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  1. Off to look at a car

    Thats good to hear 'jams. I just need it to do its thing without kicking up a stink.
  2. Off to look at a car

    So made it back home with the car. Not everything was as described, but I don't think that was intentional. He was a nice enough fella but didn't have much of a clue in reality, I take back what I said about him being an enthusiast! He was spouting sh1t his brother had told him. It did not have full dealer history, he saw dealer stamps on the first page and assumed it was. However, it's got receipts for most services to 2014, so 2005 to 2014. Mileage all tallies up on services and MOT history. His brother is a bit handy with the spanner so he's serviced it since 2016, apparantly, but no receipts for the parts, "they're probably in a drawer somewhere with the rest of the paperwork for the house, you know how it is?", No, I have a folder and keep every invoice within it. It has a new battery, which it has, but again no receipt so thats a 5yr warranty that's useless now. What is it with people and not holding on to paperwork? Anyway, the car drives well. Did the 200 mile drive home just fine. Bodywork is mostly acceptible, the worst part being where the corner of the front bumper caught the wing in a knock and took some paint off. It's been touched up but there's some surface rust. There's also some lacquer peel on the front edge of the bonnet. Everything inside works apart from the drivers heated seat, the backrest heats up just not the base. Car was listed for £1800, he took £50 off. I see the ad's been taken down now but for £1750 I have a Subaru Legacy 2.5 SE touer (estate), 4wd, auto, leather, cruise, climate, (partially) heated seats and a panoramic roof. It's actually the cheapest car I've ever bought, I'm a fussy bugger when buying cars. Must have low number of owners, dealer or specialist history, average or below milage and a nice spec. I had to have a word with myself that it's only a £1750 car. Let's see how we get on.
  3. Off to look at a car

    A very pleasant journey into Liverpool. Now on the metro to Moreton where he'll pick me up. I'll know soon enough. And then a 3hr drive back to South Bucks. Annoyingly, we were in Manchester for a few nights and left late last night. Friends we were staying with insisted we stay another night. Oh well
  4. Off to look at a car

    I've read the 3.0 are thirsty but they sound the nuts. This is a 2.5 so a little better on consumption but not as fun. It'll also be our first auto and will only be used on weekends ferrying the kids and doing the trip to the tip.
  5. Off to look at a car

    Cheers fellas. That's good of you for offering Mr Mashed Potatoes. If it'a a dog fancy a pint to drown my sorrows? I've got friend in Manchester who'll put me up tonight if it doesn't go to plan. It's all been on a bit of a whim. I've done some research on them, they seem bullet proof if they've been maintained. The seller seems clued on and mentioned all the things it's had done that only an enthusiast will know.
  6. Off to look at a car

    With my E34 gone there was a space on the drive that needed filling. The E34 was a play thing as I get the train into work. We have a mk5 golf gti as the family car but with the kids getting bigger we needed somethingwith more space. The requirements were: Estate Petrol 4wd Reliable Cheap I've decided on a Subaru Legacy. Been looking for a few weeks to gauge the market and came across this today on the shpock app, never used it before. My wife's friend recommended it! https://en.shpock.com/i/WkZjGH81Q27lQoWx/?lft Seems a good honest car after speaking to the owner. I left home to start my journey by train at 1530 to arrive at the Wirral for 8pm. I've bought a one way ticket. Wife thinks I'm mad. I think she's right. What am I doing?
  7. Short break ideas....

    Granada in Spain. We did our 10th wedding anniversary there, loved it. Plate of tapas included with every drink. The more drinks you get in the better the tapas gets. Of course there's Alhamra too. Check it's open this time of year. I believe people go skiing around this time.
  8. Recommend a commuter car

    How about a Subaru Legacy estate? I've been looking at 1 myself. Supposed to be bullet proof.
  9. What's the weather like in London ?

    I'm 30 miles outside London and it's always a few degrees colder here but it'a a lovely cold winters day. Clear blue skies a few degrees above freezing. Enjoy your last day in Algarve.
  10. Some tw*t has nicked me car....

    What a horiffic tale. I work in London. Could pop out during lunch on Monday if it can wait till then and I'm able to get out ? What are you requiring?
  11. Marmite interior?

    Car sold for £1k. A lot of classy car for the money.
  12. Now I’ve seen it all !

    Good god, that is horrendous.
  13. BMW main dealer stickers?

    They have come out well. My dad had a '91 E34 520i SE from Cooper Reading. I remember taking off the dealer stickers and road tax holder for a "cleaner" look. Stupid youths hey? The cars long gone, he had it for 15 years and loved it. Got written off when a drunk driver hit it whist it was parked. I think he still has the Cooper Reading key ring although drives a Golf now.
  14. Non functioning folding rear seats

    Can you have the levers 3d printed from a good one?
  15. Never used these guys myself but they come recommend http://www.wheels-inmotion.co.uk/ They're in chesham, South Bucks.