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  1. Thank you ahus48 any other plans for the car ?
  2. Ooooh I like that I will be awaiting the updates
  3. Absolutely stunning mate I bet you are happy with it
  4. Great work looks really nice a credit to you
  5. Did you get the sills sorted out ok woozer.
  6. Now that is lovely smoked rears imo I had the clears and I now have the smoked ones much prefer them. Any current interior pics mate ?
  7. Any luck with this one derrin. Looking forward to any updates mate
  8. Can't work this stupid bloody new way of posting can't put pictures up otherwise I would
  9. Fitted the style 65's today and cleaned and fed the leather
  10. I will be watching this one
  11. Thank you for you're help with the steering box people going to attempt it this weekend. I have just fitted this battery it was from halfords £120 it's a monster but fitted without any bending of metal at all
  12. I keep seeing people posting about adjusting the steering box but never looked into it. How exactly is it done is it difficult?
  13. Hi guys I am looking for some good black leather dye. I have previously used gliptone but can't seem to see the same stuff anymore. Any help appreciated thank you Toni
  14. Oh no he has ruined it that looked stunning when Arfan 786 had it