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  1. Loaded an old Peugeot full of rubbish for a visit to the tip. Hatch lid wouldn't shut, not a problem I'll tie it down. Got to the tip which has a height restriction barrier. Forgot about my open hatch, big dent on boot. Feck. Another time on a corrado, picked up some wipers and screen wash for it. Thought I'd top up fluid and change wipers in the car park and in the rain. Did the screen wash first, closed the bonnet and started on the wipers. Whipped the old wiper off, wiper arm still in the air the gf sitting in the car shouts steam is coming from under the bonnet. I panic pop the bonnet open which strikes the wiper arm which cracks the screen. Feck. The steam was from rain hitting the engine when the bonnet was open.
  2. rado16v

    Anyone a Saab fan? Got some 1:43 scale ones

    Lovely those models. Always sad thinking Saab no longer exist when I see one by going by. Would have loved to own one but doubt I will at any point now.
  3. Very appealing the E38. If I was to go for one it'd be the 740i, I came across this the other day which looks lovely and original. Current owner has had it for 17 years... http://forum.retro-rides.org/thread/205602/1998-bmw-740i-sport-newbury I can't see this going down in value.
  4. Spotted this, seems a nice genuine car... http://retrorides.proboards.com/thread/204982/early-mileage-1989-525i-auto
  5. rado16v

    2001 540i Japanese Import

    Very nice, congratulations. The location where the pics were taken looked familiar from this thread http://retrorides.proboards.com/thread/202196/2000-toyota-crown-althete-estate?page=1 I wonder if they did a "walk around" video like the one in that link.
  6. rado16v

    Ordered than new 530e yet?

    Laugh all you want, eleggtricity is the future.
  7. rado16v

    Sunrise at Gatwick

    Thats a cracking pic
  8. rado16v

    High mile 518i , why not?

    Earlier ones suffered noisy tappets at high miles.
  9. rado16v

    Anyone used AUTODOC parts website before?

    Not used autodoc yey but will in a few weeks for some brake discs. Take a look at mister auto too. I have used them a few times and not had any issues.
  10. rado16v

    Hi! New 2003 BMW 530i SE Auto owner

    That'a a tidy 530, love the contour seats. I bet that was an expensive option when new. It's gettng the attention it deserves. Funnily enough I picked up a Subaru Legacy 3.0 r spec b today. There seem to be a lot of people that straddle between legacys and 5 series.
  11. rado16v

    New Silver F10 530D owner

    Ha ha, that takes me back. Welcome, a nice car you have there.
  12. rado16v

    HiFi speakers and set up advice

    Have a look at Van Damme speaker cables. They'e very good vfm and you can pick them up on ebay. I have the blue series for my TV set up.
  13. rado16v

    HiFi speakers and set up advice

    Can't beat a proper set up. I've just had my 20 year old Audiolab separates serviced and been surprised how well they sound once again. Wouldn't change it for the world, still looks elegant today. And purely by chance the gentleman who serviced it, a Kevin Green in Bicester, is an E34 nut. Has 3 M5's (Rosso Red, Orinoho Green and a track Azure Blue) and a Sultan of Brunei 540i tourning he's converted to 6 speed manual.
  14. rado16v

    Opinions please....

    S4 is "only" a 3.0 Supercharged 300+bhp so no big bills to worry about like the RS models. I think Audi interiors are one of the best designed interiors out there. Yes I admitted to that on a BMW forum. Worth a butchers.
  15. rado16v

    Opinions please....

    Audi S4 Avant?