-m5-4dr-2001-stunning-example-facelift-sunroof-dab-dvd/1136180455
  11. Where to find a decent e39 M5

    I think that's a fair price fow what sounds like a v good car. Again, I'm targeting below that level as I need the cash, but I think 8k should find a decent usable car.
  12. Where to find a decent e39 M5

    Spoke to the chap buying the M4. To be fair, his sounds like a lovely car, but £16k isn't the maret I am looking at. The search continues.
  13. Where to find a decent e39 M5

    Well, the M5T sold to the first chap who turned up to look at it. I figured it was a good car at a good price, but now I wonder if I was too generous with the asking? Anyway, a deal is a deal so no backing out now. Next challenge is to find a replacement...
  14. Where to find a decent e39 M5

    Although I quite like Imola and LMB.
  15. Where to find a decent e39 M5

    Hmmm. That is exactly the sort of thing I am after. I'm not overly keen on the silver if I'm honest, and its at the other end of the world (which is shy it's still for sale I suspect) but otherwise largely bang on the money. Maybe I need to have a think about silver...